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There's a lovely modern asphalt road going out to Cape Sidero, the most strung-out corner of Crete, but you can't get to the end of it - the military are in charge there behind a gate with armed guard!


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North of Vai it is sometimes possible to enjoy naturism on the most northerly of the beaches at Itanos: often deserted and no facilities; however reports suggest that the beach can be quite easily dominated by textiles and any nudists there "shelter" behind rocks.

A report from June 2002 says there were both textiles and naturists on the northern beach. The nudies certainly weren't "sheltering" - they were in full view. Unusually for a mixed beach, the textiles were at the far end! Car park GPS waypoint N 35 15' 52" E 26 15' 44", then just stroll north over the slight rise for no more than 150m. A report from September 2004 describes it as a superb cove, with some campers walking around nude. A report from July 2006 describes it as beautiful, with nude people.


At the end of July 2011, a contributor reported the following situation:
The sand beach was crowded and fully clothed. The beach more at the north, which is in continuity with the sand beach, was fully clothed also, except at the farthest north end, just after a rock, where they stayed nude during the morning without any problem. There was space for more people but nobody came to join them; as soon as they left, people took their place, but all stayed clothed. The real nude beach is a bay south of the sand beach, across a promontory, with very easy access: the one shown on the photograph. Nudity is 90% or more, with a reasonable number of people, making it friendly, and the scenery and water are really pleasant.


On a Sunday in mid-September 2012, the southern beach at Itanos had half-a-dozen couples all nude. A couple who were clothed for part of the morning eventually decided to join the rest au naturel. There is a Greek bloke who seems to live on the beach in the nude. Someone (maybe said Greek bloke) has put small stones down the centre of the beach and a notice saying 'Spiagia Nudista'.

Mid-June 2018: The ‘nudist beach/FKK’ signs are still there, but no nudists, and this beach is rather grubby, with lots of litter.



On a weekday in mid-June 2014, the northern beach at Itanos was mixed, but the most northern part would show at least a dozen nude couples.

Last day of May 2017. On the north beach, some 15 clothed people, but at the end of the beach, behind the rock which looks like a wall, half a dozen naturists.
Early September 2017: All beaches textile.
Mid Mai 2018: Some Naturist people at the end and some clothed before.
Mid and Late June 2018: Beach overcrowded especially on weekends. Wouldn't recommend nudism till late in the summer (Late September probably). Personally I remained clothed.

Begin of August 2023: There is a sign on entrance to the beach that this is naturist beach. We visited on workday afternoon, there was maybe 15-20 people, most of them were nudist couples, other was textile. The beach itself is fantastic, very calm, very easy access from the main road/car parking, about 5-10min walk. As others mentioned there are big palm trees so you can find some shadow if wanted, water is very clear and nice.




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The palm-fronted beach at Vai (right), used in the "Bounty Hunters" commercial, is a great tourist attraction and coaches arrive from all over Crete. I fear that those who have travelled for hours to reach it will be disappointed. A poster picturing the beach through a row of palm trees is widely available, but how many visitors realise that this picturesque scene has now been ruined by a large taverna and shop placed in exactly that spot. The beach is dotted with sunshades and a wooden walkway stretches from one end to the other. It is not used by nudists.

To the south, a short and pleasant walk over the headland leads to a smaller beach called Psili Ammos. Pass in front of the 'restaurant' and then go up the hill on the stairs to the viewpoint. At the viewpoint there's a fence with a gate, go through it (it's not closed) and follow the signs on the path saying 'Nudist Beach, FKK'. A 10 minute walk brings you to Psili Ammos beach, which is sandy on the shore, but there are larger pebbles in the seabed, so don't expect the sandy bottom of Vai beach.
On the occasion of my contributors' visit there were about a dozen people on the beach of whom about half were nude. The numbers, and the proportion, varied throughout their stay of about three hours. It is then a wonderfully quiet beach considering what's just round the corner. People did wander over the headland but few strayed down to the beach and there was no sense of discomfort. Beyond the beach it is possible to walk further by climbing onto the next headland and continuing further south. Here there are spectacular inlets (all completely inaccessible) and rocky cliffs. My contributor walked naked for about 45 minutes and saw no-one in a wild and completely desolate landscape.


A report from early summer 1999 described the beach south of Vai over the headland as one of the best on Crete. It is sandy and truly nudist. About five couples and one man were there when my correspondent visited it.


Other reports suggest the beach is now disappointing: in May 2000 proportions down to 2 nude couples in the rocks and 10 textiles, not even topless but at least there were no umbrellas on the beach. Unfortunately a report from September 2000 suggests it was full of textiles. This beach seems to change its character all the time.

Still other reports said that the ambiance was very relaxed, very quiet, and a really enjoyable place for swimming in the perfectly clear water and walking on the beach.

In June 2001 a contributor found the beach dominated by textiles and had to go to the back of the beach to sunbathe naked, and swim in a costume.

A couple of Barefoot reporters who visited in September 2004 found the beach textile, so decided to go snorkelling and swim to the small rock/island. From there they discovered that just to the north of Vai was another beach.

"We swam back ashore, took our bags and walk north around the rocks and there we found some other nudists that we decided to join. It was a great place to sun just around the corner from all the tourists. Only downside: the driver of the speedboat with a banana behind it thought us nudists were a great attraction for his passengers, so every trip he navigated very close to the beach, making a sudden turn with the result that all his passengers fell off the banana and had to climb on it again or swim ashore."

According to a report from July 2006, to north of Vai beach (go 500m [probably less] on foot from the main beach) there are two beautiful small beaches with 3 or 4 couples 100% nude. According to a later report, these beaches are coarse sand/fine shingle, between Vai and South Itanos, probably best accessed by wading/scrambling round from Vai. You can scramble down the cliffs but it is loose and serious. Confident swimmers could swim from South Itanos. These beaches are beautiful and clean. We had them all to ourselves for a morning, mid-June 2018. Great snorkelling too but watch out for the conger eel! The one time this trip when I wished I had been wearing trunks!

Vai_beach_fkk.JPG Vai_beach_nudist.JPG

The nudist beach of Vai in October …. A small paradise for each naturist !

recent reports

There are still many "Nudist beach, FKK etc." signs along the path from Vai beach to Psili Ammos, yet textiles don't get the point. About 20-30% naturist in early August, but few people overall (10-15), everyone had a place.



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Maridati beach (signpost on the Vaï/Paleokastro road) is said to be nudist at the northern end. Mainly pebbles and gravel. There's a taverna set back a little way with good service - if driving, beware the bump under the entrance arch!

June 2017: At the entrance, there is a sign "Nudism is forbidden", but the day I was here, there were only two other people and they were also naked;-)



(Kouremenos & Chiona bays)

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Also nearby, within walking distance of the village of Paleokastro, is a pleasant beach. The Captain had understood that this area was named Chiona, but I am assured it is better considered part of Paleokastro. Small cliffs back on to the beach at the southern end. When the Captain visited in the mid-1990s nudity with discretion was possible here during the week; however it is well visited by Greek families especially at the weekends. (Rating: 40%)

The centre of Paleokastro is a mile inland from a bay several miles long which lies roughly NW-SE. The NW end of this bay is marked by the tiny fishing harbour of Kouremenos and a ridge running E-W inland. The southeast end is wild and essentially inaccessible. From Kouremenos the bay starts off as a single sweep of gravelly sand ending in a sandstone hill, whose cliffs drop sheer into the sea. Chiona is on the southern slopes of this hill, and a "beach at Chiona" would be expected to be the half mile sweep of gravelly sand south of the hill running past the ancient site of Rousolakkos until low cliffs break in.

The naturist beach is actually immediately north of the hill. A dirt track runs all the way behind the beaches from Kouremenos to Rousolakkos, and there is ample parking area alongside the track for almost all its length. The naturist beach runs for at least 400m from the cliff barrier at N 35 12' 12" E 26 16' 32".

According to a report from June 2002, except at the very start of the day, there were never less than half a dozen nudies around, and the numbers got up to a maximum of perhaps twenty. There were couples, families, singles. At the north-western end there was a certain amount of mixing, with outcrops of textiles in amongst the nudies, then nudies amongst the textiles, but nobody seemed bothered - there was plenty of room for everyone. I'd rate this beach quite highly. Although there wasn't a lot of fine sand, you could find patches if that was what you wanted, and the cliffs at the end were so steep that there was shade available throughout the day. Very peaceful, and with a good view. No sunbeds, umbrellas or beach bars, which might be a problem for some - others might find this a distinct advantage.

At the end of July 2011, barefooters spent a morning there : the nude area was only under the shadow of the cliff. But this is the best part of the beach : impressive scenery and view on the bay, with both shadow and sun to enjoy as you like. They saw only two other naturists and clothed people seated after the cliffs.

You can get to Paleokastro beach from the north (Kouremenos end) or the south (Chiona end). From Paleokastro centre, follow signs for Vai. The road swings to and fro, then runs north and almost dead straight for about a mile before swinging inland at the base of a ridge. Turn right at this point (signed "Kouremenos Beach") onto a tarmac road towards the sea. After 300m turn right onto a dirt track immediately behind the beach. Go past two restaurants and over a very slight rise to N 35 12' 19" E 26 16' 14", which is the northwestern end of the behind-beach parking area / extra-wide track. (This is also the route to use if coming towards Paleokastro from Vai or Mount Toplou - go straight on towards the sea once you've slanted down the ridge.) At the end of the parking area there is a rickety bridge over a river: however, it is not necessary to use this as the river peters out in the sand and you can go onto the beach and walk southwards. Alternatively, in Paleokastro follow signs for Chiona and Zakros (right fork in the centre), then fork left following signs to Chiona Beach (also a brown sign for the archaeological sites). Turn left and follow the tarmac until it runs out and the road becomes a well-used dirt track. Follow this track, which soon curves round to the left and heads north-west. Just after some large shed-type buildings on the right, take the narrow track turning off to the right (N 35 12' 07" E 26 16' 16"). This leads to the middle of the behind-beach parking area. There are other tracks around, but this is the simplest to describe!

In mid-June 2014, Chiona beach - or rather, secluded parts of it - would show nude sunbathers.
We have been there mid-Sept 2016 in a morning and we were almost alone.

June 2017: South of Chiona beach, under the dirt track, some some small coves, very quiet in weekdays.
13 June 2018 Called in for a few hours in the afternoon. Actually drove further down but returned to the first parking spot (where the track drops almost to beach level: Mpontalaki on Google maps.) Further down were mainly single men, on the main beach up to 4 couples (and one textile couple later). As couples departed, more single guys arrived, giving a bit of a cruisey vibe.



Chochlakies (Χοχλακιες)

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Near this village north of Kato Zakros you can find a very beautiful beach (Karoumes). From the village you can walk through the gorge to the beach. It is however about one hour and rather difficult. You will need fitness and good shoes to get there. You will have to climb over some rocks but there are painted signs indicating the easiest way. The beach is worth the effort. It is a large sand and pebble beach with very few people, most of them nude.

14 June 2018: walked down to Karoumes in the morning, expecting to have it to ourselves but found a large group of lads camping under the trees at the northern end. Instead we headed north, up the coast for about 250m and found the incredibly beautiful bay of Mafromouri. About 50m of deep soft sand with caves under the cliffs for shade. The only downside to this idyll is that there is a popular coastal trail, so expect groups of hikers to turn up in the middle of the day, looking to cool off and rest in the shade.

8 October 2018: After parking your car next to the small church of Chochlakies (yes, you first have to go through those very narrow streets… large cars not welcomed), you have to go down through a beautiful canyon to the beach. It is maybe a one hour walk, without danger (but sport shoes are necessary), before you get to this fantastic beach! On this sunny day, there were some textiles north of the beach, so we went South only to find another couple who apparently also forgot their swimming suits (this seems to happen a lot in October in Crete..). The beach is clean, with pebble and sand, and the southern cliff worth the climb to get a fantastic view of the beach. When you go back, don't forget to stop in the little blue Cafenion in the middle of the village, on your right. You certainly deserve a cool drink after all these emotions.

Kato Zakros

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Kato Zakros contains a few tavernas but is mainly known for the archaeological site, which contains many hectares of Minoan ruins. The beach is at least half a kilometre long. It is stony and bathing might be difficult in rough weather. When my contributor visited in mid-June 2001 the southern end of the beach was being used by naturists.

At the end of July 2011 the beach had people from north to south and no naturists. It would not have been easy to go nude.
Mid-June 2014: a second nude couple was seen at the southern part of the Kato Zakros main beach.

Mid-June 2018: no naturists but the southern end of the beach was completely empty (and on a Saturday too). Nudity would not have been a problem.
Late September 2020: The beach at the southern end had two naturists and no-one else on it. Not a particularly attractive beach. Small beach 200m to the north of town had a couple of nudists but could well be too popular in summer months.


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This formerly remote village has benefitted in recent years from great improvements in its access by road, with consequent building developments, fortunately on the minor scale, to take advantage of the several excellent beaches.
This is a very remote part of Crete and if solitude isn't your thing you may not be too happy here. My contributors rented a two room apartment in Xerokambos overlooking the sea for less than £20 for the night, and this in August too, and would be very happy to return for a longer stay. The old road into the hamlet (from Zakros) has now been updated (in around 2009) and provides a good road in with some stunning vierws. The new metalled road which brings you from Ziros is as dramatic as you could wish. However, lacking crash barriers for most of the way, it is something of a white-knuckle ride for those of a nervous disposition. [2015: this is a very well-engineered road, designed to give expansive moorland-and-sea views and it really doesn't need barriers on its sweeping turns. The Zakros road has been improved too.]
The number of beaches seems to have resulted in some confusion and to make it more complicated Google Maps has different names for many beaches, so the opportunity has been taken to sort them out in order North to South, giving all their known names - there may yet be others! Where the exact location is unclear, reports have been put into the likeliest spot and anyone knowing better is welcome to swap them about or even to insert more.


2018: there is a map of local beaches at the car park by the church.

At the end of July 2011, only the secluded beaches could have been eligible for naturism, but all were used by at least one Greek family. The place is now very populated, due to asphalted roads and new houses.
Some Barefooters have noted that textile families seem to have a habit of arriving at unpredictable times. But if one wears her nudity with pride and a little attitude, chances are good for nude sunbathing, swimming and walking.

In late September 2019 one contributor noted that overall proportion of naturist to textile on this stretch of coast appeared to changing and that naturism was on the rise. An unscientific estimate might be that across all of the beaches mentioned below including "textile", "naturist" and mixed that perhaps 25-30% of all bathers were naturist even when one considers those on the textile-only stretches.


1. Krinakia / Katsounaki / Alona

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(I talked to our apartment host and she cleared the naming chaos: Krinakia is the new official name (it's a lily growing on the dunes), Katsounaki is the old name still used by locals, and Alona is used on Google Maps for unknown reasons.)

In early September 2012, Katsounaki beach at the northern end of Xerokambos was deserted and excellent for going nude, it is signposted as Krinakia from the Zakros road . The writer thought it the best beach in the area. On some maps it's also called Alona.
Mid-June 2014: Xerocampos was a real heaven for naturists - very few clothed people would show up! This Alona beach is a real paradise. I went there every day during one week and I witnessed people arriving walking (nude) from their (not so close) neighbouring villas. A very cool ambiance!

02 June 2018: Just a few people there. One naturist couple and another couple with the male naturist. Later 2 clothed (probably Greek) came who didn't seem to mind us.
12 June 2018: disappointing textile takeover this morning, just one couple with nude male. We and another couple headed over to the rocks on the north side of the bay.


10 October 2018: After parking on the more Northern part of the street, walk along the sea side, and then through a nice fine sand path to discover, after maybe 10 minutes walk, this fine sand beach with clear water. Today was a very mixed day: families, young and not-so-young couples, some female couples, some guys and one textile girl, who really didn't care at all about the naked people lying all around. If you like snorkelling, you will be able to find a lot of different fishes and shells. A small paradise….
Late September 2019 - Alona was thriving. Over a period of the last two weeks of September, many weekdays and weekends there were between 15 and 20 couples on the beach, with often more than 75% naturist. Some walkers on the path between Xerocambos and Kato Zakros would stop off for a cooling skinny dip. It is also possible to walk naked along the beach and coastal track between Alona and Alatsolimni.
Late September 2020: Beach was very busy with 90% naturist. Included some families.

Early August 2023: On a weekday the beach was quite busy, the parking lot was full, a few cars had to park on the side of the road. There were around 40-50 textiles all along the beach and 8-10 nudists on the left side facing the sea. A few older couples, a few younger couples with man nude, the woman topless, a gay couple and a family so you had them all. :-) Some textiles were among the nudists but no-one minded. The beach is stunning, probably the best in the Xerokampos area.

2. Alatsolimni

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This doesn't seem to be a popular beach (more a thoroughfare); it is big and very flat and at the widest part has an extensive salt-pan along the back. The salt flats hold a rich variety of bird life. A few bulrushes do little to shield a user from all the overlooking properties along the foot of the hill behind, or from the wind.
One or two naturist couples were spotted at the north end of this beach in September 2019.
A previous correspondent has suggested that there are several minor beachlets to the south that might suit better, but these are close to the track and the coastal road and there are much better options available nearby!

3. Ampelos, Παραλία Άμπελος on GMaps

See on Google Maps
Two beaches near the taverns. Handy for the restaurants and accomodation just over the tarmac road but, with organised brollies nearer them, nudity unlikely most of the time.

4. Chiona (Spiaggia d'argilla, Γεροντόλακος on GMaps)

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Not a separate beach, it's the NE part of the clay-all-over beach beach (Argilos), separated by some boulders (easy to walk through).


5. Argilos

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This is the above-mentioned clay-all-over beach, in September 2019 nudity was the default on this beach although textiles were present. There is access from Gerontolakkos over boulders at sea level or from the southern end from rough parking above Little Horseshoe (Agios Nikolaos). Note that this beach has a high clay cliff that backs it, this attracts the "clay all over crowd", but it also provides good protection from winds that can blow off the land. This also means that the beach starts to lose the sun around 4pm. Unfortunately there is significant erosion of the beach which means that the width of beach available has possibly halved since Google satellite image.

Early August 2023: No nudity at all in the high season, only a few women were topless. It's a lovely beach, there's enough sand again to easily walk through to boulders and the water was very warm. It can be the best beach of Xerokampos from September when nudism takes over.

6. Little Horseshoe

(Gerondolakkos on local map, Agios Nikolaos on GMaps)

See on Google Maps


An early contributor found directions on Page 180 of the Rough Guide (1998) and found their beach just beyond the tiny church. They shared the beach with a few people on the first day (mostly nude) and had it to themselves for most of the second. A Greek family arrived for part of the day and, although they stuck resolutely to their cozzies, didn't seem fazed by my contributors' nudity.
As can be seen from the Google view, most of the area inside the enclosing rocks is only covered at a high tide.

The most beautiful beach in the area is just under the St. Nicholas church (a 15 min walk from the main beach, or a 5 min scramble down the cliff from the church), a very small & closed, almost encircled by land, beach, with beautiful natural rock formations (notice the 'bath-tub' on the left). Called Gerondolakkos on local map, and just a minute's walk from the 'clay-all-over-to-cover-you-all' beach. Except for the unavoidable families from time to time, almost all others get rid of their clothes there eventually. There is car parking near by with a short walk over the top or through the boulders at sea level from the north.

13 June 2018: In contrast to the previous morning’s disappointment at Alona, this beach and the adjacent clay beach (Argilos) were almost entirely naturist, with at least 6 couples, with textiles restricted to the small area before the boulders at the start of Argilos (Chiona on local map.) Visiting textiles all fled rapidly. On a subsequent visit there were at least as many naturist couples, probably outnumbering the textiles, then on a Saturday afternoon we were surprised to have the whole area beyond Argilos completely to ourselves until early evening!
Update from 28 August 2018: 100% textile on both this and Argilos. Quite crowded ~6 familes, so we weren't comfortable being the first and kept our clothes… however we later found a small sandy micro-spot (space for 2 towels between some rocks ) just ~20m south of this which was relatively discreet and went nude there. While being there we also saw a guy who was clearly naturist (low waist trousers, no tan mark), who was looking at the "main" beach and left disappointed.
In late September 2019, this beach was principally naturist (along with Argilos)

Early August 2023: It doesn't really have a horseshoe shape any more, the shoreline it almost straight and it's more inland then how it is on GMaps. I took a walk to this beach from Arglios on 4 days, no nudity in the high season, except one day when there was a nude couple (maybe two, I wasn't sure from distance) on the right side facing the sea.

7. Mazida Ammos

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Separated from the above northern and central beaches by a substantial headland, this is the longest beach in the area, it even sports organised parasols, so unlikely to be nude-friendly. The northeastern end however is separated by rocks and slightly round the corner, so offers a possibility if you don't mind the relatively quiet road close behind. It's probably a case of carpe diem here.
We have been to Xerocampos mid-Sept 2016 on a Sunday, not sure on what beach, but anyway rather south near the way to Ziros. We were on the first (northern) part of this beach, the more central being crowded with Sunday-families. We stayed just north of a small hotel, and just south of the road turn. There we were alone and on enough distance of the families. It was possible to go nude even on a Sunday. From the road however, one could have a quick glance at us, but trees protected enough.
Mid-June 2018 the southern end of the beach, Vlichada on local map, has a mix of nude/topless/textile, nudity seems perfectly acceptable here. We spent a couple of nights in one of the apartments by the first of the hairpins on the Ziros road. Ideal and within walking distance!


8. Ligias Lakkos

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At the southern end of Xerokampus, this beach (Xaritou Lakos on local map) was fine for being nude though a few textiles came and went. Unlike sandy Alona Beach, it is stony.
12 June 2018: 3 couples all nude. Bring something to lie on, as it says above, it is stony.

Agia Irini

See on Google Maps

If tempted by a road map to visit this small stony beach, do not on any account try to get there by car - the track is difficult even for large 4x4's and it's fenced off just before the bottom. There is a coast path shown from Ligias Lakkos, which should be quicker and more reliable, but looks rough from the Google map. Only one house in the hamlet seemed to be occasionally occupied in 2015.

South-Eastern Crete


Botzalaki beach (nr Goudouras)

See on Google Maps

This beach can be easily reached from Makrigialos - take the main road to Sitia. Just as you leave Makrigialos, and just after the sign to Diaskari, there is a turning on the right signposted to Kalo Nero, Moni Kapsa (a monastery - worth a look) and Goudouras. It's about 15k I think from Makrigialos on an excellent newish road following the coast. Just before you come to the end of the road and before entering Goudouras there is a large car park. Leave your wheels here and walk down the cliff on a very easy path with steps to a large sandy beach. As usual, the nudist part is at the far end but it's sandy and very pleasant. No facilities or shade so bring your own. You can be seen from the road but only if the onlooker walks to the edge of the cliff, so no problem. Weekends can be busy with Greek families so common sense prevails - hopefully. In addition along the main coast road there are other coves where you are completely on your own but impossible to describe. You just have to keep your eyes open for likely access points.
Midweek in late September 2010 the beach at Botzalaki had people coming and going over a 4 hour period. About 40% nude mixed in with textiles along the whole beach with a pleasant atmosphere.

We visited Botzalaki several times in September 2021. On most days there was a 60:40 mix of textiles and naturists, with the naturists tending to settle away from the concrete access steps, and never more than 20 people on the whole beach. Generally textiles and naturists were tolerant of each other apart from one Sunday when there were a number of Greek families with children: unfortunately a couple decided to brazenly strip off and parade amongst these families, but were soon sent packing by angry Greek mothers!

Langada=Eftyhia beach

See on Google Maps


There is another beach there about 1 kilometre long which can be accessed by walking over the rocky outcrop and is usually 100% nude. It is more easily reached (if you are driving) by taking the Moni Kapsa turn from the Makrigialos/Sitia road (mentioned under Goudhouras). If coming from Sitia, follow the sign for Analipsi in order to get to this turn. After a couple of hundred metres the road flattens out, with greenhouses visible: there are several dirt-tracks down to the sea, the best being marked by an advance advertisement for Taverna Lair of the Dragon, with a tiled roof in the direction of the beach. This entrance is not the one sometimes closed by a chain, mentioned under the heading Diaskari.

When my contributor visited in mid-June 2001, on each of two days, the western three quarters of the beach was occupied by three or four naturists, with three or four textiles in the eastern quarter. The beach is pebbly but very pleasant. My contributor suggested naming this beach Eftyhia Beach after the Eftyhia Taverna (closed) which is the only named object on the road behind; however it is an unofficial name for the beach. That contributor, now writing with the benefit of modern maps, now knows that the correct name for the beach is Langada.

Plenty of scope to walk the entire beach naked as you are in the middle of nowhere. The sea is fantastic but the beach is a bit pebbly and not much in the way of shade. On either of these beaches you will occasionally meet clothed people but nobody takes any notice as it's a well-known nudist area in the village of Makriagialos.


Barefooters who visited Eftyhia in June and September 2005 found it a great beach with lots of space, with everyone nude (they noted some shy ones hiding between the trees).

Visited in June 2012 and nothing seems to have changed since the previous contributions. On a weekend there should be only about 10 people on the beach with only one family of Greeks at the far end being textile. Nice and quiet - would visit again.

In late May 2016 this beach was completely deserted and great for a nude swim.

In August 2017, many naked people were found at Eftyxia Beach. I think the right name of the beach is "Lagada". I found many naked people under the trees on the begininng at northwest after the rocks from Diaskari beach. Please, pay attention: You must be very careful as there are some who pretend to be nudists and annoy people. One of them drives a small SUV Toyota RAV colored blue, is average height and sitting under the trees.

In begin of August 2023 we visited on workday afternoon, it was almost empty beach, 3 other nudists and we two nudists, so 100% nudist beach :) A lot of big and small stones on ground, but it's OK to lay down. Water was not very clean at our visit. We parked our car on the road, there was some small abandoned area to park, it's about 5-10min walk to beach, there is also small steep hill to go to the beach, so if you are with jeep you could try come closer to the beach.
PS. Photos below are from older reviews:



See on Google Maps

Our correspondents stayed at Myrtos (19 km west of Ierapetra), which they found a pretty miserable place to stay, there are no facilities to keep you amused, and the beach was definitely no-go for nudity. Though it is true that the Myrtos beach is a non-starter for nudity, another reporter (Sept 2010) found Myrtos to be a charming village with some excellent restaurants and accommodation. A 10 minute drive west brings one to Tertsa and decent beaches for nudity.

Around the corner was hopeless, the road ran alongside, and carried the usual lookers, etc.

They had to travel for about 50 minutes eastbound, along the coast road until we passed through Makrigialos, then after about another one or two minutes from the Makrigialos-crossed-out sign, there is a turning on the right hand side, immediately before you follow the road down to the left.


The sign is marked for DIASKARI Apartments. The turn for them is about two hundred metres beyond the end of Analipsi, which is the eastern extension of Makrigialos (not western as appears on some maps). No need to park at the holiday cottages - just drive right to the end. When you can apparently go no further, skirt the rocky outcrop and there is a small cove, nicely secluded, and a haven for nudists. The nudist part is still at the far end but can sometimes stretch a quarter of the way down. A new small snack bar was being built in April 2001. The cove had all but disappeared last September and was not accessible in April 2001. It does however come and go as it pleases!

My correspondents spent many days there, and everyone who joined us was completely nude. The rest of the beach was also partly nudist, but not as much fun as the little cove!

A less-favourable report from May 2000, however; my correspondents were the only nudists on the beach and were pestered by a local gawper. A correspondent who visited in June 2001 found no nudists at all. The cove is very small, only room for about 6 towels edge to edge. But another correspondent from 2001 reported no problems for a fortnight, and even the local gawper, who arrives by moped, can be dissuaded by showing him that he is being looked at too.

A taverna opened at the end of May 2001. My correspondents say it is very good, and that parking by the taverna is easy. Less promising reports from October 2001. My correspondents decided to take the opportunity to visit the beach at Diaskari on two occasions. On each occasion they found that all the beach occupants were clothed, this was also the case in the small cove there. Consequently they also kept their swimming costumes on and after a short stay left in disappointment. They later speculated that maybe all the occupants (specially those at the far end) were not willing to take the lead in baring all and were waiting for others to get the ball rolling.

However a contributor from May 2002 said that the cove was fully accessible first week of May and excellent on 5 visits. The rest of the beach at the far end was also OK. This is a well known 'nude' beach in the village of Makrigialos so is usually very good. The new taverna (opened early 2001) at textile end becoming popular and deservedly so. My contributor has been visiting this beach since 1997 and says it rarely disappoints - and gave it a rare 100% rating.

In late May 2016 the eastern end of Diaskari was mixed nudist and textiles - just a few couples and singles. A waiter at a local Makrygialos tavern confirmed that this end of the beach was accepted locally as a naturist beach.
In late September 2016 Diaskari was sparsely populated, but all textiles. However, an easy hike over the outcropping at the east end of the beach brings one to the much longer beach identified here as Eftyhia (some maps show it as Legada.) The biggest "Nude Friendly Beach" sign we've seen in Greece marks 150 metres of the west end of that beach, with shade from trees and a rocky access to the sea. Always virtually deserted, we saw occasional naturism along the entire length of the beach, which offers spectacular sunsets - as it faces west. Please note that the chain across the dirt road access past the greenhouses (described above) that goes directly to Eftyhia was up and locked in early evening twice in 9 days - making it safer to access this beach via Diaskari.


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There are said to be some nice beaches in Makrigialos (turn left at Makrigialos when you come from Sitia, after a few hundred metres park the car and go down to the beach). However, these directions bring you to Diaskari or Eftyhia/Langada and are not additional beaches.

Agia Fotia

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Another beach area which was also noted for nudists was Agia Fotia, again on the coast road, this time between Ierapetra and Koutsouras. Take a sharp turn off the main road, and follow on down until you reach the car park. Nudism is practised (with some hesitance) east of the taverna and the car park. Among the many rocky outcrops you can easily find a sandy hiding-place for yourself if you want. We liked the setting and there were some nudists there but the beach cannot be compared to Lendas or Komos. There is a good taverna, serving cold beers, large greek salads and pizzas etc. A correspondent who visited during May 2000 said it was 50/50 nudist and rated it 90. My correspondent recommends the taverna - excellent value.
Another correspondent, visiting in June 2015, found the place frantic, with cars parked solidly on both sides of the access road all the way down to the bottom outside the taverna, which had a queue! Managed to turn with difficulty and drive out without meeting other traffic - never saw the beach! (And that on a weekday)



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A report reaches me of a small village about 10km east of Ierepetra with a few apartments and a small beach. My correspondent, who visited in September 2000, says there were a maximum of 5 couples on the beach. Evidently my contributors are a "mixed" couple, where the man likes to go nude but the woman doesn't (how often does that happen?), and they found this a good, quiet beach to enjoy.

June 2018: The beach is very bright and on the South end there is decent coverage due to a never-finished Hotel. I stayed for a couple of hours nude there. A Woman came by topless. Only 2 people walked around the beach who didnt seem to mind us.

East of Ierapetra


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From Ierapetra, take the coastal road heading east. It passes a longish stretch of unremarkable textile beach before climbing and veering a hundred metres or so inland. The space between the road and the low coastal cliffs becomes nondescript scrubby waste ground: pull off onto one of the dirt tracks. (There was a Nissan roadside billboard my contributor used as a landmark on repeat visits.) Park near the cliff edge and peer down to get your bearings. It's really one long beach, punctuated by cliff-falls to form little bays. If you don't like what you see, drive a couple of hundred metres further and try again. A couple of naturists were already down there at the spot my contributors fancied, so the area obviously has a small reputation. Another day, textiles were at the same spot - so my contributors just hopped along to the next bay. Word reaches me that some concrete steps have been built for ease of access. Before that you had to scramble down the sandstone cliffs to the beach, which is medium-brown sand, pebbles, larger rocks and boulders. Quite clean, too, unlike the cliff-top area! No amenities of course, so bring your own refreshments. The cliff face and rock outcrops are riddled with caves and niches, where the kids had a whale of a time exploring and playing hide-and-seek. It's a shallow beach, and hence quite safe for non-swimmers and younger children. Access to the water can be a bit difficult because of submerged rocks. The enclosedness makes it easy to keep kids within range. The beach was observed by local men standing at the top of the cliff a couple of times, but there was never any hassle. Not an absolutely perfect area, but plenty good enough.


Chrissi Island / Gaidouronissi

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The Donkey Island, (but with no donkeys at all) or Chrissi (golden: because of its "golden" sand) is a small (1x5 Km) island south of Ierapetra. It is well known for its shell beach at the northern part and for its cedar forest. There are boats departing from Ierapetra twice a day (at 10.30 and 12.00 - but call the port authority to confirm) and then returning in the afternoon. You can camp on the island, but keep in mind that there are no facilities, except 2 small (and not so cheap) tavernas and that there is no water or electricity on the island (the tavernas use generators). This doesn't disappoint the hundreds of wild campers that spend many days there during the summer (some of them even stay for over a month!).

It is a magnificent and extremely quiet place, although destroyed to a point by "development". In the early 80's, it was fully occupied by naturists, and the whole beach was covered with shells. The boats, dangerously packed with tourists, arrive at about 11.15 and until 16.00 or 18.00 when they leave, the northern beach (which is the most beautiful) is crowded. The eastern part of this beach was occupied by some naturists, but one day we witnessed a very uncomfortable incident: a local scolded a Greek man that was going in the nude. So, as you can see, the part of the beach with the umbrellas may not be the best one to go naked, at least during the "peak hours". After the boats leave, the island is yours to enjoy. We heard that the western part of the beach was completely occupied by naturists, but instead of going there, we preferred to visit the southern part of the island. This is where the boat moors. You can continue to the east, until you reach the eastmost part of the island (about 10min walk). There is a small and totally deserted bay (facing the south) where you can go naked. There is also another deserted beach facing the east (both beaches are visible from the boat as you reach the island). Both have small pebbles, some shells and crystal clear waters.


So, the question is: is it worth it? My reporter thinks so. Maybe it is not very wise to go just for one day. There will be too many people (although everyone prefers the northern beach), the boat fare is relatively expensive (6000 gdr including the return) and the boats themselves are not very reliable. But if you are a wild camping fan, I think it is a very good destination. It is a peaceful and very beautiful place. You can wander in the cedar forest with the white sand hills and during the night you can see one of the best starlit skies. In two words, it is the ideal place to escape "civilisation".

Two notes for those who wish to camp: many people prefer to buy water and some food (cans mostly) from Ierapetra and carry it with them, because the prices at the tavernas are high. Also, please respect the environment: don't light fires, especially using cedar wood. Finally (and this goes to every visitor), PLEASE DON'T COLLECT SHELLS!

A report from 2002 suggests that the Shell Beach is well known as a naturist beach and is well used by local Greek visitors for nude sunning and swimming.


A report from summer 2000 suggests that the beach next to the Golden Beach in Chrissi is totally empty and gives the possibility of walking nude.

Barefoot reporters who visited in June 2005 had a very pleasant day at this island. On the boat they spoke to one of the crew members who showed us on his map where the nudists normally were. On the north, walk to the west from golden beach. Just over the headland the beach is mostly nude. But this day the wind was too strong, so he pointed us to the shell beach in the south-east. At first my reporters were the only 2 there, but later they were joined by 3 more couples who all went nude.

Late in the afternoon, there was a Swedish football team who walked all around the island and when they came to the nudist beach they first were uncomfortably laughing. But then one of them took off his clothes and started pointing and laughing at the other ones. When one of my Barefoot reporters pointed at this brave nude guy and gave him thumbs up, then all other 10 quickly followed his example. So they ended up 100% nude at this beautiful beach.

In September 2010 the ferry cost 25 Euros. The day the writer and wife visited was extremely windy from the north. There was a deserted bay to the east of the ferry terminal which had some protection from the wind and they spent several hours nude there. It was so windy that the majority of people who had gone to Golden Beach on the north coast returned to the relative shelter of the south on which there were a few people au naturel.

Mid-June 2014, we have seen a few nude couples on a remote area of the main beach of Chrissi island. But don't go there for nude sunbathing, better go to Xerocampos (more beautiful and more nude !)



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This is west of Myrtos on the southeast coast, an excellent place to stay, reached by cycle or car on a coast road, which is now mostly metalled apart from a short rough section - which is passable with a little care (Sept 2010). Cycles can be hired in Myrtos. The 3 miles takes 40 minutes by bike and 10 minutes by car. The village of Tertsa has tavernas, and a laid-back population which is tolerant of nude swimming and sunbathing. At least 90% of users were nude and the setting is very pretty. The beach to use is 400 yards west of the taverna between rocky outcrops.

Barefooters who visited in June and September 2005 described these as very relaxed beaches just west of Tertsa. Drive over the steep track over the rocks (see picture). Then you get to a beach divided in 2 parts by some rocks. The beach at Tertsa closest was textile. The more western part was nude. Also when walking further around the next rocks you get to a 800 metre-long beach which was completely empty. Great for nude walking!


Only downside: the man sitting there all day watching the nudes, sometimes even with binoculars. That was their June visit. They returned in September and shared the beach with a nice German couple. The same man was again there. This time he started taking pictures of the naturists and so one of my reporters walked over to him and took photos of him too. The Captain has been provided with one of these photos. I have not published it but might think again if I receive similar reports…

A report from September 2006 describes it as a wonderful beach just after the village, where nearly everybody is naked. The water is clean, and the beach is only sand. No facilities.
September 2010 - no change in the beach situation; there was about 12 - 20 people over the day in both parts of the beach with 90% nude.
Mid-June 2014, I would recommend this fully nude beach just after Tertsa. Very nice and 100% nude.
Confirmed 2015


30-31 August 2016: (by DoccyT) There seems to be an incursion of textiles, especially between the rocks which we assume mark the start of the nude section, and the rock which sticks out into the sea. Still some naked people before the second rock. Not to be deterred, I dropped my shorts immediately after the first rocks. Everyone nude after the second. Stray textiles wander past and look shocked. Meh. As we left (after several hours) I didn't put my shorts on again until just before necessary - some textiles who had based themselves the other side had wandered over and found the sight of naked men amusing. My boyfriend and I will not be put off. Let's reclaim this beach, people! Update on 18 September 2016 We've returned for the final ten days of our holiday. Someone (not me - my Greek spelling is better - has painted ΠΑΡΑΛΙΑ ΓΥΜΝΗΣΤΩΝ [sic] NUDISTS on the rocks at the entrance to the nude beach. And it was totally nude apart from one Greek couple, who weren't at all bothered.

2021: Eleven miles west along the coast from Myrtos is the remote village of Keratokampos. In September 2021 we spent a couple of days on Armenopetra beach one mile east of the village. Very quiet with some other naturists. Its also possible to walk south along the coast for 20-30 minutes.

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