Anafi is a very quiet island east of Santorini, which has good ferry links, including to and from Santorini. Domatia owners meet ferries, but tourism on the island is at a low level, with some visitors being keen walkers.
The port is tiny, and most accommodation (in the form of rooms and studios) is to be found in the spectacular Hora, located up a winding road high above the port. Some accommodation is also available at Klissidi beach (off to the right on the road up from the port). The Hora has a number of tavernas and a few shops, including a bakers and an office selling ferry tickets (with unpredictable opening hours). Another office for tickets is at the port and opens before ferries arrive. It's a 20 minute walk down a path from Hora to the port. Surprisingly, car hire is now available in Hora.

Klissidi Beach

Situated about half a kilometre east of the port, this is a pure sand beach with shade from tamarisk trees, but with a prominent 'No Camping, No Nuddism' sign on display. With the sign and the accommodation immediately behind the beach, naturism is not recommended here.

Katsouni Beach

From the taverna at Klissidi beach follow signs onto a rough path for about 500 metres that brings you to Katsouni beach. There are no facilities. The beach is smaller than Klissidi or Roukounas, but is mainly sand and the majority of the people there were naked in August 2011. Most people use the eastern end (to the left as you reach the beach) as it is the best part of the beach. There are a lot of stones in the sea at the other end. There were a few free campers in the trees behind the beach. There was some shade available but not on the sandy part of the beach.
In August 2017 there were a few campers and ten people, they all were nude.


Roukounas Beach

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About 3km from Hora along a tarmac road, this is a beautiful sandy beach with tamarisk trees providing shade but no facilities.
A bus runs three times daily from Hora (tickets €1.20 each way) and stops by the lane down to the beach, which is an easy walk of only a few minutes. On the way down, there's a nice taverna (try the delicious Greek yoghourt with honey and home-grown blackberries!). In June 2010, there was quite a few free campers on the right hand side of the beach, which was about 30% nude (less on Sunday, when some locals visited). My correspondents were comfortable being nude, but in high season this might not be the case.

In July 2011 Roukounas beach still remains a good option for naturism. at the western part (right hand as you look from the beach) most people, about 80-90%, were free campers and nude bathers. Anafi is getting more famous lately, but nudism is common even for locals.
In August 2011 most people (mainly free campers) on the western part of the beach (to the right as you reach the beach: this is most of the beach) were naked. All the shade under the trees was taken up by campers. Only the small eastern end (to the left as you reach the beach) was used by textiles.

In August 2017 there were many many campers on meghalos Roukounas. Some people were nude, there are also people nude if they go to swim, most people textile, but they don't care if there are nude people. Another report says: "Beach not like photo. Completely covered in tents just like at music festival. Very few naturists and very little beach left clear. My first naturist beach in 2013 but will not return."

Other Beaches

Another beach you can bath nude, is Monastiri at the east end of the south coast, under the big rock Kalamos. There are a few signs informing that nudism is forbidden but at early and late season, the beach remains quiet and is big enough to cloth off at some points. Northern rocky beaches are great for nudism, but not recommended for their seabed, which is rocky enough in front, sometimes.

Naturism should be possible on other coves on the south coast, east of Klissidi beach, especially given the small number of tourists visiting the island.

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