Kea is described in Frewin Poffley's guide as one of the hidden pearls of the Aegean. In that guide it scores a mere 1 out of 10 for nudism. It is not one of the best known destinations for western Europeans but it is apparently very popular with Athenians at weekends.

The Captain has not received any new reports on Kea for some years and would welcome updates on the information on this page.

Xila / Xyla / Xilia Beach

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Nevertheless - this information comes from a report of June 1999 - from the harbour of Korissia (not to be confused with nearby Vourkari), take the road leading to Marades and Melissaki (There are two motorbikes rental agents in Korissia). The road will rapidly become a rather bad dirt road. Do not go down to Melissaki, but follow the road south-west, there is a small sign giving directions for Xila. About 5 kilometres from Korissia, you will arrive at a beach where the road ends (turns into a private road, blocked by a barrier). The beach is 200 metres long, with some permanent umbrellas, the water is very clean and the view beautiful. My contributors visited in early June '99, and the only people there appeared to be locals. Only 20-30% were nude, but nudity was very acceptable anywhere on the beach. Very nice and relaxed beach, clean and with beautiful surroundings and some shade (thanks to the umbrellas).
Note from July 2018: it seems that a big taverna is being built on this place … 100% textile when we went there … Not sure this will remain a nudeable beach anymore :-(

Psili Ammos

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From the village of Ioulida take the road to Kalidonichi. After a while the asphalt disappears and the road becomes a dirt track. When you reach Kalidonichi beach you leave the car there and climb the rocks on your left. It is not difficult. From the top you can see the small beach of Psili Ammos {which means thin sand). Most people were nude there.


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The beach may be reached only using a 4x4 car or a boat. Depending on the day or the period of the year, this beach may be crowded with many children, boats and campers, but when few people come in the morning the beach becomes naked only, all day.

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