Frewin Poffley describes Kimolos as a good island to escape the crowds and the more commercial trappings of tourism. What's more, there is a generally accepted nudist beach. The Captain rarely receives any reports on Kimolos and would welcome updates, as it seems that this pleasantly rural island is being progressively invaded by textiles, especially in the "high" season.

We visited briefly in June 2014, and again in September 2019 - both times it was very windy (north wind in 2019), and not many people around. There were definitely more people bringing hire cars and motorbikes over to Kimolos in 2019, so more chance of meeting people on remoter beaches - but September is good for quiet beaches. The bus does not run in September so we got lifts, or taxis, or walked some distance.

Order of listing: clockwise from the port, Psathi


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East of Alyki, accessible from a branch of the main road some 300 metres before turning left for Bonatsa/Alyki. There is also a footpath which starts from the main road where there is a sign 'Ennias'. Stones and pebbles.

A secluded area with the odd free camper. A great beach for shade as there are quite a few trees near the water. Usually naked.

A report from August 2011: "This was the only beach on the island where I saw people naked. It is a beach of mostly pebbles and stones with a bit of sand. There were free campers using all the shade under the trees at the back of the beach. Most of the campers were nude when they went for a swim or did a bit of sunbathing but they spend most of the time in the shade."

We visited Ennias in early August 2015 and I can confirm previous reports. There were 3 or 4 tents in the shade and campers that went nude for a swim. For us this was also the only beach on Kimolos where we saw people nude. However, it’s possible to find deserted beaches on Kimolos.

We visited Ennias in early August 2017 and I confirm previous reports.
Here is a picture from the place you can park your vehicle and facing the beach.

Agios Georgios

Location ? hereabouts

Reported in September 2011 as follows: "further southwest from Kalamitsi, park by the church and walk downhill behind the church. Great little beach with sand and usually either deserted or nude."

We were here in early August 2015. The beach was deserted. We stayed for an hour or so and saw no-one.


Next to Hellenica, with the islet of Agios Andreas lying centre stage a short distance off. But no shade, dark sand and small pebbles, and access is a bit more messy through a bumpy road or simply by walking along to the left from Hellenica. Dekas is almost always deserted and usually 80-100% nude. Sometimes a few campers can also be seen there.


See Dekas, Hellenika & Mavrospilia on Google Maps

Hellenika (or Ellinika) is the central and best section of a large bay on the southwest coast. At the left end there are some beautiful white rocks, reminiscent of a stranded iceberg in the sea (but warmer), and it is possible to swim to them. This beach has dark sand and small pebbles and a few trees - very good for shade but bound to have a couple of textile families in August. My contributor stayed there for eleven days in the second part of June 2001 with his wife and saw only ten people (all naked) in all this time; and on some days the beach was deserted. To get to the beach it is about an hour and a half's walk from the village but it is very usual to ask for a lift. The occasional passers-by are apparently unconcerned by nudists. At the end of the path if there is anyone around, it might be a good idea to ask directions. The beach is marked as FKK in Frewin Poffley's guide and, the Captain is told, also in several other tourist guides it is classified as "nudist beach". Carry drinkable water and some food.

A Barefooter visited in August 2011 and says: "I didn't see anyone naked on any of these beaches. On Hellenika itself there was a large family group in the middle so nudism was impossible. On the others there were few people so nudism could be possible depending on who is there, but they are not great beaches and were exposed to the wind on the day I visited."

In early August 2015, Hellenika was 100% textile.

September 2019 we were alone here (having got lift over from our accommodation owner), so sat among the trees nude and swam nude. A motorbike parked in the car park but the riders walked off in another direction. Eventually a car arrived and we covered ourselves while they walked along the beach, but they soon left. (Helpfully, they overtook us later on the road and gave us a lift back to Bonatsa, where we swam and drank (clothed) with them).


This beach, immediately north of Hellenika, is also dark sand and small pebbles. No trees for shade. It is still a popular nudist beach, but at a 50% rate in September 2011. The previous month no-one was seen naked, so the usual seasonal pattern is apparently being followed here.

In early August 2015, this beach was also 100% textile. We went for a quite strenuous hike north of this beach (bring food and water, there is nothing there). Within 45 minutes we passed 3 deserted beaches, the last one was a very beautiful pebble stone beach here in Google Maps. Our only company on the beach was a donkey.

On a windy day in September 2019 we were alone here, so sat and walked and swam nude for an hour or so in the morning. Bit too choppy for good swimming so we moved on to Ellenika.


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I have a report from September 2011 of white sand and great crystal-clear waters here.
But after the beach bar opened there is no place for nude bathing there, except for the odd topless girl….

We visited in June 2014 and saw no sign of a functioning beach bar. We were alone until a car full of Greek lads arrived to play games on the sand, so no real chance of nude bathing. Did not get back there in 2019 as our visit to Kimolos was too brief.

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