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Unfortunately the Captain has not yet (2017) received any reports on this island, but it does exist! It would appear to be furnished with hotels, apartments and tavernas, quite a lot of beaches, ferries but no airport. The eponymous chora (capital aka Messaria) is situated about as far inland as it's possible to get; there are roads if you would like to hire a car. Probably the main port, Mericha, would make a better base.

For someone looking for a "quiet" holiday this must be the place! So please go and let us know what you found…..


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For more information about Kythnos try: seems to have good info but lacks recent TLC & pics


Skylos beach

(Dog beach)

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The Captain is grateful to the first reporters, who visited in September 2019:
"Me and my partner have found Styfos Beach, known as the main nude beach on the island. Tourist season was over and only 2 other couples on the beach. You need a car to get from the port (Mericha) to the beach. Roads are full of hairpin bends and pretty steep at some points. The view is amazing though from the top of the island. There are no facilities on the beach so bring lots of water and food with you. Once we entered the beach we walked past the small church (Agios Nikolaos) where the other couples were too. This is described as the place for nudists on website. Although other beaches are recommended too we have not been able to find them. Mericha is a nice place to stay with boats coming in for the night, beach tavernas and pubs."

Unfortunately it appears, comparing their excellent photographs with the aerial views on Google Maps, that they had got slightly lost or confused and were in fact on Skylos beach (as confirmed by the "small church" reference) on the opposite coast! So re-read the above with this factor in mind.

Styfos/Stifo beach

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no report yet!

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