A popular island with some great possibilities for naturists. However, like many Greek islands, it can get busy in high season and established nude beaches can be taken over by textiles.

The most popular nudist beaches, in the rocky bay with the chapel near the Paradiso taverna, and Plaka, south of the Three Brothers taverna, are served by a regular and reliable bus service from Naxos town.

In order anticlockwise from Naxos Chora right round the island

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Lacouna (Laguna)

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Lacouna is the the south part of the Saint George beach just in front of Naxos Camping. Lacouna is also the best surfing spot on the Island. The Captain received a report of naturist activity here in June 2004. However a report from August/ early September 2006 says there were no naturists - in fact very few people at all, during the time Barefoot reporters were there. Some wild camping/ motorhomes, and there is a surfing/watersport school nearby. There are other, better beaches.

Aghios Prokopios

Immediately north of Aghia Anna, nudists gather towards the north end of the beach. In June 2000 the northern end of the beach was about 60-70 percent naturist. The beach was very clean, but a slippery shelf exists in the water extending roughly ten feet out. Very diverse gender and age group present.

The beach extends about 300 metres to the west from the last houses. In July 2001 the first 100 metres were textile, then mixed (50%), while the last 100 metres were textile.
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The Northern part of Prokopios beach was full of naturists in June 2004.

A report from August 2004 says the beach is marvellous, as well as the water; the sunset was very impressive. There is a large parking area close to the beach. The northern part of the beach is occupied by 2/3 lines of umbrellas and lounge chairs provided by a couple of small restaurants, with textile families only; the same in the southern part, which is backed by a greater number of hotels and restaurants; therefore in those sections the beach was rather crowded.

The central part (about 25% of the total, less than 100 metres) was without such installations and was mixed (textiles and nudists), with people close to each other not less than 10 metres. The water is very clean and warm, the beach is large and clean, and nudists had no problems. However in that period of time the percentage of nudists in the middle part of the beach was only about 30% in the morning and 10% in the afternoon when many Greek families come to the beach with their umbrellas.

A report from August 2005 described the middle of the beach. The 50% textiles, some of these were Greek families, seemed not worry about nude people. (We saw some young Greek couples sunbathing nude). In spite of the crowd, the beach is wonderful because the sea is deep blue, always calm like a pool. In August/early September 2006, the naturist section seemed to be set between 2 non-naturist areas at the northern end of Prokopios. When Barefoot reporters walked along there on 2 different days, there seemed very few in the naturist area, but those that were there were almost 100% naturists; it did seem the specific area was almost 'designated'…..pleasant enough but my reporters felt Plaka and Anna were better.

However the Captain also hears reports that the police were called as Greeks had protested and naturists were told to cover up although to my knowledge no arrests were made. However once high season had passed (second week in July until end of August) nudists seemed to be left in peace. Advice here is to proceed with caution.

About 10 nudist at the middle section of the beach (July 2016). Hordes of textiles walking along the beach, so not a suitable beach for a nude bath, go to Ag. Anna.

September 2017. Just spent four days on this beach. The middle section as described above was used by about 20, mostly over 50 years old, nude couples. I think that many of them were German tourists. It is a very convenient and comfortable spot to enjoy the sun and water.

June 2021: Sandy beach with clean water. The naturist spot is still in use, mostly by older tourists. Personally not the best naturist spot in the island, but still a naturist bastion and convenient for those who have the accommodation nearby and don't want to go far. Facilities nearby.

August 2023: Sandy beach with clean water. The naturist spot was not in use, as the umbrellas and the sunbeds have been extended to the whole length of the beach. Additionally, the beach was too crowded this year. Possibly better options for nudism early in the morning or late in evening.

Aghia Anna

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The bay of Aghia Anna, once a famous nudist beach, is no longer nudist. The beach where some contributors first took the plunge is now, alas, backed by hotels, and the unnoticed track at the back of the beach is now a tarred road with a regular bus service. However, all is not lost: go round the point at the south end of the beach: the section immediately around the point (bus-stop "Paradiso") is nudist (this is the northern end of Plaka).

Getting off the bus, head towards the little chapel that is to the left of the bay. Drop down over the hill to Plaka which must surely be one of the best beaches in the Cyclades. A word of warning about the chapel: the Captain has received the following observation (lightly edited) -

"If you like being naked from Friday to Sunday afternoon in the middle of crowds of Sunday-dressed families going to church for baptisms, marriages or orthodox ceremonies, then Aghia Anna beach will welcome you!!! People attending or leaving the church use the wooden path which is the limit between the beach and the bush behind … We did not feel at ease there … apart from when you are swimming, the number of dressed spectators from the church is superior to the sunbathers on the same part of the beach. Go elsewhere!"

Respect is important and should be exercised in every aspect of society. As very regular users of this beach, there is mutual acceptance and respect for those wishing to practise in Church or on the Beach or Both. As on other Greek islands, the Captain asks for proper respect for the religious sensitivities of our hosts. The general rule is to, at the very least, stay out of sight of intending worshippers in all such places. It might be wise, if you can, to check on the date of the local saint's day.

The section surrounded by rocks immediately under the chapel is known as the "BeachWithMuchShame" usually predominantly nudist (although proportions can drop in high season). The beach is clothes-optional immediately to the south but becomes more and more textile as you pass in front of the Paradiso taverna.


Another contributor's family visited in August 2000 for their sixth holiday in the vicinity of the clothes optional beach at Aghia Anna. The part that they normally used was in the section below the church on the hill to the north of the beach and to the south of the harbour of Agia Anna. When they arrived the Greek and Italian holiday season was in full swing and a large part of the beach was occupied by textiles. They were relieved to find that the section nearest to the cove was still predominantly naturist and textiles and naturists shared the beach harmoniously. A strong feature is a safe swimming area formed by a rocky outcrop that provides shelter from waves.

This little Beach "BeachWithMuchShame" is occupied each year by an elderly single man who has become very possessive and selective. Because of the lack of sand there are limited places to lay so he reserves places for his friends by placing sun umbrellas in favored locations, engaging half the Beach. I was informed that one person who arrived when there was plenty of available space was told "there is no room". This is wrong and unfair on other sunbathers. — We are two elderly German women and we were shouted at by this very rude English man when we were there in October 2018. We moved.
July 2019 — The horrible man mentioned is still here and acts as if he owns the Beach, giving out sun umbrellas, expecting cans of beer or produce in lieu of payment. Two elderly Australians who live in the main town have taken it upon themselves to personalize this little beach to portray a sense of ownership: maybe they are hoping to turn this into a business venture. They can be most possessive which is why most people use the upper beach.

One report describes this little bay as a naturists' paradise. However, some reports suggest fewer nudists than a few years ago. Another report from summer 2001 reports this section as 100% nudist couples.


If you wish to enjoy a predominantly beach holiday you might consider taking accommodation in Agia Anna or in one of the rooms/apartment complexes that go from the Paradiso Taverna to Plaka beach and beyond. Particularly good facilities are in Stella Apartments, which is between the Paradisos and the Maragas camp site (also well organised). There is an excellent small supermarket and bakery outside the Maragas campsite.

There are adequate Greek restaurants in Agia Anna and an excellent Italian restaurant about 200 metres to the south of Maragas. The bus service from the Maragas Campsite to Naxos Town (Chora) is very good with buses at 30 and sometimes 15 minute intervals from 07.50 to 01.30. This provides easy access to the town which has a wide variety of restaurants, shops and historical interest. There is a Roman Catholic Cathedral with Mass at 09.30 on Sundays.

One curiosity just between the nudist beach and the main Aghia Anna beach (but away from the nudist area) is "Shark Rock". The Captain was astonished to see just how realistic it is. This rock, in the shape of a shark's head, juts out from the headland towards the sea. People amuse themselves by placing stones in the eye sockets and in the mouth to depict teeth.

From Paradisos until the Three Brothers taverna the beach is entirely textile with many bars and cafes plus the usual stretches of sunbeds and umbrellas which seem to be proliferating yearly. Right beside the Three Brothers taverna is the largest nudist area in later years with sunbeds and umbrellas.


recent reports 

August-September: 95% nudist from the rocks (near the small chapel) to the Paradiso tavern. Come early to get a spot in the little cove. Good atmosphere on this beach, mix of all ages, genders, sexual orientation, couples and small groups.

June-August: I cannot believe some of the previous comments stating Agia Anna is not a naturist beach any more. From June to August we've been visiting this sandy and beautiful beach every now and then and it was always mostly naturist. As you move away from the taverna and get closer to the rocks at the bottom of the hill with the small church, the crowd is mostly gay male, but not only. Great spot to enjoy the sunset with some commodities around, some tavernas and a small supermarket.
August: Visited many times. It is a well established nudist beach with easy access, frequented by both couples and singles.
Early October: Great nudist beach and rocks. Very well frequented, even busy. Virtually 100% nude with full range of ages. Excellent swimming and diving off the rocks. Some very sociable folks makes for a nice experience.

Plaka beach

See Plaka Beach on Google Maps

Excellent long bay, mix of textiles and non-textiles, very civilised! Wide beach, clear sea with almost no waves. The sea bed has a few patches of rocks for underwater interest, but mainly just sand. It is very popular with Barefooters, some of whom think Plaka beach is the best in Greece! One recent correspondent compared it favourably with beaches in the Caribbean. Another, quoted directly below, is typical:

"I had never even been to a nude beach before in my life but my wife and I both felt perfectly comfortable going nude there because so many others were doing it and not making any big deal out of it. The beach is one of the best I've ever visited anywhere in the world, with soft sand, crystal clear shallow water, and few waves. There are also tavernas and at least one small grocery store scattered along the main road. I highly recommend Plaka for anyone, especially if you're looking for a good naturist beach."

There is easy access, lots and lots of room. A great place for swimming. And if you're lucky you are able to walk a mile without encountering textiles.

It is, basically, a very lengthy clothes-optional beach. There tend to be patches which are predominantly nude and others which are mostly textile, and these may vary from day to day. If your preference is not to see any textiles when you are on a nudist beach this would not be for you. But there seems to be peaceful co-existence along the length of the beach from roughly the Three Brothers' taverna south. To the south is miles of sparsely occupied clothing-optional beach and freelance camping. This beach extends literally miles to the south - try to walk to the end! Plaka seems to be a favourite of naked walkers and joggers - nobody in the predominantly textile parts seems to care. It doesn't get much better than this.

Some parts of the beach have slippery flat rocks as you enter the sea, but other sections are wholly sandy. The sand tends to be very fine and Naxos tends to be quite windy so if there is anything like a stiff breeze blowing you can get uncomfortably sand-blasted. In this case the northernmost area near the Paradiso taverna is to be recommended as the sand is much coarser there.


Plaka is well served by frequent buses from the bus station at Naxos Town marked "Plaka". You can get off at the Paradiso taverna for the little cove, or carry on past Maragas camping towards the terminus (much further south than, according to previous reports, it used to be). Or you can drive - take the road to Aghia Anna and keep on going down the coast road.

Plaka beach was great, huge long expanse of sand, but in August 2000 only a few nudists toward the north end (another report says that this part of the beach is now clothing optional).

Some parts of the beach, notably opposite Maragas camping and some of the tavernas have been equipped with beach umbrellas.

A correspondent who visited in 2000 had to walk south from Maragas Camping for fifteen to twenty minutes past textiles with umbrellas and lounge chairs to get to the nudist section of the beach. Once there, the beach was full of committed nudists (singles, couples and families) for as far as one could look south. It was possible to beach-walk nude for several kilometres. My contributor did, and so did quite a few others. The water was a bit more bracing than in 1999, but still provided a wonderful experience.


South of Paradiso the first kilometre of beach is textile until you reach the Three Brothers Taverna. Nudity begins to be practised from the Three Brothers Taverna and southwards. Here, walking in the nude is not a problem, and between 50 and 70% of the people are nude (July 2001). Happily, in this section the bottom is sandy and nice, generally without the slippery shelf that exists on other sections of Plaka.

In 2003 the main nudists' section has been pushed about 100 metres further south but there were nudists spread out all along the beach, both north and south of the Three Brothers. Although there seemed to be fewer holidaymakers in general on Naxos this year, there seemed to be rather more naturists, particularly using the Northern end of Plaka. There seemed to be more families. Also and more interestingly and encouraging was the appearance of naturists under the sun umbrellas and using the provided sun loungers that now spoil the central part of the beach.

The Captain paid a return visit during June 2004 and thought that the best bit of Plaka beach was close to the Plaza hotel (which is on the other side of the dunes), which is where the bus now turns round.

In many respects Plaka is similar to Kommos beach on southern Crete, both regarding the shelf sections and the tendencies to flying sand on windy days. One contributor and his wife regretted that it was not possible to have a long (several km) nude walk without being offensive in high season. You have to confine your walk to the section where you are and nudity is practised to some acceptable degree. In my contributor's opinion you are in real danger of being offensive if you walk nude in front of commercial umbrellas without any nude people, also walking in other section where you see no nude people which is the case in many sections of Plaka beach. But a report from June 2000 suggests it was possible without difficulty to walk for miles in the nude on Plaka. A report from 2001 confirms this - my correspondent experienced for the first time the pleasure of being able to walk for a kilometre or so with no clothes on.


One regular correspondent says this is the beach they keep coming back to at the end of a holiday because it is such a great beach. They stay in Agia Anna and some days go to the Cove before breakfast for a swim, then in the morning along to Plaka, back for a break at lunch time and then the cove again in late afternoon. Sounds a delightful way to spend the day.

Look out for the roving vendor on his mule. He is still there and his mule has a tendency to refuse to move when the vendor encounters an attractive female.

In July 2005 the best part of Plaka was just after the 3 Brothers taverna. Sunbeds and parasols were available for nudists at 2 for 6 euros.


In summer 2005, beyond the Three Brothers taverna where the dirt road turns inland a little way the beach area was very nude tolerant with about 80% of people nude in June and late September. There is a small section of beach chairs about 100m south of the Three Brothers Taverna but it was noted that in late June nearly all of the occupants were nude although in July and August there are many textiles. The bad news for Plaka in 2005 was that just before the new Plaza Beach hotel a water sports centre had been opened and nudism is not tolerated within at least 50m either side. This area has been filled with beach chairs and umbrellas and some naturists who have been using this part of the beach were told in no uncertain terms to "put some clothes on" and were subjected to having their photos taken by children with mobile phone cameras. Unfortunately, from mid-May until late-September, this area and down as far as the Plaza Beach hotel is strictly textile. The hotel and taverna owners seem bent on driving nudists off the beach. However, beyond the hotel southwards there are still large stretches of beach where naturists can enjoy themselves.

A report from August 2005 confirmed that naturist possibilities were much more limited in high season. Nudism started from the Plaza Beach hotel, just after the point when the path turns to the left (the road indicator marks Plaka). From that point you can find some nudist people (approx 25%). South of that point the beach was pretty empty in the rocky area, where nudism is also possible but no swimming. You can also be naked at the very end of Plaka, after the rocky area, but be careful because families usually arrive around midday and you would be in danger of being offensive. Similar reports from 2007; it's best to visit outside the peak season. One Barefooter estimated that 75% of visitors were nudists in mid-season, but that it decreases to 25% in the peak time.

The Captain stresses that in his experience, outside the high season Plaka remains an excellent choice. Indeed the next report, from September 2005, confirmed 90% nude south of the Three Brothers taverna. Various other reports make clear that it still felt perfectly okay to be a nudist, and at no time did Barefoot reporters feel uncomfortable. Still, it has changed since the heady hippy-feel days of the early '90s, when the whole beach was 90% naturist.


Barefoot reporters who visited in June 2006 were very disappointed. Although long and sandy there was only 30 odd metres when nudists and textiles mixed. The whole area had turned into a normal textile beach. Having said that depending on the time of year things could change. The road behind the beach is very pitted and had numerous bars and tavernas along the entire length up to the Three Brothers who continue to serve excellent food. And a report from August 2006 says there were 100% textile zones (not a good idea to walk through naked) with some nudist zones where nudists were 75% of the people present. Said that, it is a wonderful beach with crystalline water and nice sand. Sand is very annoying when meltemi blows.

Yet other Barefooters who visited in July found many nude couples, 90%, on a long beach where you can walk along naked without people turning their heads. No-one seems to mind, textiles mixed, the longest nude beach my contributor had been to, his favourite island. And in August and early September 2006 there were several stretches mixed, some areas mostly naturist, happily co-existing, though how a 'clothed' family can suddenly deposit themselves and feel comfortable amongst an otherwise naturist area is hard to credit - perhaps they're just scared of their own natural assets!. Good beach, but can be windy, in which case Agia Anna is better as the sand doesn't blow quite so much. If you walk away from the bus terminus at Plaza Beach Hotel, there are several areas which seem to be used on the days we walked along there, but I don't think I would agree with the quote of 'miles' of it….! The Dunes north of the Plaza are good south of Maragas Campsite, and provide some respite from sand storms! Another report from September 2006 says the beach is still very good for nudism with long nude walks. One Barefooter says he walked past some textile areas naked, but no-one was offended.

Early reports from 2007 sound promising, with half of the few people on the beach in May nude. One Barefooter says he walked naked for miles; there were nudists everywhere. In June 2007 it was as beautiful and clothes-free as ever although facing some expansion of the neighbouring textile sections of the beach. An August 2007 report says that nudity was the norm in the section of the beach after the Three Brothers taverna - but it was the only part of Plaka beach where nude bathing was possible and it was sandwiched between two textile clubs. Long nude walks did not seem feasible.


recent reports

Second week of June: Almost 100% naturist from the 3 Brothers taverna till the entrance of Plaka Camping. Near the 3 Brothers Taverna a sign with "naked umbrellas EUR !0". There were also new sunbeds with bamboo umbrellas. So there were 4 sunbed places. So not so many places anymore for people who don't want to rent a sunbed. We found out that the sunbeds at the naturist part are now owned by the owner of Plaka Camping and Plaka Hotels I and II. The owner told us that she had paid a lot of money for the permit so that is why they placed so many beds. She also said that she hoped that in July and August also "other people" (meaning not naturist) would visit Plaka beach and rent the sunbeds, as she didn't like naked people. Quite unbelieveable this point of view, as we saw the vast majority of guests of her hotel at the nude beach.
Mid of August: During that time most of the beach has been covered by sunbeds and umbrellas leaving practically almost no privacy for nudism, at least in rush hour time. However, there have been a few nudists amongst hundreds of textiles without any issue.

Mikri Vigla

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Just south of Plaka. There are a number of smaller bays on the way, visible from the road, mostly deserted in May 2007, but one nude woman in one of the bays.

Nice small sandy beaches within a rocky region, more nudes, nice spots but during high season a lot of textile people who do not hesitate to lie down directly near the nudists.

Beyond the peninsula at Mikri Vigla a nice long beach spreads out which was deserted when my contributor was there. But there were no nudists during August 2007 on the northern main beach.

The southern Mikri Vigla beach (also known as Sahara beach) had some nudes enjoying the sun there during August 2007 on the big stretch towards Kastraki.

In August 2010 although high season the beach kept its slow-paced character except for the north part which is more crowded.
The beach is very long and you can find your place for nude bathing, nude walks are also possible.
A perfect choice both for its scenery, water and relaxed atmosphere.

Sahara and Kastraki beach are not nudist beaches any more - all bathers textiles (July 2016).


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South of Mikri Vigla. There were nude bathers on the beaches on either side of the solitary beach restaurant as well as on the sand immediately below the restaurant, although Kastraki was mainly textile.

South of Kastraki before Pyrgaki there are some mainly naturist beaches, below a cliff on which sits what looks like a deserted prison or an abandoned part-built hotel [Aliko beach, see below]. Lovely water, shelving quite steeply and rocks between the bays.

Not to everyone's taste, however. One report described this area as "pretty awful". One or two little bays with some naturists, but you'd need to be a qualified mountaineer to get to them!

June-July 2021: Kastraki is a very beautiful long sandy beach with very clean waters, big enough to not bother anyone if you want to sunbathe or swim naked. Early in the mornings or late in the evenings there were a very balanced mixed crowd textile and naturist. Kastraki is only organised and offer some facilities at its 2 ends, most of the beach is still unorganised and beautifully natural.


Aliko beach (Alyko)

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A huge derelict concrete ruin [now disappearing amongst trees] marks a headland with small coves on white sand and clear water. Wonderful little beaches, lots of nude people there; seems to have been discovered by the Swedes. [The first beach north of the ruin is called Hawaii and the next is Kedros.]

Beautiful small beach south of Mikra Vigla. Need a car to access. Not so much a beach as almost a series of coves. Visited early July 2004. Almost entirely naturist (other reports tend to confirm this). Need to scramble down a small cliff to access beach but well worth it. Take adequate supplies of e.g. water as quite some distance from taverna etc. Top of cliff quite well wooded with lots of wild thyme growing. Good snorkelling.

This may well be worth a try; some 2003 contributors thought it the best of the bunch; they shared it with 10 other people. People tended to come and go during the course of the day and it was almost exclusively non-textile. Some days they had the entire beach to themselves for hours, save for the invasion by the naked lady jogger, who slogged up and down for an hour. (Apparently she was back in the summer of 2004). Regulars to this beach may also recognise the little Greek man selling his, I think, Cheese & Tomatoes, in the lower photograph..

A report from July 2005 asserts that Aliko is the best beach. 98% nude. On Saturday and Sunday 30 people there. The others days there were 10-20 people. My contributor says it is the same paradise that they saw 13 years ago, the first time they experienced naturism. We hope in the future things will not change.

In June 2006 the beach was still excellent and clean with only the odd textile. Only about a dozen on beach. onshore winds whipped up the shingle but certainly an excellent, peaceful place.


In June 2007 Alyko beach was still absolutely recommendable for nudist bathing. The disadvantages: 1. you have to have some means of transport (no buses). 2. You have to take supplies (there is a taverna - Faros - close by but you have to walk a bit). 3. There is no shade at all (a cheap parasol costs €8.00 which is about the price of 2 beds and a beach parasol for one day!). One bay at Alyko is probably 500 metres long and there were only about 8 groups of people!

Barefoot reporters were there in the middle of the high season in 2007 with lots of Italian and Greek families, but Alyko still remains a secure option for naturists. Allthough during the day the scenery changes constantly (families with children 100% clothing pop up and go all day long) most of the people in Alyko remain nude and the dressed ones do not mind at all.

Another report from August 2007 said there were wonderful spots, about 60% nudes, sometimes even more, but in the southern bays towards Pirgaki (near the ruins) there were no nudists at all in August, but a lot of Greek families.

The Captain hears that the story about the concrete ruin is that it was an ambitious project by an Italian to open a holiday complex, but it bankrupted him and so it was abandoned. There is a certain beauty in the way nature is reclaiming the site — and the beaches are wonderful.

Another spot which is said to be good for naturist snorkelling and rock warming is the headland on the south side of Cape Mikris Viglas, but make sure you get around the headland.

Recent reports

August: Even during mid of August, to my opinion, Kedros beach remains the best place for nudism in Naxos. The beach is as desribed in previous reports. During the day, nudists are about 70-90%, many of the being young people. There are still no facilities at the beach, however, at the entrance of the path leading to Kedros there was a canteen selling coffee, drinks and street food.


Near Pyrgaki, nudists are present in the rocky coves stretching towards Panagia Gialous: walk round the headland (no clear path) or climb over the pass on the track starting just to the right of the "Psili Ammos" taverna (not to be confused with the village of Psili Ammos): those with cars can take a better but longer road branching off before the taverna: after going over the pass, take the track leading towards the sea and choose your cove. One contributor visited these coves once in high season (last week of July 2000). They are really nice but unfortunately they were then all (three) occupied by textile bathers. So if you want to be nude here, be sure to come early. A couple who visited in August 2004, and one other couple, managed to sunbathe nude for a few hours until a Greek family arrived and gave them some fairly disgusted looks.

In the second week of July 2003 there were nude bathers here both on weekdays and on Sunday, when the locals come to the beach, fairly close to the taverna next to the cliff, and of course further away on the beach. But in August 2005 one contributor was hounded off the beach by "furious" local people.




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Kalantos beach lies in the southern part of Naxos. In July 2005 the road to Kalantos (from Filoti) was under construction and it was quite unpleasant to get there. However the beach is fantastic. Fine sand, wonderful sea, almost empty. It is like in the fairy tale: there's a lake nearby and throughout the day you can see the sheep drinking there.

Unfortunately the Captain hears in a report from May 2007 that a harbour is being built at the left side of this beautiful bay.


The road from Filoti has apparently been improved dramatically, only about 1 KM in the neighbourhood of the castle and maybe 2 KM near the coast are still unpaved.
The ground works of the harbour are nearly finished. A harbour will probably not be the only development, so hurry if you want to see it unspoiled.
There is a small river lake behind the beach, special vegetation, natural salt deposits and a lagoon with reeds. The last 200m of the road to the beach is surrounded by blooming bougainvilleas. From the beach one can see old grain fields that seem to end just at the sea. Splendid.

Today this is definitely still a very nice and quiet beach. Only one other (clothed) couple was there at the other side of the bay and later a group of 4 nudist men arrived and stayed for a while.

The beach is very wide, much bigger than Amiti for example which is described below as "big". It is sandy, and the sea goes smoothly deeper. No tavernas, just nature and 3 small farms up in the hills where all day long one can hear the bells of the sheep and goats that are in fields around. Just perfect.

Panormos / Panermos

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This beach is located at the very end of the road heading south past Moutsouna and the small "port" where you can take the caique to Koufonissi.

In August 2006 it was textile, but there is a very small pebble beach on the left-hand side (having the sea in front of you), where we could stay nude without any problem. It is good for a 1-hour stay if you decide to spend a whole day for the tour of the island.


Psili Ammos (Kanaki)


See on Google Maps

A report from late September 2005 (a quiet time) describes a lovely quiet beach and when my contributors were there (midweek) there were two or three other nudists and a few 'textiles'. 100 metres beyond the south end of the beach there was a wonderful small secluded bay. The photo looks north with the small bay in the foreground and the main beach beyond that.

A new EU-funded road has been built from from Moutsounas to Panormos! It must have cost a fortune but I'm sure the two houses at Panormos are very grateful.

Anyway along this road are many coves and small inlets that have little beaches. No-one there to complain if you stripped off and enjoyed. The whole area is very sparsely populated. In particular a beach at a place called Psili Ammos. From the road end… past the sign saying 'no nudity' - where did that come from? Head south and just around the corner, past a house wall, is the start of a lovely stretch of silver sand and trees down onto the beach creating coves - but joined up if you see what I mean. All very pretty and the two or three people we saw there were naked — like the intrepid Barefooters who kindly provided this report in May 2007.

15 minutes drive south of Moutsounas. A wonderful beach yet again, no rocks, fine sand, sea going deeper very smoothly. The only more or less wild beach my contributors saw with trees, great when one looks for some shade.

There are some houses in the neighbourhood, most seemed built for vacationers,but were still closed when my reporters were there in May 2007. Anyhow, the houses are invisible from the beach, but I guess in high season the renters of those houses will visit the beach and probably will be textile.

When my reporters arrived they had it all to ourselves, the natural way. Later 3 textiles came for a short swim.

June 2012: Almost deserted, just one other naturist family with kids. A lovely beach. On the road just south of Kanaki there is a wooden sign to the beach.
Late June 2015: Midweek Psili Ammos was very quiet. The main beach had a few other clothed people, though I doubt there would have been a problem going nude. We used the small beach in the bay at the southern end of Psili Ammos. It is not obvious unless one knows where to look. We originally discovered it in September 2005.

End of Mai 2019: Lovely beach, fine sand and clear sea. No sea weed or trash (as it was when we visit in late June-15, problem something to do with the sea current and wind). The path down to the beach was closed by reinforcing mesh, as the greek use as fence. The fun thing that happened after we park the car, where the road makes a turn, an elderly greek couple came and open it up for us, lovely people:)
We stay along at the beach for several hours, one other couple came, but went over to the main beach.


Beach near Moutsouna

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The official Moutsouna beach is textile and quite boring. However if you drive for about 2 minutes in the western direction, you will find many secluded beaches with almost unbelievable stones. Some of them you can see on the photo.

There are some secluded caves in this area where naturism is possible.

Asala Bay (N of Moutsouna)

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There is a small river going to the sea. My intrepid Barefoot reporters followed it: to its right there was a small farm and everything is fenced, up to the sea. This farmer seems to consider that - probably sandy - part of the bay as his property. To the left, one can reach the beach, but it is stony, beach sandals would be recommended in order to to go for a swim.

Apart from that, a very nice beach with wonderful view on the rocky hill that hides Moutsouna.

My reporters didn't see any other soul at that beach. With binoculars, the owners of the houses in the fields would have been able to see their naturist bathing suits …


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Description: Lionas is an almost deserted village in the eastern part of Naxos. The official beach consists of white medium-sized stones. If you turn left and walk for about 5 minutes, there's a fantastic secluded cove with beautiful scenery and sea.


Agios Mamas

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A small sandy beach. Although some reports suggest it is now a "family beach", no longer suitable for naturists, a Barefooter who visited in May 2007 found it deserted; what's more the taverna with studios was also deserted. So they were able to enjoy the beach in nature's way.


Now rather built-up, with signs forbidding nudism. The beach is completely backed with tavernas and bars. Crowded with textile families.


Limenari Kiras

If you think think Plaka and other well known beaches a bit overcrowded and not so peaceful as expected, Naxos allows plenty of scope for exploration.

The Captain receives a report of a rocky secluded beach on the north-western part of Naxos, between Abram and Katsoprino. No road sign, no map indication, only a dirt track leading down towards the sea. Finally down there, some hundred height metres lower on this very bad dirt track, my contributor thought it really was worth it: Finally ALONE! A wonderful natural bay with pebbles, rocks and cliffs giving shelter. This was our dream. Not suitable for children, steep down in the water, but very nice and peaceful area to swim.
To get to it from Abram beach, go to the northern end of the beach, turn off the beach beside the villa and then climb the 120 odd steps up behind the villa. From there - pick up the track to the top of the cliff and walk till you get to the next bay - quite a hike but very pleasant with vineyards along the way.
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During several days in a row my contributors were (almost) alone. Only Greek people seem to know this beach, and the first who arrive set the standards for the day, textile or not…

You see the track if you drive so far you just can see a pyrgos (venetian castle from 17th century) and a red Fiat Panda wreck on the left hand side (this may not sound like much of a landmark but I wouldn't be surprised if it stayed there some time - indeed the Captain hears it was still a valid landmark in late 2003). There you turn left and drive CAREFULLY down the steep track - some work has been done on the road and it is said to be just about good enough for a normal car. There are two fierce sounding dogs halfway down, but if you stay in the middle of the road, they can't reach you.


It's about 30 mins drive from Naxos town on the coastline towards Apollon. And by foot it will probably take you at least an hour each way down to the shore.

One contributor describes this as the best beach on the island, especially if you don't like getting sand everywhere (I am sure we all know what he means). It is very nice for snorkelling. In some places my contributor could wade quite far out, and his daughter had an impressive collection of beautiful pebbles when we left. Only one other couple there on their visit, also nude.

But please keep this beach clean (like every beach) and show respect for the locals - the beach is big enough for many people if you behave like guests and not intruders.

There are numerous other secluded beaches which you can find if you have your own transport.

Amyti Beach

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The Captain is delighted to receive a report about Amyti beach, about 10-15 kms north of Naxos Town. It is just north of Engares on the west coast. It is a long wide stretch of beach with nice fine sand. The surf was huge the day my contributors visited and it may often get big waves. Mid-week in early July 2002 there were only about 10-12 people on the beach, a few nude, a few topless and the rest textile. It is a big beach for so few people so you were able to spread out and being nude seemed like no big deal. My contributors were in the middle of the beach nude and couples were at both ends of the beach nude, so there doesn't seem to be a set area for naturists and textiles.

A report from June 2006 describes it as deserted. There is a church at one end and a house in the middle at the rear of the beach which was occupied. No problem going nude at the opposite end to the church.

Some reports have suggested that the beach was dirty, but a Barefooter who was there in May 2007 assures me that this is not the case, and that water that collects on the beach is from a small river and not stagnant at all, as had previously been suggested..

June 2016, very big waves so tricky swimming. Beach deserted so nude no problem.

August 2021: naturism is not an issue in Ammitis when it is not full of locals. Due to it's North orientation most of the time the beach is very windy, so practically no-one uses it (because of that you can find some litter too, just take a bag with you and help us to keep it clean). The access to the water is very easy and the big long beach is sandy. No facilities.

June 2023: Only a few people. Half of them naturist.

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