A beautiful island dominated by the hill-top Chora. The main tourist centre is at Livadi, the main port.

Mixed reports about its suitability for naturism. Some recent visitors have confirmed the availability of some of the beaches listed below; other reports suggest that the island is now textile because of "improvements". One report, from late in the season, suggests at that time of year it can be a naturist's paradise.
June 2016: Visited recently and the island was not very busy except weekends when Greek people overflow it.
August 2016 repot from Greek Nudist, Serifos totally unsuitable for nudism, except in Lia and Karavi beaches, however both dominated by textiles, kids, etc. Need to report not the best Island for naturism.
But a report by Kavafis in 2021 says of the island in general:

We went to Serifos in the end of June/beginning of July. As there is an ongoing debate on whether it is a suitable island for naturism, I am happy to give a favorable report about opportunities for nudism there. I must say that we heard from locals that the island gets very crowded in August, which might affect the situation of nudist beaches (as described by a contributor in 2016).

Individual beach reports are given below under their appropriate headings.

Livadaki beach

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Livadaki beach, an easy walk from Livadi, is apparently designated as a nudist beach, but reports indicate that in high season the influx of tourists results in an invasion of textiles. Regular visitors say naturism has been out of the question there for some years now.

A report from September 2003 confirms that impression, though suggests if you were the first to get to the south end in the morning it could be tried. However a more recent report, from September to October 2005, indicated no signs of nudism on this beach.

At low-season times, the Captain hears that nudists can even enjoy the sun at the beach in front of the Coralli camping at the right end of the beach (this report dates from July 2006).

June 2016: Livadakia beach had only topless women but 0 nudists.

Karavi beach

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Karavi beach, a little further around the headland (but only 15 minutes on foot south from Livadi), may be a better bet at these times; however there is development of a group of holiday houses there. A report from August 1999 describes thin crowds (even in high season). Nudist families and older nudists (40-60). Plus, several groups of young males (clothed) there to ogle the few nudists. (The poor, pathetic souls - it's obviously the only way they can find out what naked girls look like.)
Another correspondent who visited in August 1999 did not see any nudists on Livadhi Beach, but in the northern part of Karavi Beach there were about 10 nudists even at high noon, and in the evening more nudists appeared and they stayed there at nearly eight o'clock, including families. The water was clean and calm. Those were happy days!

In September/October 2005, Karavi beach was completely naturist, despite some housing development just at the back of the beach. This is quite a nice little beach, but it has a negative feature that seems fairly common in the Cyclades: a strip of flat rock just as you enter the water (this is the case with parts of Plaka on Naxos and Kommos in southern Crete). This is despite the beach being sandy and there being more sand about five metres into the water. It is a particular problem because the rock is very slippery. My contributors wore plastic water sandals, however, and this solved the problem. Water sandals seem antithetical to naturism, but they are very practical. (The Captain hates them but they do have their uses.)

In July 2007, according to Barefoot reporters, Karavi was half nude, half textile, when Livadhi was entirely textile.
June 2016: Karavi beach was almost completely nudist.

2020 September: We visited Karavi beach every day of our stay in Serifos. Very few people on the beach. In its left part, 100% nudist. Ideal if the north wind blows strong. Possibility to lie on the stones (without sand). On the right part, mostly textile, but only a few people present. Sea not easily accessible because of slippery flat stones and/or pebbles. Access on the nudist side seems easier. Sea shoes may be useful. Relaxed atmosphere

Kavafis 2021 reports Karavi is a very beautiful and quiet small beach. There were two topless women when we went there. The problem we found is that this beach is not at all secluded: it lies in front of a group of houses, and we could see some of its residents at their verandas. We didn't feel therefore comfortable to get fully naked there, in spite of the many reports about being a regular nudist beach.

Psili Ammos

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Psili Ammos is at least 60 minutes' walk along a vehicle track north of Livadi. It is a beautiful beach and nudity was fine at the north end but I doubt if it will be quite so possible in high season. Contributors describe it as a nice sandy beach, but a long walk from Livadi port. Mainly naturist at north end, but police made a half-hearted clampdown on one day during my contributor's visit, but it was soon ignored. Good tavernas.


The vehicle track is now a tarred road. It is a beautiful beach. No naturists on my contributor's visits in Sept. 2003, but if not crowded you could try at either end, away from the tavernas.

In August 2004 it was noted that there was a newly-built road passing by near the beach and on the left side, on the hill, rental houses have been built. No chance of being naked. There were mostly Greek tourists on that beach, who even looked sceptical when my contributor's girlfriend tried to swim topless. Young boys who wanted to play volleyball nearby even ran away because of that!
But at Ag Sostis beach nearby they found a very nice small beach with a relaxed atmosphere, a mix of textile and nude, and no-one cares.

My late 2005 contributor says this is a magnificent beach. Each day it was about 50% naturist (about 20 people in total), with the naturists being at the ends of the beach, particularly the southern end. The atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable. On other occasions they were usually the only ones there. Occasionally others arrived for a quick swim and about half of these stripped off.

In early August 2015 Psili Ammos was 100 % textile.

Further away still, the beach at Agios Giannis (? Ioannis on the Google Map) is said to be very quiet and may be suitable for naturism.

I visited Agios Giannis in early August 2015. The beach was 100 % textile. It’s a very beautiful beach, unfortunately there was a lot of litter there.


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Koutalas (SW part of the island) has never been a naturist beach (due to the seaside village that has always been there). It is a nice beach: no naturists present in September 2003, and because of the taverna, houses and church it would really only be possible at the east end (if unoccupied by textiles).

However the two other beaches in the same bay, Ganema and Vagia, offer the possibility at most times. Both are connected by road to Koutalas (1 and 3 km) and Livadi (7 and 9 km). Same for Agios Giannis (sea-side village).



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Lia beach is said to be a naturist beach, and is not far from the port, although best reached by car. The Captain is told that it attracts many naturists and the sea is beautiful even when it is windy.

Lia is reached by a just driveable earth road branching off the tarred road to Psili Ammos. For those walking, it's about the same distance. It was predominantly naturist on my contributor's visits in September 2003 (a couple of times in the morning it was deserted). but if there were too many textiles there is a northern section of the beach, almost separated by an outcrop of rock. The beach is pebbly but the seabed is mostly sandy.

There is a house at the back of the beach, which seemed unoccupied (there are later reports of a family of naturists staying there). In 2005 there was concern about further development on the beach.
Barefooters who visited in July 2005 found Lia beach beautiful and naturist friendly. The beach on a Saturday was 70% clothes free, Sunday and Monday 100% naturists. The maximum number of people was about 25 on Saturday. After 1800 there were very few people (max 5), all naturists.

Bring your own water and food as it is a pity to have to leave the beach to go for a drink of water.

Three of us visited this beach recently (July 2013) by sea. We moored our yacht just offshore. We laid out on the beach but within a few minutes three policemen appeared and told us to put clothes on. They said nakedness was not allowed. They spoke in English and appeared very soon after we arrived so we suspect somebody heard us speaking and reported us. We had to return to our yacht. So this beach is NOT naturist friendly.

We visited Lia beach 3 days in early August 2015. We hiked from Livadi, which takes about 25 minutes. On our way, we asked for directions and a local called Lia beach the "nudist beach", so this seemed to be common knowledge. We were very happy with the beach. The share of nudists varied between 30-70 %, depending of the time of the day. Our impression was that the beach became more nude in the afternoon. Most nudists would stay in the north end of the beach, but some also in the south end. Very nice atmosphere.

June 2016: Lia beach was all nudist.
August 2016 Lia Beach was half nudist and half textile, after 14:30 many Greeks showed up and textiles overran nudists by a factor of 5 to 1.

August 2023 Lia its a real nudist beach expecially in the morning and late afternoon. We went there 3 time and we spent all day naked, it was quite windy but we enjoyed so much the beach. Most of the people we saw there they were nude.

Kavafis 2021 says: We found Liá to be the best nudist beach of Serifos. Beautiful, with crystal clear waters, relaxed atmosphere, never crowded, yet easy to access. It has a well established identity as a place for naturism. In my 4 times in Liá, it was 100% nudist twice and in the 2 other times there was a clear majority of nudists (two different groups of young Greek textiles showed up in those occasions, but behaved respectfully). If you manage to arrive early, you can stay at the small bay after the rocks (left side) and benefit from a generous shade. There is a hotel functioning right in front of the beach (Nature Eco Living Resort) but this doesn't seem to affect the naturist aspect of the beach - as far as we could see, some of the naturists were actually guests of the hotel.

July 2023: In Lia Bay we were not the only ones who wanted to feel the sun on our whole body. Therefore we can recommend this bay also for the high season.


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Sykamia is quite a long sandy beach on the north coast of Serifos. There is no public transport. On my contributor's visits in September 2003, he was able to go nude by positioning himself 100 yards from the nearest textiles. The beach is very gently shelving.

Maliadiko beach

2020 September: Deserted beach located after those of Ganema and Koutalas. It is necessary to continue the main road for about 2 km (No sign but the beach is visible from the road). On the left a dirt road leaves. You can park the car at the intersection or drive down this bad road. However, there is very little parking space in the immediate vicinity of the beach. A 4x4 vehicle is recommended. If the vehicle is left on the main road, it will take about 20 minutes of walking to reach the beach.

Deserted beach, isolated and protected from the wind, undeveloped. A few trees for shade and a few campers on the beach. Black sand due to the mines that were exploited on the island. Nudism absolutely possible. On our arrival, only one woman (camper) was on the beach. During the afternoon, several people arrived, most of them nudists. Easy access to the sea, very calm with strong north wind.

Kavafis 2021 says: In our first visit to Maliadiko, there was a group of four nudist friends and a topless woman, which made us believe that this was also a established place for naturism in Serifos. However, we found a completely different situation in our second visit: the beach was now 100% textile (including 2 nudists from the previous day!) and if this was not enough, a yacht with a very large family moored right there. Me and my partner had to carry the flame of naturism by ourselves and we must admit nobody bothered us. So it looks like nudism in Maliadiko, as in many other beaches in Greece, is a question of who sets the agenda first. It's a nice beach with a lot of shade provided by trees, that is definitely worth a visit.

July 2023: This is also true for Maliadiko Bay. There was a colorful mixture. Some went swimming only naked, while others felt completely free. The textile ones did not mind at all. By the way, you can drive half of the distance with a normal car. However, the last part is a dare even for 4x4. We left the car at the very top of the road and had less than 10 minutes into the Bay.

August 2023: we spent an amazing day naked at the beach. We arrived around 11 and there were no nudists so I was the first to undress but after an hour there were at least 10 other persons naked on the beach. They were waiting for the first one to undress.

Vagia beach

2020 September: Before the beaches of Ganema and Koutalas, on the left side of the main road (indicated by a sign) is the beach of Vagia. In Summer, a bus stops on the main road. Easy access by car

In its main part some beach umbrellas and sunbeds are available (obviously they are charged for, as there is a small beach bar nearby, price unknown). On its left part, nudism is possible, especially near the rocks (serve as shade).

During our two visits few people on this side, two couples and a man. Beautiful sand, very easy access to the sea (sand). Superb sunset. My favorite part of my stay in Greece.

Kavafis 2021 reports that Vagia is also a quite nice, scenic beach but we didn't see good opportunities for nudism. The left area is too close to the organized part of the beach and it was already occupied by textiles during our brief visit.

[Mega Livadi]

Mega Livadi beach

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Mega Livadi Bay offers a nude bathing at the thermal springs. For this you have to take the upper path to the loading ramp (50 meters before the last bend down to the beach turn left and park your car). Arrived at the rock hole (see picture "Mega_Livadi_Bay_1") you climb further over the rocks. By the way, the thermal springs are not on land, but under water. Their position is recognizable by the white water.

Avesalos beach

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Our insider tip is the Avesalos Bay. We chose this bay because of its location and accessibility. A partly bumpy and steep natural road leads there. With the necessary caution, this road can also be driven with a normal car. When we reached the bottom, there were two trees that provided shade for the car and for us. We visited this beach twice and with few exceptions we were the only ones there. If you want to be completely private, you can walk on the left side until behind some rocks. There is a small, secluded beach there that cannot be seen. But the best thing is the water hose on the way there. So you can take a shower with fresh water after swimming. The beach consists of gravel and small rocks. So you don't run the risk of being tormented by flying sand even when it's windy.
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