Only a few reports of naturism being practised on Sifnos, more than matched by the disappointment of others who have failed to find any suitable spots. Some contributors have concluded that Sifnos is something of a no-go area for naturists. However there are places which seem to merit at least a try.


The Sunseekers' Guide gave three stars to the beach at Faros, despite the fact that rocks made access to the water difficult. Unfortunately 2002 reports suggest no naturists there, only a sign forbidding nudism.

SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2016: Fasolou is near to Faros, 7 km from the centre of Appolonia. The beach there is not for nudist people at the full season, but at the middle of September and all October, [there are] mostly topless women on the beach. At the right and at the left place [ends?] of Fasolou have [some] small or normal paths with people going in the rocks and relax and swimming under the sun naked. The best place for me is a very small port at the left of the beach for three or five people, not more. Other two places in Fasolou are the path for the small port but you continue and sit under a big church [Ag Stavros] or you walk [as far as] you want. The other place in Fasolou is at the right on the beach; it has a very little path and ends under a house, walk for 1 minute from beach, the place there is for relax and swimming naked but for a few people [not over 10 people.] But September and October are the best months for Sifnos and nudist people. All these places [about which] I write are rocky places; some of them a little difficult to go, some others easy, but they have natural seats in the rocks and so are beautifully conformable for our naked bodies.

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The main beach is 100% textile. There is a small beach to the left which older reports suggested was completely naturist. One walks past the umbrellas and walks up the steps and turns right down the path which is just a few metres. This from a report from 2000. Unfortunately a report from 2005 suggests this is no longer true and even the small beach is completely textile.

2020 September We were staying in Vathi and we visited this small beach every six days. Very few people, twice a nudist couple or single person. The most beautiful beach of Vathi for a nice and romantic sunset, because the sun sets in the sea and not behind the mountains. Once a textile family enjoyed the beach in the afternoon; we stayed dressed until they left. Quiet and peaceful atmosphere, easy access to the sea.


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The Captain heard that there is a very nice place to swim nude on Sifnos, which has existed for a long time: the flat rocks below the village of Kastro. It is not suitable for families with children because it is not easy to get out of the water, but the place is one of the best in Sifnos. To get there, follow the steps from the top of the village to the small church near the sea (at the eastern end of the village). One contributor reports 60% nudists there, and apparently guide books say there are a lot of nudists there. But a 2002 report said there were no nudists right below the church on the cliff even if the Rough Guide says that it is the place where naturists sun themselves.

2023 late June: Visited here (the rocks next to the Church of the Seven Martyrs) and was also told it was a good spot for swimming nude (by a local!) Sadly, that wasn't the case. It's beautiful, but there were groups of people, including families who had discovered the spot, so no chance. However, if you follow the path from Kastro's free parking just outside the village towards Paralia Panagia Poulati (Trail 1 on Google Maps), just before you get there, there is another small cove you can access and swim nude there. It's not an "official" beach and the path isn't as straightforward (you can get there after jumping over an old wooden fence and make your way down). It's worth it though, as no-one else will come!



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Taking the road out of Vathi, you will see a track off to the right signposted Fikiadha. It's a small pebble beach situated in a deep bay - a bit untidy but the walk is the attraction - you can go completely nude for over four hours in the direction of Plati Ghialos. Amazing!

Once you reach the beach (90 minutes) you can have a quick swim and then continue through the olive groves and along the coast. A Barefoot reporter did the walk twice in mid-June (year?) and met no-one. He rated this beach 100%.
I was in Fikiada two weeks ago and its amazing, we did all the walk naked from Paris Gialos and its wonderful. The beach it was quite empty and we spent all day naked. There were other 3 couple naked not far from us.

July 2023: As a sailor, I was already very familiar with Fikiada Bay. The fact that it is only accessible by yacht or on foot makes this and other bays in the very south of the island of Sifnos interesting for naturists. However, due to the strong wind, neither Fikiada Bay nor Chlakopo Bay were well suited during our visit.

Rocky Bay

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But on the way to Gialos Bay we found the perfect place for us. I call it "Rocky Bay". It is located on the hiking route "4". The closest to reach from Gialos Bay. At the coordinates See on Google Maps you have to look for piled up stones in the bushes on the left (see picture below).
If you follow these stone signs, you will reach Rocky Bay. A small pebble beach and flat rocks invite you to sunbathe (see picture "Rocky_Bay_2"). Only like-minded people come here!
Rocky_Bay_10.jpg Rocky_Bay_20.jpg


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At the north of the island, 14 km from Apollonia. Go to the beach there. Go left (facing the sea), pass the restaurant and continue the path. You pass a house and the path now is only rocks. Don't worry - keep going. After a few metres there are some spots at the rocks where you can sit and swim nude. Don't sit nude at the first spot 'cause it's very close to the opposite houses in the bay. The path continues a little up and you can continue till the end of the bay. Below you can see some flat rocks that you can sit and have a nice nude swim. It may look tricky to get down, and you feel like a goat, but with a little attention it's not very difficult. When you sit there it's very calm and you hear the seabirds and a cockerel from a house at the other side of the bay. Not an easy beach to get to, but it's very cool there.

Late June 2023: Followed this recommendation, but sadly other people were already there… Fully clothed. Probably could have walked further along, but didn't. Instead, found another spot. On the parking at the top of Cheronissos village (close to where the path towards the Ag. Georgios monastery starts) there is a little path that goes down to the right. If you follow it, it will stop, but if you go down a bit further, there are some rocks you can sit naked on and jump into the sea undisturbed. The sea here wasn't as calm as on the beach, but worth a shot. No-one else was there.

July 2023: Cheronisos Bay is very crowded. Nevertheless, you can find a private spot here See on Google Maps by taking the trail on the left side past the restaurant and the small jetty. Passing the last house, climbing a bit over the rocks, you will find a suitable place to sunbathe undisturbed and enter the water. With a little luck, like-minded people are already there. Due to the last house and a rocky outcrop, the view from the main beach is impossible. Also rarely swims someone so far out. Occasionally yachts anchor here. But these are usually secured on the opposite shore with a shore line. So the people on the yachts and in the houses opposite are too far away to see anything. And if so, never mind!

Vroulidia Bay

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July 2023: The natural road to Vroulidia Bay has been repaired and is now also passable with a normal car. We were not there, however, have seen from the opposite mountain slope there the many cars and people. Naturism is so there probably more difficult.

Agio Nikolaos

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July 2023: In fact, we went to Agios Nikolaos. The hiking trail "9a" led us to this church with a pleasant slope. In front of the church (see picture "Agios_Nikolaos_1") there is a lot of shade (but please with respect and only textile). Below the church there is a landing stage (see picture "Agios_Nikolaos_2"). Here you can get in and out of the water. There are many fish to see. If you like, you can swim to the nearby rock (about 100 meters). At its reef there are even more fish to see. A dream! Back at the pier you can dry yourself on the rocks or the stairs. Arriving hikers can be seen coming from far away. But they are certainly not Greeks.
Agios_Nikolaos_10.jpg Agios_Nikolaos_20.jpg

Monastery Chrisopigi

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July 2023: The rocks in front of the Monastery Chrisopigi are also beautiful. We were there in the early morning. From 1100 the number of visitors increases. But until then we could sunbathe undisturbed on the rocks (see picture "Monastery_Chrisopigi") and swim in the sea.
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