Cyprus is not a Greek island, it is an independent EU member state. The southern part is Greek-speaking. The government has no control over the Turkish-speaking northern part of the island which is de facto a separate state although internationally not recognised. Tourists (at least EU citizens) can cross freely between the Southern and Northern part of Cyprus at dedicated checkpoints.


Best avoid mid-July to mid-Sept. The locals escape the summer heat in Nicosia by arriving en masse at the beaches, some with camping gear and it is then at many of the places just about impossible to skinny-dip, in particular on the week-ends. At other times of the year there are few, if any locals on the out-of-town beaches and no-one seems to mind providing you are reasonably discreet.

The sea stays warm enough for swimming well into November and really, if you can find yourself a sheltered spot you can usually sunbathe even in the middle of winter providing it is a sunny day. There are lots of sunny days in Cyprus in winter but you can also be unlucky and have a a week or more of dull, cold or rainy weather, especially December to March.

The Captain has been struck by the percentage of reports about gawkers on those few beaches in Cyprus where nudists can go. The story, below, about men in cars above the unoccupied Governor's Beach with binoculars, waiting for the nudists to arrive, is particularly extraordinary. Evidently this is the only way these poor individuals can find out what naked people look like. How sad.

In summary, there are no naturist beaches as such in Cyprus but there are many stretches of little-used coastline where no-one will get upset. Toplessness seems to be accepted everywhere, (even in full view from the road on the main Limassol beach!) although not terribly common. In general the locals don't like naturism but are unlikely to complain unless they think you are annoying other paying tourists. The police are laid back and seem to have instructions not to upset any tourists, clothed or not. But the prevailing opinion seems to be that if there are any places suitable for going nude they must be at very difficult access points and rocky areas well along the coast, and definitely no sand access to the sea. (However, there are indeed remote sand beaches such as Karpaz and others that are empty depending on the season; see the reports below).

Southern Cyprus

Clockwise from the "Turkish" border

Cape Gata/Greko

See on Google Maps

This beach was suggested by a local naturist.


Cape Greko is at the east end of the island. It is near Ayia Napa. Near the end of the road out to the cape there are places that Naturists can go. Go to the end of the road at the fence to the radio [=radar] site. My contributor has snorkelled in the nude on the right side of the road following the fence to the water. The underwater scene is fantastic here.

Now on the left side of the road you can swim out the fence line and around the point. You will find a small cove with some good sunbathing places and privacy. You are on the radio station area but they do not mind at all. Tour boats go by but they are Europeans and don't care. [!]

Now go back down the road and the first turnoff area on the right or east is a good place with some private sunbathing areas to your left as you enter. Be sensitive to any local families there. During the week there is no problem and you can sometimes find locals there swimming nude. Good snorkelling here also. The tour boats stop here and anchor also, but they don't mind the nudity either onshore or swimming.

Melissi Beach

See on Google Maps

East of Ayia Napa - you have to leave the beach by the Melissi Beach Restaurant. If you have a moped etc, it's easier to travel as it's uphill for a while. As the road goes out of Ayia Nappa carry on along the new stretch of road that now follows the coast line, about half a mile down this road keep your eyes right for a little blue-flag beach, accessed by a dirt track. Once on the beach walk right along the shelf on the rocks (footwear was needed); there are several coves and perches on the rocks. Barefooters found it very nice in the week - after about 3 pm when the passing boat trips quieten down - but were irritated by a gawper trying to look at my contributor's wife without being seen.

Agia Napa

See on Google Maps

We have heard that Agia Napa is the Blackpool/Ibiza of Cyprus and not to be tried unless you are a clubber type in your 20's!

Top-free for women is standard at the beaches in town. If you go east from the town beach along the stone paved walkway there are several places to enjoy sunning and swimming naturally. At either of two small beach coves, walk to the water and you will find a rock shelf. Carefully walk along this in water shoes. You will find concealed sandy sunning areas to use with screening from the walkway. Alternatively walk across the stone field from the walkway to the water and look down for the areas that I refer to. Along this area where the cliffs get tall, the local gay men congregate, sunning in the nude.

Governor's Beach

See on Google Maps

A few miles east of Limassol there are said to be beaches used by naturists near Governor's Beach. Go beyond the tavernas and main bay at Governor's beach towards the west where there are many small sandy bays in the area known locally as White Rocks. Exit the Nicosia - Limassol highway towards "Governor's" and then follow the "Sofroniou Beach Restaurant" signs. At the end of the tarred road go onto the dirt road (by foot, by bike, 4wd or normal car) and continue for 400m. The beach is at your feet. From there on the dirt road is too rough and there is practically no more passing traffic.


My contributors say that visitors to the Island should not miss it. During a stay in summer 2002, the beach was almost always textiles-free. It has been described as the unofficial "official" nudist beach of the island.

This area is expansive. The beach areas are a mix of pebbles and sand. A contributor who visited in 2002 noted a good number of 4-wheel-drive spectators checking out the scene when he was there in September, making him less than comfortable while in sight of the trail. There are expansive meadows behind the seaside and I did a fair bit of hiking here. This is a beautiful area and unique with the chalky white boulders.

A Barefoot reporter who visited in May 2004 found a small area of dark sand but like numerous other contributors to this site found local "gawkers" annoying.

Others, in October 2004, arrived to find no-one on the beach but, unbelievably, two men in cars with binoculars presumably waiting for naturists to arrive! My reporters parked themselves out of sight behind some rocks but soon one of the gawkers appeared on foot above us and wandered back and forth for some time. Others in 4WD or pick-ups drove back and forth on the dirt road above. This combined with the fact that there was a lot of rubbish dumped at the back of the beach and oil/tar at the high tide mark made it sufficiently unpleasant for my contributors to pack up and leave in less than an hour.

Barefooters who visited in October 2006 were the only male/female couple on this stretch of white chalky rocks. There are a few small beach areas. They found it a very comfortable area, however there are a lot of "gawkers" mainly locals, and unfortunately a "snap happy" English guy who was a pest! Apart from that it is nice. My reporters say it is generally known as an "all male" area, if that matters, however this did not alter my contributors' enjoyment. Quite a few naturists there, locals and tourists alike.

Recent Reports

April: Exposed coastline and not much shelter from wind! We advise checking the weather before visiting and perhaps avoid when there is a strong on-shore breeze.

We feel the area is somewhat overrated as, although expansive, the foreshore is mostly rock, however, there are some flat areas on the rocks where it is possible sunbathe.

Even in early April there we quite a few walkers, people fishing from the rocks and vehicles cruising around so not a lot of privacy! That said, there are a few, very small sandy beaches and some nice secluded places among the rocks 34°42'28.0"N 33°16'09.7"E (see on Google Maps).


The waves were being driven well up onto the foreshore so finding a bit of dry sand wasn’t easy. The sea was too rough and dangerous to swim when we visited. Submerged rocks could be hazardous for swimming even in calmer conditions but the water was clear so at least they are visible!

Some of the secluded sandy spots are only accessible by wading around the rocks!


We found a nice little beach 34°42'27.9"N 33°16'00.2"E (see on Google Maps) with some shelter from the wind and where the waves were not too high.


Only us at first although a couple of single naturist guys arrived later and stopped for a short while.

Akrotiri Turtles beach

Paul reported as follows in November 2018 on the Forum:
"There is a great remote place called Akrotiri Turtles Beach at 34.590 N,32.938 E in the Cyprus - Limassol area on the Akrotiri peninsula. It is about 500 m long and up to 50 m wide sandy bay underneath a beautiful stretch of dunes. It is an amazing place for nude sunbathing and swimming (or jumping through the waves if there is strong western wind), and even snorkelling especially around the rocks at the northern end. (Take care of strong current if moving too far from shore).

"In Cyprus generally nudity in public is prohibited but tolerated if not obtruding others. Akrotiri Turtles Beach is ideal due to its great size which always allows you to keep good distance from clothed beach-goers, and we never noted any even taking note of our nudity if passing by on a walk or so. Normally only a few people get there, mainly locals for surfing, usually in summer on weekends only, else we seldom met people, but even if some people are around just move 50 or 100 m away and strip off.

"To get there, drive into Akrotiri village and around the northern end to the west side. On top of the hill turn westward into a narrow road towards St George Chapel. Upon here follow your nose on dirt/gravel roads (can be done with any car) to the seaside and southwards. Close parking right above the bay at the northern end."


General view on Google Maps

Paramali is an 1.5 kilometre unspoiled beach with sand and pebbles within the territory of the British Bases. Mostly known as a kitesurfing beach it is generally empty and often proper for nudism. The water is calm until 11.00, but later wind blows stronger. Though swimming is still possible. Fields at the north are deserted in summer, fishermen leave the beach around 9.30 and kitesurfers show up after 14.00. Especially the last ones don’t seem to care about nude sunbathers. Gawkers are rare. Prefer to visit this beach in weekdays, when it is much more deserted.

Western Rocks (34°39'50.57"N, 32°47'26.28"E)
Nudism can be practised at the western end behind the rocks. Small beaches behind the rocks offer perfect privacy, since a nudist can be seen only by a swimmer (not seen yet anyone over there). However, access to these beaches is possible only if walking in the water and only when the wind is not too strong. Be careful! Huge rocks hanging over these small beaches.

Western part (34°39'51.26"N, 32°47'35.69"E)
About 200m. east of the western end rocks the dunes shape recesses protected by trees and bushes. This is a nice spot for nude sunbathing, since the place is “strategic”: walkers from eastern or western end can easily be spotted. Couples and singles prefer this part (end of August-September 2017). Note that sometimes, especially in the summer weekends the place is occupied by textiles.

Eastern rocks (34°39'42.52"N, 32°48'13.91"E)
Although easily seen from the road, I’ve seen this place a few times used by nudists, especially in May 2017.

Eastern beach (34°39'40.70"N, 32°48'26.94"E)
The small Paramali beach is very quiet and its panoramic view from the parking place makes nudism seem impossible. However, rock cavities at the easternmost end offer enough privacy. A big company of nude tourists spent “indiscreetly” (or freely?) their afternoon under the hot sun in the end of August 2017. A local family, probably offended, left the beach.

Recent Reports

March: Easy to get to… The last bit of road from the B6 is a good dirt track leading to a small parking area immediately inland of the headland between the east and west beaches 34°39'44.0"N 32°48'15.8"E (See on Google Maps). From here dirt tracks run in both directions alongside the beaches.

The beaches are protected turtle nesting sites so umbrellas camping etc. are prohibited and there is no risk of development spoiling the area.


When we arrived both beaches were deserted. We stopped first on the smaller 250m long east beach. Strong winds made the sea a bit rough and had brought in quite a lot of seaweed, particularly towards the eastern end but other than that it is a lovely beach with fairly easy entry to the water. While we were there the only other person to arrive was a lone cyclist who stopped for a quick dip. Although textile he seemed unperturbed by us.


Later we moved on to the western beach, making the easy climb over the headland to take in the panoramic views over both beaches.


We walked the entire 1.2km length of the western beach. There were no kitesurfers but as we set out a sailing dinghy launched about half way along the beach. Other than that there was not a soul to be seen anywhere. The sea was a little rough so we didn’t venture as far as the small beaches behind the western rocks.


There are no facilities on either beach but at the back of the main beach, near where the dinghy had launched, we found a makeshift canopy amongst acacia trees. It provided a welcome opportunity to sit for a while in shade. Not sure what it is used for… Perhaps a beach bar in high season or maybe a base for dinghy sailing or kitesurfing? Anyone know for sure?


Later in the afternoon, on our way back along the beach, we passed a group of three walkers… The only other people we saw during the entire afternoon. On reaching the “acacia canopy” we decided to walk the rest of the way back along the dirt track which runs through more acacia trees and is flanked on the inland side by citrus groves. The acacia was in full bloom, and the heady scent of the orange blossom filled the air… absolutely beautiful.



See on Google Maps

The Captain had understood that this beach represented a good prospect. Unfortunately I have received reports from summer 2003 and 2004 in which naturist bathers were arrested and cautioned for naked bathing at Avdimou and told it was illegal. Large signs at both ends advise that nudists will be prosecuted and the Captain hears there have been several cases ending in substantial fines. The beach is within the British military base area and not under Cypriot jurisdiction.

The report below should be read in that context. Despite all these warnings Avdimou seems to have gained the reputation as the non-official nudist beach of Cyprus.

Take the exit off the Limassol - Paphos motorway for Avdimou village. Then follow the signs to the beach for KYRENIA TAVERN . Once there keep on following the dirt road to the left of the tavern till you reach the end of it (about 800 metres). Walk for 20 metres to the beach and follow the footpath to the left over the rocks for about 150 metres and you are there. Fantastic surroundings, clean waters, with always a welcoming breeze. Cold drinks should be taken with you as there are no facilities near by. The western part of the beach offers shaded areas of curved rock which can be useful if you don't have an umbrella . We meet many Cypriots here, couples and singles, Germans as well as English people that live here, as well as tourists.


A report from 2001 says the rocks have now collapsed so naturists just go to the far end of the beach and around the corner, where it is reasonably private, although some couples wade through the water to get further along. One report suggests that this may be the best beach in Cyprus for naturists. A report from June 2002 highly recommends the beach and says the second over the rocks is "exclusively textile-free". A report from June 2003 (a Sunday visit) says the clamber over the rocks is rewarded with solitude on a narrow sand/pebble beach. My contributors had the beach to themselves apart from the odd one or two local men sun-bathing. Beware of peeping toms from the cliff top with cameras and binoculars. May be better midweek.

Barefooters enjoying the beach in June 2004 were unnerved by a rock collapse. That said, it was a nice beach, but the sun goes behind the cliff at 4.30.

Report from 2010: This beach is also a heaven for peeping toms as you could clearly see them from the cliff top either holding binoculars or cameras. Your best bet is far end of the beach where there is a shelter at the bottom of the cliff under the rocks as it is too far away from the spotting area of peeping toms. Again I would not recommend this beach as you always know that someone is trying their best to see some naked bodies.

Recent Reports

March: The road is paved for most of the way and the last bit is a good dirt track passable in an ordinary car. We didn't come across the signs advising that nudists will be prosecuted… Perhaps they have gone or maybe have been confused with the signs on the track to Melanda West! The track leads to the Kyrenia Restaurant and then continues to run eastwards parallel to the beach.


It is frequented by walkers, runners, cyclists and locals in pick-up trucks so gawpers can be expected!


The beach is mostly pebbles with a few areas of sand. There was quite a lot of seaweed on the beach when we visited but bathing water quality is officially rated 3 star (Excellent). It is a turtle nesting site with restrictions so umbrellas, camping etc. are forbidden. Most of the beach can clearly be seen from the track. However, it is possible to find some limited screening from low bushes and the higher cliffs at the eastern end of the beach. The eastern end of the beach was empty except for one other m/f naturist couple when we visited at the end of March 2018 and we spent a pleasant few hours there.


Naturism may still be possible near the low sandstone cliffs at the western end of the beach but we didn't see anyone there and we didn't try.

April: Early in the month and too windy to sit on the beach today! Kyrenia Restaurant is good for a coffee and beer though and is reasonably priced. Lovely fresh fish too!


Melanda beach

34°39'18.1"N 32°45'28.0"E See on Google Maps

In March 2018 Barefoot correspondents visited all the beaches on this stretch of coast. Local advice was that Melanda Beach took its name from the restaurant and not the other way round. From this they concluded that the beaches previously identified as “Melanda” or possibly “East Pissouri” were in fact unnamed beaches somewhere west of Avdimou and east of Pissouri. At least two distinctly different beaches were described and some reports appeared to be muddled. New sections have been added below to clarify this and the descriptions and reports have been moved accordingly. If you have more exact local knowledge on beach names or if you know that any of the reports have now been incorrectly matched to the wrong beach please amend.

Melanda beach is well signposted from the B6, Just follow the signs to the restaurant. The road is paved for most of the way and the last bit is a good dirt track. Plenty of parking at the restaurant.

Melanda Restaurant is situated adjacent to the headland at the western end of the beach. The restaurant is very popular, particularly with locals on Sundays. The beach is sand and pebble and the western end near to the restaurant is managed, has umbrellas and sunbeds. This perhaps makes it unsuitable for naturists. However, midweek out of high season, discreet nudism may be possible at the far eastern end of the beach well away from the restaurant.

Recent Reports

March: The western end of the beach was quite busy for March and 100% textile. Being a Sunday afternoon the restaurant was very busy with locals too. We walked the entire length of the beach up to the low sandstone cliffs at the eastern end (and beyond to Avdimou).


Although few people ventured more than half way up the beach and the eastern end was deserted we didn’t feel comfortable enough to strip off.

April: Beach much emptier but far too windy for the beach, naturist or textile! The restaurant was very good and reasonably priced. Lovely fresh fish!

Melanda West Beach

34°39'04.3"N 32°45'11.8"E See on Google Maps


Okay, the beach is supposed to be named after the restaurant and Melanda restaurant isn’t actually on it but it is only just 400m across the headland, so this beach generally seems to be known as Melanda West Beach. Follow the signs to Melanda as above but 300m before the restaurant take the dirt track branching to the right. Continue down this track passing a “Nudism is Prohibited” sign and after about 600m the beach is on the left.

Nice beach backed by low cliffs, sandy with some pebbles. The main strand of sand is a little over 300m in length but it is very narrow and separated in two by a large rock outcrop in the middle. A short distance west of this strand and before the next headland, are a few further small coves each separated by rocky outcrops.


The nearby “Nudism is Prohibited” sign, proximity of the dirt track, popularity of the area with walkers and low cliff at the back of the beach and coves make it less than ideal for naturists. However, there is no development nearby and it is far enough away from the Melanda Beach restaurant (across the headland to the northeast) to be worth consideration but probably only out of high season! There are a few secluded spots among the rocks where it may be possible to discreetly bare all if it is not too busy. Most of the beach is clearly visible from the top of the low cliff so caution is advised.

Recent Reports

March: When we visited in late March the waves were being driven right up to the foot of the cliff by high winds. There was no dry sand anywhere on the beach so it was empty and we could not put it to the test.


Even when we visited in March, the track was frequented by walkers, cyclists and locals in pick-up trucks. Gawpers can be expected here!

April: Beginning of April, windy at Avdimou beach today so came here. Just enough shelter from South Westerly. Tucked ourselves behind a big rock and put up our beach shelter for a bit of extra privacy. No problem, had the beach to ourselves all afternoon. Just the occasional walker passing by on the dirt track above the beach. They paid us no heed.



East Pissouri Beach

34°38'50.3"N 32°44'32.4"E See on Google Maps

This is the second beach previously described under Melanda beach. If it has one, the actual beach name has not been ascertained but it is within the general curving sweep of Pissouri Bay and it lies west of the headland that separates it from the beaches and coves at Melanda. Accordingly the name East Pissouri seems reasonable enough to identify it but please amend if you know otherwise. It should not be confused with the nudist beach at Pissouri, also to the east of Pissouri but just a little closer.

Beautiful 400m long, wide beach backed by amazing red sandstone cliffs. Mainly pebbles with some sand. Excellent swimming once past any pebbles on the edge. 100% Nudist in May/June 2007 - some couples plus the usual single men but generally a very quiet beach with LOTS of space to spread out. No gawkers, which is unusual for Cyprus (probably difficult from this clifftop).

Directions: Turn off the B6 Coastal Highway to Avdimou (West of Limassol) - look out for the many signs to the Melanda Beach Cafe. Just before you reach the cafe, branch right and follow the dirt track right along (past a number of beautiful coves) until you come to a small parking area just before the cliff rises steeply. The dirt track is poor in places so unless your vehicle is 4WD it may be better to park before the parking area and walk the rest of the way. From here it is fairly easy to walk over the narrow rock area at the base of this high cliff until you come across a large stretch of beach under the steep red cliffs. This beach is East of Pissouri but, I imagine, would be very difficult to reach from there.

NB - It should not be confused with the Pissouri "naturist" beach (below) which is reached from the Eastern end of Pissouri after a short clamber over rocks. This beach is much longer, wider and more beautiful.

My correspondent has visited most of the beaches listed in the Cyprus guide and finds this beach to be the best in all respects, and rates it 80%. There are "NO NUDISM" signs back along the dirt track but that is well away from this particular beach so I would not envisage any problems.

Recent Reports

March: Attempted to get to this beach via the rocky foreshore from Melanda West. This route is rather narrow in places and with a strong onshore breeze that day the waves were coming right up to the foot of the cliff.


Not worth risk of getting soaked or swept off the rocks so just looked from the clifftop and decided to try another day.

April: We visited at the beginning of April. The beach is only accessible by climbing over the rocks on the foreshore from Pissouri at the western end, or from Melanda West at the eastern end. We found the route from Melanda to be quicker and easier but as the cliffs are constantly being eroded, and rockfalls are common, this could change!


A fairly long beach that is mostly pebbles with some patches of sand. The beach is backed by high cliffs which provide some privacy although there were occasional gawpers on the clifftop. A few large rocks offer a bit of additional privacy. Other than those few rocks there is no shade to be found. It is a real suntrap and reached 35˚C when we were there (around 10˚C hotter than recorded inland) so it is wise to take plenty of water, and an umbrella or beach shelter.

The beach was deserted when we arrived. A male/male couple and single male, all naturist, arrived soon after. A further m/f couple arrived late in the afternoon but did not stop long as sunset was approaching.

Definitely one of the better "unofficial" naturist locations in Southern Cyprus.

Pissouri beach

See on Google Maps

Mid-way between Paphos and Limassol, this beach is perhaps 1 km wide with mixed sand and shingle. There is a big hotel in the centre of the beach but at the Eastern end there are several sheltering rocks where once or twice we have seen naturists, some of them clearly gay men. There is also a remote beach over the Western headland of Pissouri beach which can only be reached from Pissouri beach by a footpath half way up the cliff. A report from June 2002 describes the far end as "usually textile-free".
East end: When facing the sea walk to your left and park yourself by the rocks. Shingle beach but part sandy in the sea. OK in the week but weekends can get locals walking by. If you clamber over the rocks another beach can be found but it is a bit of a scramble.

Barefoot reporters who visited in October 2004 found no-one else at this end of the beach but they were soon joined by a naturist family and later by five or six men. This is a very pleasant beach with excellent swimming and mainly sandy underfoot for getting in and out of the sea.

Others who visited in October 2006 found it a bit of a scramble over the rocks, but it was straight off with the clothes in the rocky enclave. A few passing naturists and a couple of locals stripped off. A few gawkers from the clifftop.

Barefoot reporters who visited in early November 2017 found several naturists at the eastern end of the beach just before the rocks: some families, mostly men. Very pleasant beach, sandy bottom, safe for swimming even in windy weather.

On the western end, round the headland, is a totally deserted beach [I think this must mean the beach just before Cape Aspro]. This can be reached either along a cliff path, halfway up the cliff-face or by walking along the beach below the cliff, in which case the last 100 yards or so is in the sea about knee level.

The beach is not ideal for swimming as it is very shallow with stones in the water near the shore. However, it is sandy and fine for sunbathing. Also if you like hiking in the nude, there is a dried up river gorge that leads down near the beach and you can wander up there, quite undisturbed.

Recent Reports

March: We could find no sign of the footpath half way up the cliff mentioned above but the nudist part of the beach can be accessed by climbing, paddling, wading or swimming around the rocks, known locally as "Black Rock", at the eastern end of the main Pissouri beach. Being recognised as an "unofficial" nudist beach (All About Limmasol - Official City Guide) does make one feel a little more comfortable to be nude in a country where nudism isn't legal. However this beach is mostly pebbles with limited space and is rather unremarkable. More info here


When we visited at the end of March there was one male/female couple at the eastern end of the main Pissouri beach just before the rocks and a few single males. Beyond the rocks there were around five or six single males. The high cliffs and large rocks on the beach do offer some privacy but we were unsettled by a creepy local guy, who though nude himself chose to lay his towel a little bit too close to us for comfort. He spent most of his time either staring at us or wanking and when we left he followed and insisted on helping us climb over the rocks. He tried to start up a conversation saying maybe he would see us again! I don't think we will return!

W of Pissouri beach

[* ? location]

We have been told that you can skinny dip in several sandy mini-coves just to the W of Pissouri beach but only out of the high season, I think. There is a beach restaurant but no development and it is possible these beaches are just within the British Akrotiri Base limit but that should be no problem. Certainly the couple of times we have been there, a lot of the people at the beach tavern were British service families.

Aphrodite's Birthplace

Here on Google Maps

Several shingle beaches on the Paphos side of Petra tou Romeo. We have never tried these but friends claim to have used them out of the high season. The Captain would welcome further reports and confirmation of the location.

To the West of Petra
Although the beach is a very deserted and long one, there are two disadvantages. Swimming is dangerous and nature trails offer view to the beach. However, there are some spots offering privacy even in the middle of the summer. The first one is an extra small beach between two tall rocks that offer total privacy (34°40'2.82"N, 32°36'59.13"E). You have to walk a little bit in the sea in order to access the place. The second place (34°40'15.17"N, 32°36'26.60"E) is accessed either from the sea (walking) or from the coast. The last takes longer. Prefer to park at the picnic site. Then follow the steps to the beach and walk towards the East. A dark rock seems to be the end of the beach, but you can easily walk in the sea and pass to the other side, unless there are extremely wild waves.
At the same area nudists have been also seen at the spot 34°40'47.38"N, 32°35'45.37"E (September-October 2016). The sea is extremely dangerous, but sunbathing on the big pebbles is pleasant.

Recent Reports

April: From Grid Ref: 34°40'47.38"N, 32°35'45.37"E we walked the beach north east for about 300m. It is true that in this area there is some privacy from the nature trails. However, getting down to the beach is not easy and the large pebbles are extremely difficult to walk on let alone to sunbathe on.


This bit of coast is exposed, it was windy when we visited and the sea very rough. Several large plumes of sediments were clearly visible being drawn away from the shore and a considerable distance out to sea. This seems likely evidence of strong rip tides and left us in no doubt whatsoever that this stretch of coast is extremely dangerous for swimming.

Travelling the B6 road from which the beach is visible for most of the way to Petra tou Romeo it all seemed much the same, just busier (textiles) the closer we got.

Yes, there are places along this bit of coast where the beach is hidden from the road and the nature trails and where it would be possible to be nude. However we just couldn’t see that it would be a pleasant experience and didn’t stop!


West coast resort with all the poured-concrete attractions of "Las Vegas", "Blackpool" - not! Also a high density of Russians who appear to have invested heavily in property, clubs, etc…….
Excellent local fare but you have to work at it and ask around, "Apomero", "Kingfisher", "Agios Georgios", "Tyrimos" and a taverna next door, also the Mania Kiosk at 48 St Paul's Avenue. All worth a visit or two.

BEACHES - Ag. Georgios, Lara, Geranisos & beyond (see following).
Ag. Georgios is probably still the best bet. Thereonafter is the Akamas Nature Reserve and 4WD country with sadly, only one nameless, clean beach. Lara and the rest are dirty, covered to a lesser or greater extent in tourists' rubbish, extensive oil tar deposits, builders' rubble, wrecked cars, rusty fridges and washing machines, broken plastic garden furniture as well as syringes!!! The flotsam and jetsam pales into insignificance by comparison.

Ag Georgios Coves

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The coves and beaches south of Agios Georgios (north of Coral Bay, north of Paphos) are said to be frequented by naturists. Take the road down to Agios Georgios harbour and turn left along the dirt track at the sharp right hand bend at the bottom. Drive along the coastal track where there are several coves. For the best beach, drive beyond the small wood, about half of mile along the track towards a small harbour. Take the track left, just before you reach the harbour, to a beautiful small beach at the far side of the harbour. A few naturist couples are often found in this idyllic setting with wonderfully clear water. There is also a quiet bay, comprising three linked coves, a couple of hundred metres further towards Agios Georgios, where my contributors have have met several other naturist couples.


A report from 2002 says that Agios Georgios is even more spectacular than previous correspondents have suggested. The directions to the beach are easy to follow, but development is proceeding rapidly in the Paphos area, and new vacation villas are springing up along the cliffs. Driving past the small harbour is now only possible in a 4x4 type vehicle as the road was cut for laying service lines, although it may be repaired by now. Also, my contributor was surprised to keep seeing people suddenly appear near the place that he had selected for his visit. Investigation revealed a road the ends in a parking area. It would appear that the road will remain public. I did not investigate to see where the road came out at the main highway. Future correspondents might wish to furnish that information.

As for enjoying the beach itself, certainly if you wish to be alone, this is the place for you. It is virtually unoccupied. Such couples or groups that I did see appeared to be locals. Women were topless only and the men were textiles. Total nudity seems to be frowned upon by these types. The Captain always recommends readers to avoid giving offence, but there is enough space here for that not to be a problem.

For the first-time or beginning naturist, or even for someone who wants to enjoy the spectacular scenery entirely alone, Agios Georgios certainly foots the bill. As for the sandy beaches, they are few but unfortunately people do leave their garbage. For my money, the rocks and cliffs are the unique feature. Don't go expecting crowds of like-minded people, but do enjoy the solitude.

Barefooters who visited in October 2004 went to the idyllic beach opposite the small harbour. A textile couple were there when they arrived and, not wishing to offend, my contributors wore swimsuits to go in the sea. They then stripped off on the beach partly hidden by some rocks, but soon 3 more couples arrived, all textiles. They remained the only naturists on this small beach but no one complained. They felt obliged, however, to put on swimsuits each time we wanted to cool off with a swim. This is a lovely beach but this visit was on a Sunday and on a weekday we might well have had it to ourselves.

The three linked coves a couple of hundred metres towards Agios Georgios were occupied by one textile couple when my contributors passed on their return.


Original visit was 2002. Returned in Sept 2010. There are significant changes to access and attitudes. The original road is passable, but very rough. Drive past the church to the paved road indicating the "archaeological site". On your left there is a rough narrow entrance. Take it, and generally drive south with the sea to your right. Generally speaking take "the path most travelled by." You will drive towards a lone villa facing the sea. Suddenly, there will be a paved road on your right. Take it. Just as suddenly, it will end and become gravel. By now, you will see the construction of a set of villas. Drive past them. The first cove is popular with divers, but too public for nude swimming. The next cove, identifiable by a large parking area, can be used by nudists. As has already been observed, whoever arrives first sets the tone.
The farthest cove is essentially the same, whoever arrives first.

My favourite remains the spectacular cliffs. You will not be able to drive any vehicle beyond the cliffs, but the path down is easily followed. It appears that a demarcation of use has occurred. While it is definitely a nudist area, despite being visible from above, it is also definitely frequented by gay men. While they may make their interest in you known, they are also very respectful of your politely-stated own preference. From that time one can enjoy pleasant conversation. The best of all is that this area is exclusively nudist.

An easier route, but easily missed, is the only benefit from the construction that has occurred since I first wrote. From Paphos, drive towards Agios Georgios. Enjoy the view until after you have passed the Coral Bay roundabout. After the second roundabout, you will see a number of signs to Polis. You want the large blue sign (the last) but which also indicates "Baths of Aphrodite". A brown sign on the right indicating the baths confirms this is your sign. Take the second left after the blue sign (easily missed), and follow the road until the T intersection. Turn right. Take your third left. Follow the road as it meanders and ends at a paved parking lot. From there, follow the paths and choose your place. While this route is much easier on you and your vehicle, the first offers better scenery.

Temp. was plus 30 Celsius Sept. 12-24. Enjoy

Recent Reports

March: If driving we would advise against attempting to turn left at the apex of the sharp right hand bend. The first part of the track has been concreted and though steep it looks negotiable. However, this belies the appalling state of the track just a few metres further on. Take this route and you will probably end up having to reverse back out onto the hairpin! There is another turning just as you are about to come out of the hairpin but care is needed here too as a culvert laid across it is so high that most vehicles, including 4WD, will ground on it. However, there is a narrow gap just before the culvert where the hump is not too high and where, with care, it is possible to get through. We just managed it in a Kia Picanto so most vehicles should be able to do it. Once through the gap there is plenty of space to park although the ground is rather lumpy.

We visited Agios Georgios coves at the end of March and unfortunately even that early in the year we did not feel comfortable enough to be naked. Firstly, the area south of Agios Georgios Harbour to the coves is very popular with walkers. Secondly, villas have now been built on the clifftops that overlook the coves. Needless to say there is now little privacy.


The boundary fences for these villas are very close to the foreshore in places. However, it is possible to negotiate one's way past them along the narrow rocky foreshore but, without swimming it is not possible to get to the beaches further on. To do this one must take a narrow footpath around the edge of the field behind the villas. Eventually this brings you to the Cap St. Georges Beach Club Resort where the development referred to in the above report appears to have moved on considerably. Even that early in the season it was evident that a few of the resort apartments were occupied and, though few in number, there were people on the beaches, all textile! It may be possible to sunbathe naked on the rocks just beyond the villas but space is very limited and entering the water would be dangerous. In any event there are much better places elsewhere.


Sadly this location, which seems to have once been popular among naturists, looks to have been lost. Perhaps there may be possibilities to the north of the harbour but we did not explore that area!

Lara Turtle Beaches

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A report from May 2004 describes Lara as a very long sandy beach by Cyprus Standards. It is best to park at the cafe and walk the length of the beach to your chosen spot rather than risk getting your car stuck on the very rough track to the beach. A very quiet beach for the size and the nudists (mostly locals) stay at the far end near the white cliffs. Lara beach is an excellent place for all nudists in Cyprus; it is very natural and clean for everyone who likes to swim nude.

Another correspondent says this will need a bit of an excursion as you must cross the Akamas peninsula to reach it from Polis (by about 15km of very rough road - an ordinary car will suffice but not if you are subject to car sickness!). It is easier to reach by driving West from Paphos beyond Saint George's but you still have about 4km of bad dirt road. Lara is sandy and about 400m wide. Outside the peak summer period you simply park yourself at least 30m from any clothed group and strip off. It will be unusual if other people don't start stripping off as well - always assuming the others are tourists and not locals! The beach shelves gently but the sea can be dodgy as it is exposed to the West and there are submerged rocks within 20m of the high tide line. There has been the odd fatality in rough weather so take care.


Lara Beach is definitely a difficult drive. It is well used, (Sept. 2010) but with no evidence of nudity. I asked one English couple who were walking ahead of me, and away from the textiles if they were aware of nude sunbathing here. Despite being frequent users, they were unaware of any, but stated clearly that they had no objection to me being nude near them. I stayed for an hour, the lone nudist. I drove around the cove and took one of the many tracks that lead off from the main road. I stumbled upon a vast sandy beach with nobody on it. From the road, its identifying feature is that the parking area has three steel posts driven into the ground to prevent your vehicle from going over the cliff! The beach turned out to be the main turtle hatching site. Plastic hoops were dotted all around with signs asking you not to disturb the nests. There was nothing to indicate that you cannot use this beach. I was alone for the entire afternoon. Occasionally, people would appear at the edge of the cliff, but so far up that I wasn't bothered.

Earlier reports mentioned two small mini coves at the North end of the beach which are reasonably sheltered and backed by 10m cliffs. The rest of the beach is about 300m wide and rather flat with a tavern on the near headland.

There are two extensive beaches, one to the north and east of a headland and one to the south. The tavern is on another headland to the south of the second main beach. Barefooters who visited in October 2004 saw no naturists on these two main beaches but found an idyllic sandy cove to the west of the first beach mentioned above, and directly over the headland from the second and most southerly beach. There were a number of naturists in this cove. They spent a relaxing afternoon on this beach which they thought was probably the best they visited in Cyprus.

Recent Reports

March: The two main beaches either side of the headland at Lara are busy and were 100% textile, even when we visited at the end of March. However, beyond the first beach on the north side of the headland there is another beach which we found to be deserted. Grid Ref: 34°57'47.2"N 32°18'50.0"E. A large number of protective cages stored among the rocks suggest this beach to be the one referred to above as "the main turtle hatching site".


We reached it by climbing over the rocks at the end of the foreshore just beyond the turtle information centre. There also appears to be a dirt track running to it but getting as far as the two main beaches by car is challenging enough. Approaching from Paphos the paved road ends just before Toxeftra Beach Grid Ref: 34°54'43.0"N 32°19'40.8"E. The last branch of track leading down to this beach is in very poor condition and probably not traversable even in a 4WD. The presence of steel posts near this track also seems to confirm it as "the main turtle hatching site" The sand is not quite as good as on the two main Lara beaches and there are some pebbles. There is also some jetsam and flotsam and the sea seemed rougher than at the main beaches but at least we had the entire beach to ourselves.


(2017 update)
While driving on to Lara can be "exciting" it is possible to access some nice beaches with a standard car.. If you drive the track towards Lara, just before the end of the tarmac you come to a burger van on the cliff top, the road descends from here and at the bottom of the hill you see a dirt track to the left sign-posted "beach".. This beach is usually empty and often the only occupants will be naturists.. It's not a nudist beach but is usually empty enough.

The next beach is only a few hundred yards further, If you take the "Lara" track to the end of the tarmac then another 100 yards brings you to a right turn for "The Last Castle" tavern, at this turn you can park up and walk to the beach.. A nice long beach, not naturist but empty enough to find your spot, I've used this beach regularly without problem..

The Clean Beach

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Obviously not its name. This pebbly cove lies beyond Pt. Geranisos, about 0.5km north along the road, not the beach road, a track leads off to the left/west. It is difficult to locate as there are no landmarks on the road but once you arrive on the shore, it is quite distinctive with two reefs running parallel to the shore. The smaller reef lies about 20m off shore at the northern end of the cove, the larger runs in deep water from the south of the cove and covers about 2/3rds of the entrance. The pebbles are graded and the smaller ones are comfortable to lie on with a mat/towel beneath you; there is some oil. The best end is the north with many inlets running west and out to sea, full of interesting marine life. Sunny until 17:30hrs. That said, it is a long way to go for a skinny dip!

Tjioni Cove

Possibly here on Google Maps

Driving further north along the coast track is this bay with the sunken Roman town below the water. It is clean but overlooked by an English army encampment and full of squaddies at the time of my reporters' visit.


North coast, west of Polis Chrysocou. Numerous beaches where female topless is OK, 100% only at extreme ends on most but much "pedestrian traffic". Gets easier closer to Baths of Aphrodite and (4WD essential here on) to Fontana Amorosa.


Barefoot reporters found an oasis of excellence at the family-run Souli Hotel on the road/beach west of Latsi.

BEACH 1. From the Souli hotel take the road west and shortly turn right/north in the direction of the Baths of Aphrodite. The road veers north west and about 2.4km west from the Souli car park exit, after the Ttakkas Bay Restaurant which is also on the right of the road, turn right into a field. This is on a left hand bend at the top of a small rise by a white, hand painted sign and an arrow pointing to the sea. (The sign may not be there any longer…). Follow the track towards the sea, 150m, turn right at the end and stop at the third olive tree along where there is a path down the shallow cliff leading to the beach. This is a 250m pebble crescent partially covered with soft, dry seaweed to lie on; there is some flotsam and jetsam. We had one, naked, "wanker" but when my reporter pointed his camera at him, he ran off, never to return. See on Google Maps

(This is another contributor's favourite.) About 500 metres on the Polis side of the Baths of Aphrodite tourist pavilion. This is a pebbly beach with a little sand, about 100 metres wide sloping into deep water. Very good for snorkelling and swimming as it is sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds. Very little shade and a moderate scramble down a 20m cliff. No facilities, sun-loungers, etc, but the beach can be scruffy with flotsam (and the leavings from the August campers). This beach used to be 100% naturist (including occasionally some locals!) but with the increase in tourists to Cyprus, it is now often a question of who gets down there first. In May, June and October you can expect no more than two or three couples all day so it is not a problem then. The Marine Police boat goes past twice a day but has never bothered us.

A report from May 2002 confirms the above reports and recommends the beach for first-time naturists.

Barefooters who visited in October 2004 found one naturist couple on the main beach and 3 more naturists on the beach of the adjoining cove north of the main beach. This was a very pleasant beach and they felt totally relaxed. The only drawback was that the pebbles made getting in and out of the sea a rather painful experience.

Visited this beach on a weekday in mid-October 2017. Sea quite nice, temperature 27 C. There was another naked couple. Being local I strongly recommend this beach as one of the best in Cyprus. Avoid it during the weekends especially from June to August as families visit often and nudism is not then possible.

BEACH 2. This is beyond the Baths of Aphrodite and very definitely 4WD territory. A conventional "No Entry" road sign designates the beginning of the track/nature trail to the Akamas Peninsula, Fontana Amorosa and beyond. The track runs along the cliff face, steep drops down and not for the faint-hearted. Your travails are rewarded when the track finally opens onto a rocky plateau with numerous clean coves, some sandy, along the north east coast. The only drawback is that the area is part of a nature trail and some coves are a destination for pleasure boats from Polis so 100% seclusion is not guaranteed. Having said that, the only problems we had with "pervs" were not from the visitors but the locals. Somewhere hereabouts?

If you are feeling brave, you can drive over the mountains, through the forest and along the west coast of the Akamas to Paphos; allow 2hrs.

Polis camping beach

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Normally clothed but you can usually find a few naturist couples sunbathing under the bushes further along the beach, even in the middle of summer (depending on the number of German campers!). The beach is about 1 km long, sandy but not so sheltered as the beach above.

Recent Reports

March: We visited this easily accessible sand and pebble beach at the end of March. We stopped a short distance from the camping site 35°02'43.3"N 32°25'48.3"E and had no problem finding a sandy spot. Tamarisk trees and bushes at the back of the beach afford a little seclusion. Only one single male naturist and one textile male/female couple on the beach when we arrived and just a few occasional walkers who paid us no heed.


Mavralis Beach

35°03'45.1"N 32°27'43.8"E (5 km east of Polis)


Very long pebble and sand beach with parking and easy access from the Mavralis Picnic Site. Rudimentary (long drop) toilet facilities at the picnic site. Bushes and pine trees screen the beach from the picnic area and nearby road and provide some seclusion. Given the proximity to the picnic area it is unlikely that naturism would be possible in high season but it may be worth checking out.

Recent Reports

March: When we visited at the end of March the beach was deserted except for one other naturist m/f couple.

Kato Pyrgos

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North coast, near border with occupied territory. Needs exploring, no names but my reporters found some excellent, clean locations. Great harbour with new and working amphitheatre. Normal car OK. Hotel Pyrgiana Beach, inexpensive, modern, air-con, clean and simple, excellent food, seafood in particular. A family-owned and friendly place to put your head down.

Recent Reports

March: Kato Pyrgos, which has been described as a part of Cyprus that time has forgotten, is nestled between the Turkish Kokkina enclave to the west, UN controlled demilitarised zone to the east, and Paphos forest and mountains to the south. Its' location makes it a little isolated and remote but the drive, meandering through the forest and mountains to avoid Kokkina, is very scenic and absolutely delightful. The roads are paved, in very good condition and though winding, are not at all difficult. One route skirts the demilitarised zone around Kokkina passing through Mosfili and Mansoura. Another, which we felt to be the more scenic, is just a little further inland and passes through Pigenia. We parked at Grape By The Sea restaurant (35°11'02.5"N 32°41'30.2"E), which is right on the beachfront but unfortunately closed when we visited. We explored the part of the beach that runs east from Grape By The Sea for nearly 1km.


At the end of March we had the entire beach to ourselves! It is a long, fairly wide and easily accessible pebble and sand beach. The beach shelves moderately beyond the waterline and entering the water is not too difficult. Much of the beach is backed by cliffs which are high in places and provide some seclusion. North facing and backed by high ground, the beach is sheltered from prevailing westerly and south-westerly winds which are typical in Cyprus during the early part of the year. With this shelter the sea was noticeably less rough than on south and west facing coastlines. At the far end the beach narrows and rocks and small caves offer additional privacy. There are fewer pebbles too so entering the water there is a little easier. However this end of the beach is close to, if not within the demilitarised zone and we felt we were being observed! We did not stop long there but instead moved back a couple of hundred metres to a part of the beach that was not so open to surveillance from higher ground!


We spent a pleasant and completely undisturbed afternoon on the beach after which we visited the harbour and amphitheatre.

Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is Turkish controlled and can be reached either from Turkey or from Southern side of Cyprus (Greek Side) as long as you provide a valid passport at the Turkish border of Northern Cyprus. At the border you can provide car insurance either for a day/month/year which is compulsory if you decide to use a personal or rented car from the Greek Side. It seems more and more tourists are visiting this part of the island where there are said to be many deserted beaches ideal for nude sunning. As Northern side is not recognized by international law meaning that tourists cannot take direct flights to the Northern Side (it can only be reached Via Turkey or Southern Cyprus), tourism is the main priority of the locals during summer months and tourists are well treated and tolerated all the time. Unlike Turkey, Northern Cyprus is not a strict Muslim country, locals do not mind tourists sunbathing in the nude provided that they do not overexpose themselves on public beaches and/or in front of families.

Continuing clockwise

Koruçam/Kormakitis peninsula

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Report from 2016: The peninsula has wide natural beaches which are empty enough to try with naked swimming and sunbathing.
You can, for example, pass through the Akdeniz / Agia Eirini to the beach and walk leftwards; but there are certainly a lot other (even better?) places on the peninsula.
Unfortunately also a lot of waste around on the beaches.

nr Alagadi beach

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A report from malecyprus (2016) lifted from the forum: I usually sunbathe on the beach next to Girne Alagadi beach.
This is a turtles-protected beach.
It is calmer between April and June and after September. Weekends are too crowded because locals come. I do not recommend naked sunbathing when it's too crowded.


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Does anyone know anything about this vast place?


Karpaz beach

aka Golden Beach, Nankomi Beach

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Reports reach the Captain of Golden Sand in the Karpaz area of North Cyprus. My contributors met a middle-aged English couple who were enjoying the sun in the buff at the end of this wonderful beach. They told my reporters that the main reason they choose to come to North Cyprus is this fantastic beach with clear waters, which is miles long. Another report from spring 2007 describes a similar experience.


A May 2007 report confirms that the local authorities have put up signs saying that nude sunbathers could be encountered, though it's unlikely that the local authorities will make this an official nudist beach.

Follow the road to Golden Sands beach and take the right turn to Tekos's place which serves bed and breakfast. Follow the footpath to the beach and you will see the nude sunbathers sign. Turn right from the main beach area and walk 300 metres in the direction of the huge sand dune. There you can shed your clothes as none of the locals or families bother to walk there and you hardly encounter other people.

We were at the Golden Beach in September. This was not a normal year; there were many travel restrictions so very few tourists from other countries. But some local tourists. We are a family of 7 people from Turkey. We came with two cars. Road is a bit difficult, you need to drive slow, sometimes big holes. We went to the beach and put our umbrellas. It was very nice naked day. We built a huge sandcastle with the kids, but later we destroyed it again (don't leave anything back in nature). We met elderly British couple also nudists. They live in Girne Cyprus and come often to the Golden Beach. We were walking all the whole beach. These were the only humans that we saw the whole day but I do not know if that is normal, may be because of Korona.

I was there also alone in 2005. It is quite different; more nature. The restaurant and the bungalows are not any more here. People in the village say the government destroyed them because they were illegal. It looks better more natural now. If you come to Golden Beach, you must know there are no facilities on the beach. No toilet, no shower, no food. So it is important to bring all with you. Just don't bring bathing suits:) Enjoy!


Though main beach area is textile/topless, naturist area is located at the far right side of the beach under the huge sand dune.

Images below will give you a slight idea of the beauty of the beach. [Put your cursor on each to see the title]



Salamis Beach

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From Famagusta, it takes 15 mins to get there [going north]. Well, Salamis Beach combines the natural beauty with the historical background. The ruins of old Salamis city are next to the beach. On the beach, you are not disturbed by locals and other people.

You can come from two sides. The easiest is to follow the signs for the Salamis Ruins, but park your car in the parking space before the entrance to the ruins. Then walk down to the beach where the "Bedi's" is and turn right. Walk about 300-400 metres and you can find a deserted place. Or, you drive to the Silver Beach bar (that side road is only accessible when when you drive towards Famagusta, when you drive out of Famagusta you first have to turn back at a roundabout) and walk on the beach to the left from there.

You might see locals strolling up and down to beach. When you spot someone, it's better to wrap up in a towel or put on your swimming suit. Some locals are Turkish and they might not tolerate nude sunbathers.

One report cautions that Salamis Beach is one of those gay places and suggests to try to keep away from bushes (locals directly address those who stay around bushes as gay). Another report could not confirm this.

Swimming and tanning naked is still possible. Occasionally there are fishermen but they don't care. In March during a weekend, beach is empty. In May during a weekday, beach is empty. July: mostly possible on weekdays, impossible during weekends.

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