Early reports suggested Pondamos (Potamos) beach may be suitable for nudism. The further bay (Ftenagia), not visible from the taverna and main beach, was being used topless and nude at this season. Also, Kania, though tiny, was sparsely used so late and OK for nude sunbathing and swimming, with excellent snorkelling, and alternative rocks to lie out on away from the little pebbly beach. The track there was being concreted, as it leads to the island's fuel depot. Maybe someone is about to establish a taverna there too. Meanwhile there were few people, some nude (English or, surprisingly, a trio of American women).

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Between Emporio (the town, also rendered as Nimborio) and Kania, around the coast, is a bay containing the remains of a defunct fish farm (see it on Google Maps). It's an easy walk, but there's no beach there, just sharp rocks, and a jetty which is high enough over the water to make for interesting entry and exit. Some of the anchored frameworks make beautiful sun rafts, and there was no-one about except a solitary local in his fishing boat. Our correspondent spent most of a day there messing around and nude.

Unfortunately, Barefooters who visited in 2005 say the beach beyond Pondamous is very difficult to reach unless you swim round. They also found no chance for naturism on any other beach on this island.

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