A heavily package-touristed island which therefore has an awful lot of textiles. But the island undoubtedly has a lot to see and do and some of the beaches are very good, although perhaps best visited outside the peak season in July/August. And there certainly are various well-established naturist beaches which Barefooters enthuse over. Travelling west towards Kefalos along the main road from the airport, there are several good beaches before you reach Kefalos. These are all signed with turnings to the left off the main road, and some have more than one name.


in order CLOCKWISE beginning from Kardamena


Tropical (Natural) Beach

See on Google maps


Tropical Beach has a new owner. Mandy now (2010) runs the small cafe selling cold and hot drinks and sandwiches. A new sign near the road is planned for 2011. Mandy and her partner fill up sandbags so it is easier to get into the water. I am disabled, 2 walking sticks, and have no problems with this beach. One of the few beaches on the island, where the sea is calm, most of the time. For me, one of the best places to swim; water temp 25o although it is 27o on the North of the island (July-September).


For a number of years, correspondents have reported an excellent but small nude beach about 3 kilometres to the west of the centre of Kardamena, with a single stand warm shower (heated by the sun and gravity fed from a tank above the beach), refreshments and sunbeds/umbrellas. In 2005, two sunbeds and an umbrella were available at the standard Kos price of 6 euros per day. Some correspondents have referred to this beach as the only official naturist beach on Kos. In 2010 August two beds and umbrellas are still 6 euros.

The beach can be reached by the main road going west from Kardamena and takes about 10 minutes by bicycle. A contributor reported in July 2005 that a bus also runs from Kardemena. You pass the Aegean Beach complex on your right on the road from Kardamena, and approx 500 yards on is a single apartment/house on your left-hand side. 50 yards further on is a track off the road towards the beach, with a sign indicating Tropical Beach as the only official naturist beach. The road completely finishes shortly afterwards at Porto Bello Beach. Access to Tropical Beach is via the track that takes you to the back of the beach. There is limited parking for cars/bikes, etc. in the shade of the trees at the rear of the beach. As the access is not too firm, the beach would not accommodate disabled naturists easily.

So, it's easy to find and no long walks involved! However, it’s perhaps not the best beach for the shy naturist, as it’s small and there are textile walkers passing – and quite a lot of them, according to correspondents who visited at different times in 2005, although the walkers seemed unfazed.


A correspondent who visited in September 2005 reported that there is no permanent taverna, but the small cafe that has been there for a number of years usually opened around midday, selling cold soft drinks and beer. Its owner also “whips up a mean Greek Salad” and will make filled rolls. His prices are conventional for Kos, and whilst the cabin is a bit basic, there is a shaded concrete area, with room for tables and a dozen or so chairs.

Whilst much of the sand at the water's edge has disappeared, leaving quite an uncomfortable walk across sharp stones into the water or along the water line, sandbags have been placed to help with access to the water. Several contributors comment favourably on the lovely sand, warm water and clean sea, although keen swimmers might be disappointed that you have to walk at least 100 yards from the beach before you’re more than waist deep. In September 2005, there was some snorkelling and even a bit of line fishing going on.

Barefooters who visited in May 2006 were surprised to find a fresh batch of sand had been imported! Others, a family with two daughters now aged 23 and 17, have been visiting this particular beach now since 2002 and find it fantastic, the girls in particular enjoy it because they can sunbathe in peace as you do not get large groups of young men ogling and jeering.

The taverna usually opens around 11.30am, it's a family run affair, with reasonable prices. There is a good mix of people, gays, mature couples and families. My reporters say it's like home from home and have made several new friends.

A slightly less positive report from a Barefoot couple who visited in June 2007 says that although the beach was quiet, once they had undressed they were bothered by two "dirty old men" (it seems the only way these pathetic souls could find out what a naked woman looks like was to ogle one on the beach). The beach wasn't over-clean, and it is right next to another beach, so the advice is if you're easily embarrassed give it a miss.


On the other hand, a Barefooter reporting from September 2007 thought this a very friendly beach. He was made very welcome by regulars: a mix of Brits with some German, Italian and Greek. He says Angie keeps a perfect house with limited but basic facilities. People come back year after year. Soft sand, sunbeds and cold beers. They will be back. 90% rating.


That view was confirmed by another pair of Barefooters who also visited in September 2007. They happened on this beach when trying to escape the "cigarette-end-littered sands of Kardamena". This is a very small group of sunbeds and umbrellas (6 Euros) in front of a little stall and veranda selling refreshments, sandwiches etc. The road sign described above was missing. The sandbags leading into the sea are still there and very useful. Most if not all of the sunbeds were occupied on both days, mostly with a mix of German and British folk. All were very friendly and gave the impression that many were regular visitors having overheard conversations like "I remember him from three years ago" and "Cheerio, see you tomorrow". This beach is quite isolated and my reporter was able to stroll 500 yards in each direction without encountering anyone. A few walkers came past the site at the edge of the water but took little notice, except for a couple of women who grinned at him. Highly recommended.

To summarise, contributors have found the beach to be good for access, thoughtfulness, friendliness and cleanliness. Main downsides are its relatively small size and the textile walkers, but mostly they are no bother and just pass through without caring.

Recent reports

The beach is now run by George who has laid out 12 sets of well spaced beds which cost 10€. A range of cold drinks are available in the small shaded seating area, a limited range of food is also available. There is a sandbag pathway to aid access into the sea, the sea once over the rocks is mostly sandy and generally very calm on this side of the island. The number of walkers along the beach has greatly reduced with a handful per day who simply pass by or stop for a drink.


Magic/Exotic Beach (Polemi)

See on Google maps

This is the first beach you come to heading west from the airport towards Kefalos, and there is a large ‘Magic Beach’ sign. The concrete access road is quite good, and the beach is one long beach of about 5km. You should fork left at Magic Restaurant, fork left again at the beach and park by the Parking sign just before the kiosk (named Exotic). In front of the kiosk are sunbeds and straw parasols with netting windbreaks (costing 7 euros per day in 2010 and 2011) that the owner is happy for naturists to use. Beyond the sunbeds to the east, there are no facilities whatsoever and the wide sandy beach just stretches away into the distance. A report from a couple whose first experience of being naked in public on a beach visited in September 2000 and May 2001 (evidently they liked it). There was only one family wearing clothes and everyone else was nude. There were other English couples there and they were very encouraging. Also Germans and French couples and a few single men. A correspondent in 2016 says: Polemi beach as such does NOT exist but is an area named after 2nd World War events. Beach clean but entry into water tricky. Peaceful lovely beach.

Contributors who visited Kos in September 2003 and May and June 2004 all reported that it was almost deserted, with the few people there almost all naked. A visitor in October 2005 took a picnic lunch for each of 5 days spent there, when the beach had just a few (mainly nude) visitors, and he and his wife enjoyed walks along the water’s edge. He rated it 95%. There are dunes with some delightful hollows at the back of the beach with juniper bushes growing there, affording some shade if the sun is too hot and you don’t have your own parasol, and some shelter if the wind is strong. Inevitably, there’s the odd single nude male wandering about there! Even in high season, it’s difficult to imagine this beach would ever get crowded, and a report from an August 2003 visitor stated “there were only a few guests and the textiles were in the minority” – and probably thought “I wish I could do that”. A correspondent who visited in September 2005 reported that it would accommodate literally thousands of nudists! Otherwise, it’s a great beach with lovely clear water, and ideal for those who feel uncomfortable with textiles walking back and forth. In June 2006 Polemi beach was virtually empty when away from the sunbeds by the Exotic taverna. A few Germans dotted around, but it is no problem walking naked right to the northern end of this beach. It is a lovely beach just to be free and naked. It does get occasionally grubby with debris, but this is not a great problem.


If you turn right when you reach the beach from the access road, there are more sunbeds/parasols, and the further along you go, the more textile the beach becomes.

One report of a visit in August 2006 found toplessness on the beach but no nudity. This is almost certainly just a result of seasonal variation.


Barefooters who visited in May 2007 found this lovely sandy beach 100% nude. They went every day for two weeks, saw one couple 'textile' on one day, and that's all. The sunbed operator also uses the sunbeds au naturel on quiet days! They rated the beach 95%.

Other July visitors spent the whole week on Exotic beach. They thought it brilliant. Pani who runs the kiosk and sunbeds was very helpful. It was 95% nude and was given a 100% rating by my reporter, who thought it the best beach he'd been on.

A September 2007 visitor says Exotic Beach is a row of two dozen umbrellas each with a pair of sunbeds (7 Euros) and is separated from and to the East of Magic Beach but on the same approach road. There is a sizeable restaurant on this road just a few minutes walk from the beach. Each pair of sunbeds has a screen on two sides giving a little seclusion and protection from the wind. All sunbeds were occupied by midday. The sand is clean and the water clear. The beach extends for quite a distance to the east and there are dunes and trees at the back of the beach, which can be used for shade. I walked quite far along in this direction and encountered very few people, all nude. Given the proximity to other populated stretches of the beach there were surprisingly few textile strollers passing Exotic Beach. Highly recommended.

Recent reports

We have visited Exotic Beach 2-3 times a year since 2011, most comfortable nudist beach we have ever used which is much appreciated as we get older. Panos now charges €12/day for 2 beds plus sunshade plus windbreak. Panos also sells beer and soft drinks from his little shelter on the beach. No seaweed and loads of fishies so bring your snorkel or waterproof camera !. Several years ago walking into the sea was sandy but now quite slippy rocks but water is quite deep by the time you reach the sand so bring grippy waterproof shoes.



Psilos Gremos/Sunny Beach

See on Google maps

This is a continuation of Polemi to the west, but with a separate (signed) reasonably good access road. Again, it’s long, wide, and sandy with clear water, and there are sunbeds/parasols with windbreaks, but part of the beach has no facilities. The eastern end of this beach, where it merges with Polemi/Magic/Exotic appeared to have just a sprinkling of mainly nude people in the autumn of 2005. Further to the west, the sheer size of the beach suggested to one contributor that discreet nudism should be possible. He also reported that there is easy access to the clear sea, without stones or rocks, and that the Sunny Beach Taverna is a good 200m from the beach up a steep hill.

Markos Beach

See on Google maps

Signed from the road, with its own access, Markos is a continuation of Sunny, with plenty of sunbeds. Markos is also the name of a restaurant, situated about 100m back from the beach. Whilst less crowded than Paradise, you may have to wear a costume on Markos, although discreet nudity may be possible.

Recent reports

Visited in mid-May, it looks like better than the Sunny and Paradise ones. Like the others, it is windy. In mid-May, you can unclothe.


Paradise Beach

See on Google maps

The next beach along, with its own signed access. This used to be recommended by contributors, but is now totally commercialised and a no-go for nudism. A 2005 report refers to the beach reeking of success, with a well-maintained tarmac access road, loads of very expensive water sports and sun beds (costing 7 euros a day) piled three deep as far as the eye can see.

The only curiosity worth visiting for is the famous air bubbles. Looking from the shore, to the left of the main water sports area, there is a large black buoy 200m from the shore. Swim towards that and you will run into a curtain of air bubbles rising from the sand. These come from the volcano on the neighbouring Nissiros Island. This is the famous Bubble Beach!

Recent reports

Not worth commercialised. Markos is better and no people in May.

Kamila/Camel Beach

See on Google maps

This is again signposted from the main road, but has a steep and difficult access road, although this is passable with care by car and scooter.

This beach is in its own cove as it is separated by headlands from Stephanos beach to the south west and all the other beaches to the north east. The beach is fine shingle and sand, and is very pleasant. The main part has sunbeds and parasols and is textile, with the nude bit in a separate little bay to the right hand side, accessed either by wading through the water or climbing over rocks. When they visited in August 2003, a contributor reported that the small cove was littered with rocks and not attractive at all. Other, more recent visitors have commented more favourably about it. However the Captain has a report from 2006 of nudists on the CO side of the beach with umbrellas being required to put their swimsuits back on.

Barefooters who visited in May 2007 had the beach to themselves (apart from a group of ducks), so there were no problems with being nude. With many of these small beaches out of the main season, if you are the first ones there, by your presence you have declared the beach a naturist beach, however if textiles beat you to it then you would often feel uneasy about stripping off - so it is then a textile beach.

Recent reports

Visited in mid-May, despite the view up the hill, the beach below is not worth. All commercialised and few space. Drink something at the restaurant up the hill might be a nice choice for the view but we didn't test it.

Agios Stefanos Beach

See on Google maps

A nice sandy beach with its own (signed) access. However, it’s right in front of the large Club Med premises, and appears to be wholly textile.

Recent reports

Visited in mid-May, we did nudity even [though] there is a visited old-ruin place there. The view with the little island in front of the beach is nice and water still and clean.
At this time of the year, despite the walkers and visitors from Kefalos, there was no problem at all and found another couple unclothed. Of course, during June to August, I guess it is only textile. The Club Med was closed.

Kefalos/Kamari Beach

See (?here) on Google maps

A long and mainly narrow beach in front of the resort. Wholly textile.
2016: last beach in Kefalos Bay. 100% nudist, perfect.



Cavo Paradiso Beach

See on Google maps

An August 2005 correspondent introduces this beach, which he awards 100%. It is to the south of Wave Beach, and again reached by following the road out of Kefalos village past the cemetery. You then fork left at the sign to Agios Ioannis, after which the narrow, hilly road is passable with care. Just before the monastery, there is a small “FKK Beach” sign where you fork left onto a track, which is of poor quality. However, my contributor reports that the small beach is very beautiful, with a taverna selling cold drinks and renting umbrellas (5 euros) where you can stay nude. Indeed, the manager of the taverna and his girl friend are nude! Unsurprisingly, given the access and remote location, even in high season there were very few people there, but it does sound worth the effort. Perhaps a 4WD vehicle is desirable. A 2006 report describes it as the most beautiful beach on the island and endorses the 100% rating. FKK signed but not many nude people there in August 16th-30th - only 2-4 young couples including my Barefoot reporters, other people textile. No problem with nudity. 45 per sunbed, cold beer, soft drinks, iced coffee.

A Barefooter who visited in spring 2007 confirmed that this is a very beautiful beach, one of the best he had ever found! It is a sheltered cove with beautiful golden sand. However, there is a 4km track which requires a 4x4 vehicle. The track is still signposted with a FKK sign from the start of the approach road to the monastery. My reporters visited twice in May and on both occasions were the only two people on the beach all day. There were sunbeds available (and no-one to take any money), but no taverna, although it was in the process of being re-built, a new concrete base was there on our first visit and the walls were in place on our second visit.
According to an August 2007 visitor, a 4x4 vehicle is a must to visit this beach which is not easy to reach. This is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach. Firm, clean, golden sand backed by cliffs, with clear water and possibilities for snorkelling. However, there was no nudity (or even topless bathing) at the "umbrella and sunbed" end of the beach and my intrepid reporters had to walk quite a long way to the left before they found a suitable spot. Even then, there were a lot of walkers and they weren't entirely comfortable. But they were joined later by a Greek couple who seemed encouraged to find them nude and stripped off too.

Deserted beach (almost!) around 500m walk to the left from Cavo Paradiso beach (referenced in 2016 tab below):

Recent reports

As per previous reports, no need for a 4x4 but do drive carefully - the road is steep and totally unpaved but it is passable with care (we did it in a Hyundai i20 but there were plenty of people later on in little Suzukis and Daihatsu type cars).

There are no FKK signs as reported above however, but the beach itself is well signposted. We arrived first in August (around 9.30-45) and tried to set the nude agenda. By about 10.30 it was filling up (mainly with Italians) and none were nude so we were forced to cover up. However, if you leave Cavo Paradiso and venture along the beach itself around 200m you come to a large rock that sticks out into the sea, nudism is possible here although you do get lots of textiles coming to explore. Head another 150-200m along the coast though (you may have to go through the water here - it is sandy but watch your feet) you will come to a pretty much deserted, completely sandy beach about 2-3 times the size of Cavo Paradiso where nudity is definitely on the agenda. There are sand dunes and trees here if you'd like some privacy.

We spent most of the day on this more distant beach, there were about 5 couples that came and went throughout the day, all completely nude, however as we were leaving around 5.30-6pm more people were turning up from the main beach and they definitely weren't going nude - think they were just there to see what was on the beach.

While it was lovely being pretty much alone on this beautiful beach there were a few downsides:
1. There was some litter - much of this was washed up from the sea, but there was some old bottles and cans. Nudists - please leave only footprints if you are going here!
2. It is a bit of a trek over rocks and through the sea to get there - wear strong footwear (sandals are fine, but we found our flip flops broke too easily from walking through the waves. On the way back wore trainers and went completely on the rocks and not through the sea.
3. It is windy on this whole stretch as the west of Kos is exposed - this means bigger waves (Kefalos Bay where Magic/Polemi beach is is like a millpond by comparison)
4. The sand gets HOT! Footwear is a must to avoid burning your feet.

Despite all that, it is lovely and well worth a visit :)

Wave Beach/Sunset Beach

See on Google maps

A report from 1998 recommends this rather isolated beach that is near Agios Theologos. You have to drive through Kefalos village (taking the westerly road out of the village past the cemetery) and across some rather hilly, wild terrain to get there, but the road is all tarmac. It is an empty area on the extreme west coast with a (surprisingly) quite large taverna just behind the main beach. Breakers here can be strong so you can body surf without a board. The Captain received a nice report about skinny-dipping whilst watching the sunset there. A June 2004 visitor reports that there is erosion on this side of Kos, but enthused over several small coves reached by following the path south along the coast past a little church – with several couples each having their own cove! A 2007 visitor noted that as the name suggests there were lots of waves due to its steep shelving, and the beach is mostly stones with two little pockets of sand. There is a taverna close by so you need to walk quite a way to sunbathe nude. He thought this beach nothing to shout about.

Kata beach

See on Google Maps

July 2012: follow the road from Kefalos to Agios Theologos, maybe 1km before Agios Theologos restaurant you will see a small sign made of cardboard and pebbles saying "KATA BEACH". Turn right. Follow the dustroad, after appr. 1 km you will come to the beach. An old man, known as "George" is running a minimalistic Kiosk and few sunbeds/umbrellas. Price was 5 euro if I remember well. George can offer cold drinks and organic melons from nearby farm. The beach is beautiful, long, sandy, abandoned. Only a few people were there in high-season, most of them nude, taking a short walk and lying on the natural part of the beach. We were using the sunbeds with windshades. This side of the island is exposed to strong wind on many days, with quite strong waves, but entering the water is easy and safe because of sand and shallow water. One of most beautiful beaches on Kos, if you are lucky, you will be all alone on the beach for the whole day. George has no problem with nudism on his beach, however you will encounter a few textile guests from time to time.


Kohilari (Kochylari) Beach

See on Google Maps


A report from 2015 identifies a fabulous beach on the north coast which is easily accessible by road (see on Street View). From the point where the island is at its narrowest the soft golden sands and dunes of Kohilari beach stretch north east for over 1.25miles (2km). Although there is an established kite surfing centre at Kohilari, the beach is otherwise relatively unknown. When our contributors visited in early October 2015 it was deserted apart from a couple of kite surfers, a few walkers and very occasionally, a quad bike or scrambling bike taking advantage of being able to take a long uninterrupted run along this amazing shoreline. The beach is large enough for this not to be a problem and these other beach users were certainly not intrusive. Even the bikers didn’t spoil the tranquillity of this beautiful location.


In early October 2015 our correspondents say although there were one or two kite surfers out on the waves, the kite centre was closed. They met a couple of fellow British naturists close to the northern end of the beach who had been visiting the beach since mid-September and who said the kite centre had been closed while they had been there and to their knowledge had not been in use in 2015.

Apart from the area around the kite centre, the beach is unmanaged and as the kite centre was closed there were no facilities on any part of the beach. Other than the canopy at the kite centre and a few scrubby bushes in the dunes there is no shade on Kohilari so if visiting it is advisable to bring some form of shade and plenty to drink.


As might be expected, being popular with kite surfers, this part of the coast can be breezy but our contributor’s say in early October 2015 it did not cause them any significant problem. However, the prevailing onshore winds do tend to bring in seaweed, jetsam and flotsam. This mostly seems to accumulate at the south west end of the beach so don't be put off if entering from the road at that end (see on Street View). Depending on the direction of the wind, the seaweed drifts in one or other direction along the beach and piles up in just a few places so most of the shoreline is clear. Marine debris has been cleared from the area around the kite centre but further away it is perhaps the only thing to spoil this beach. That said the sand is clean… just find yourself a nice spot and if the sea has washed up anything in the vicinity it really only takes a few minutes to gather it up.

Perhaps a little disturbing, in October 2015 were a few small piles of buoyancy aids… A stark reminder of the plight of migrants prepared to risk making the sea crossing from Turkey in the most unsuitable of craft. This clearly had a negative impact on tourism in Kos during 2015 and whilst not making light of this terrible situation our contributor says it may in part be why this wonderful beach was so empty. Undoubtedly some parts of Kos, notably in the east, had problems coping but other than these few poignant reminders, the west of Kos was completely unaffected.


The gently shelving sandy seabed makes entering the water easy. The water is clean and when the wind is light, crystal clear. A little more wind and waves can be expected which does stir up the sandy seabed. There are no noticeable currents so it is great either for swimming or jumping in the waves. There is plenty of space for all on this beach so in the interests of safety swimmers should keep clear of the marked area used by kitesurfers.

Our contributors visited several of the beaches in the west of Kos and all in all, despite the litter and lack of facilities, this beach was by far their favourite in Kos and possibly in any of the Greek islands they have been to.

Virgin beach

See on Google maps - maybe here?

Only 3 miles from Exotic Beach on the other side of the island. Easy access to the sea which allows safe swimming; very clean and unpopulated.

Mastichari Beach

See on Google maps

Mastichari beach has a middle section away from the main town, but before the hotel on the south end of the beach, where quite a large number of people were naked. This is really a lovely beach, but constantly has a on-shore breeze. It is an excellent sandy beach. It does have some seaweed, but that is a testament of how clean the water is, since any water pollution would kill the seaweed and not allow it to grow. A correspondent from 2001 said this was his favourite beach. One negative is the hotel complex at the other end of the beach, which means that there are passers-by. The positive aspect is that most of the passers-by from the hotel (90%) use the pass behind the dunes. The dunes are now stacked so high that the people on the beach are now unseen.

Another correspondent some years ago said this beach stretched empty to the west away from the textile zone and was his first introduction to the pleasures of walking nude along a Mediterranean beach. Another correspondent enjoyed a holiday there a few years ago, when the dunes to the west of the village allowed them to go nude, but a footpath through the dunes connecting the new development to the west may have spoilt this location for nudism.


In June 2002, a contributor reported that the beach to the west of the main town beach was almost 100% nudist, with people of all ages and families having fun. The path from the new holiday complex was always fairly busy, but nobody seemed interested. The beach is clean and the water crystal clear, but washed up leaves piled up on the shoreline. Sponge sellers go up and down the beach plying their trade, and don’t mind whom they sell to.
In September 2002, another report mentioned that it’s a long walk from the dunes to the water, but the beach is good and sandy, and unlikely to get really crowded, even in high season.
Also, for the more adventurous nudists, follow the road to the west of Mastichari past the power station and then take one of the numerous tracks leading to the coast. You could find yourselves with a sandy beach to yourselves, backed by cliffs/dunes, although I cannot guarantee the cleanliness of it due to sea debris that can wash up.

Barefoot reporters who visited in June 2006 say this is not so much a naturist beach as a "clothing optional" one. Once past the wind-surfing school, there are many places, backed by the dunes, where nudity is accepted as normal.

The path (concreted and lit) is behind the dunes and most areas of the beach are not overlooked. The few places where there is a clear view from the path, across the beach, are parts of the beach which are not particularly attractive - so, no problem (unless you really like rocks).

Although nudity seems "quite acceptable", I would recommend care and consideration on Sunday afternoons, as many local (Greek) families choose this uncommercialised area of the beach. That said, simply going a hundred metres or so further west will take you to less popular space.

There is an almost constant on-shore wind which provides a wonderful cooling breeze and makes up for the relative lack of shade. However, it also forces a noticeable amount of broken seaweed into the first ten metres of the sea - enough to notice but not too much to make for difficulties. Overall, the breeze makes it entirely possible to stay on the beach all day - provided you remember to bring plenty to drink.

Apart from Sunday afternoons, my reporters never found any problem with going naked on this beautiful beach. Although there are a few "gawkers" who deliberately choose to walk along the beach, rather than the path, they are few and infrequent.

It seems several local residents (ex-pat, the Captain is told) bring their dogs to this beach … and strip before exercising them.
Note they also ride horses along the beach…

Recent reports

Oct: Stopped off for a quick swim on way from harbour to the airport. Still popular with nudists. Lots of weed on the tideline but clean and sandy once in the water.

Tingaki/Tigaki Beach

See on Google maps

The Captain has been receiving reports about this beach since the site began, and some reports give accounts of visits in the early 1990s. Tingaki is easily Kos's most popular nudist beach owning to the fact that it is within walking distance of the popular resort of Tingaki and only a short commute from Kos town. During the peak nudist month of September hundreds of people use this beach, but because it is so big it never really gets crowded. It is a sandy beach backed by dunes. The dunes offer people more privacy for those who wish it. The neighbouring islands of Pserimos and Kalymnos on one side and the unobstructed mountain range of Kos on the other side offer spectacular scenery.

A correspondent who visited as long ago as 1993 reported on Tingaki (or Tigaki). It’s a really long sandy beach and relatively uncrowded. From the square in the town, where the water fountain is, follow the road to the left (westwards) till it ends after about 700m, then turn right to the dunes and then left at the beach. Alternatively, you can walk from the town along the beach to reach the naturist area. Nudism has been practised in this location for the past 40 years. No facilities, but parasols can be purchased in Tingaki. This beach can also be accessed by going eastwards from Marmari. Follow the Marmari to Tingaki road. Where the go-karts place is, follow the road to the beach. When you reach the beach walk at least 200m to the right. Please do not practise nudism at the end of the road. In the summer time it is a summer camp for kids and for Greek families.

The beach westwards (in front of Alikes salt lake) becomes naturist as far as bathing and the back of the beach are concerned, but the strip along the sea's edge is subject to textile walkers and horse riders who pass by, especially in high season.


A report from September 1999 describes a sufficient number of nudists using Tingaki beach. Yes, textiles do walk along the shoreline, but apart from the occasional inquisitive glance did not seem to take much notice. The beach is backed by an area of low-lying, grass-covered dunes, but unfortunately these were roamed by single nudist men, and couples and females kept to the front of the dunes overlooking the sea. The beach is good sand that continues into the sea and allows you to wade out quite a long way without going out of one's depth. There is occasionally a slight problem with weed in the sea but this certainly did not spoil this holiday. There are no facilities along this part of the beach but it is only a short walk back to Tingaki, which is quite a lively resort without being too overwhelming.

A report from July 2000 describes Tingaki as excellent, but a lot of people walking along the shore without taking notice. My contributor says this is the best nude beach on Kos and advises not spending time on other beaches as they are very empty and not attractive if you want to be nude.

According to a report from May 2002 the beach beyond the salt lake has been declared the official naturist/nudist beach on the island, so my contributors were told by their holiday company. 80% of the people were nude during the 2 weeks they were there. There were surprisingly many couples with youngsters. To be highly recommended.

One visitor advises not to worry about passing walkers or horse-riders on this beach. The last time he was there (about 2002) one of the riders rode his horse into the surf, bareback and naked. The horse was wearing a bridle.

Recent reports

The Captain receives several reports each year, mainly enthusing over Tingaki Beach:

Spent 4 glorious days at Tigaki in September. Lovely beach gently sloping down to shallow sea. About 50 - 100 naked people (couples and singles) there all day. There are about 15 well-spaced pairs of sunbeds with parasols - they are generally all occupied by 11am so arrive early! And check the wind forecast: the wind can be punishing when it really gets up, and the dunes are too shallow to offer much shelter. There are lots of textiles walking along the shoreline - but their bashfulness just adds to the enjoyment. There are good friendly cafes just 5 minutes walk from the beach when you get hungry. Highly recommended.

Lambi Beach

This looks like the best bit on Google maps

A correspondent visited the beach just north of Kos town (which may also be called Lampi) in early October 1999. The weather was sunny but there was a strong meltemi wind. The bar was closed. There were not many people and only a few were naked. The sand is all right and you have a nice view of the Turkish coast. A September 2005 contributor states that Lambi embraces the area on both sides of Cape Amoudia. East of the Cape is pretty well all built-up, but the western side is not. The beaches are exposed to the prevailing wind which has a welcome cooling effect in hot weather. The washed firm sand at the water’s edge is great for walking on, but a road and cycle path run beside the beach. My correspondent and his wife spent 2 weeks there swimming and sunbathing naked, with nudity seeming to be accepted if not general. As he rightly states, a precedent is sometimes needed to encourage others to strip off! However a Barefooter who visited in August 2007 said it was not very clean, and there were too many textile visitors and walkers to be comfortable nude.


Agios Fokas Beach

See on Google maps

A contributor has recommended this beach, which is about 8km south of Kos Town, on the SE tip of the island. It’s just after the watch tower on the left-hand-side of the road. My correspondent says you have a great opportunity to be nude on the left-hand part of the beach.

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