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Alinda is the only beach on Leros that is regularly visited by nudists. It is small but, according to my contributors, very nice; however the Captain has the impression that it is rather rocky.

You can find the naturist beach of Alinda at the end of the road along the coast in the northern direction. There are some bars and a taverna with terraces along the sea. At the last terrace you have to go down the steps to the beach and walk about 100 metres over and along the rocks and some parts through the water to the nudist beach. You can follow the road uphill and climb down the rocks too, but that is rather steep. There is now some shade provided by a few trees but only enough for a few people. The best place to go into the sea is at the right side of the rocks in the water. There it is sandy for a couple of metres and easy to go in.

August 2011: The main beach (where the buildings are in the photo) was full of very clad Italian tourists and I guess some locals. The small nudist beach had just three people the two times I went there. Nice enough place to be alone or for a couple to have to themselves but without privacy from the main beach and the people there.


My correspondents were always alone there in the mornings. In the afternoon more people, most of them Greek couples and girls, arrived. Most of them took off all their clothes.

The beach is small, but with a marvellous view at the coast with the bars and trees and Agia Marina at the other side of the bay with high above it the Castle of the Knights of the Cross. We enjoyed our stay there very much, it was a nice and clean, small beach not far from civilization and a marvellous place for snorkelling and diving.

A 2017 report on the Forum says there is a small beach next to Kokkina beach, though it is a bit hard to reach. If you go early in the morning, Kokkina is also OK for nudism.
There is another hard-to-reach beach called Agios Nikolaos, under the windmills, but you need a jeep to reach it.

A report from 2006 suggested there was a small area for naturists on the main beaches, but that the Greek people also used them. It was one of the best places for tolerance.

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