This fascinating island is deeply religious; even topless bathing is prohibited since the whole island is given a special status by the government.

The beaches are taken in order from South to North via the East coast


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Nevertheless the beach at Psiliamos (best reached by boat) is well known as the local nudist beach. It was sandy and very pleasant. (Rating: 60%). I advise caution because genuine naturists have no wish to offend local sensibilities.

My correspondent describes Psiliamos as the only sandy beach on this rocky island. Psilli Ammos has the advantage of being less crowded than most of Patmos' beaches, due to its relative inaccessibility. It can only be reached by a long hike on unmarked pathways or by a 40 minute boat ride. Although many tourists take the boat there during the summer months, the beach is invariably deserted once they leave in late afternoon, at which point the naturists, who confine themselves to the beach's outer edge during midday, take over the entire shore. Previous reports suggested that naturists even took over the taverna near the dock but more recent ones make clear that you are expected to be clothed there.


It is also possible to motor bike to the West side of the isthmus and then follow the rough path over the right hand shoulder of the hill for about 30 minutes. In May 1999 there were no boats running; it was quiet and 50:50 nude. It is probably not so good when the boats are running. It was quite good - 6 out of 10.

Psiliammos was 80% nudist in October 1999 (there were no boats running). It is not a small beach but it can be crowded in July and August one hears. The scenery is very beautiful. The beach is sandy and has several trees (tamarind?), which offer a lot of shade. The beach is at the end of two small valleys. You enter the beach by the first one (this is where the taverna is). The other valley can be used for a short walk. Swimming and snorkelling is also great.

A report from June 2001, on a windy day when the beach boat didn't visit, says there was no-one sunbathing nude and it would have been uncomfortable, if not impossible to do so. But there were some small beaches/rocks by the side of the trail running southwards from Grikos towards Psili Ammos where there were several people sunbathing nude.

A report from September 2002 said the beach was 30/70 nudist, but still a good spot. If you're coming early in the morning you can go for a nude walk on the beach.

In early June 2007 the Captain received the first report for some time on this beach. Barefoot reporters describe it as a beautiful beach, 50% nude, 50% textile, and a peaceful co-existence between the two groups. Unfortunately the boat was not working on the day they visited, necessitating a 30 minute hike to get there. Nonetheless they rated it 80%.
A September 2007 report says that the beach is very crowded, despite the walk to get there, probably because it is the most beautiful on the island. Family nudists tend to gather at the southern corner of the beach. It can be windy.

2017, September (first half): I confirm that the beach is 50% naturist and 50% textile. The naturist part is located on the south side of the beach.

The beach was 90% textile and 10% naturist on a day in August 2021 but was still comfortable. Most textiles kept to the northern end next the taverna and all the naturists were at the far, southern end. It was not very crowded there but it was 50% textile and 50% naturist, even at that end. One has to be comfortable go naked around many people wearing swimsuits to be fully comfortable here.


There is a substantial west-facing pebble beach with scattered trees at Diakofti, but with a road along the back it's unsuitable. However there's an alternative, on the east coast, well north of the boatyard and harbour. A correspondent who visited the island in September 1998 gives the following directions on how to reach this beach by scooter. Go to Grigos. Pass the beach of Petra, where you can leave the scooter. Go on the path southwards and soon you will find a little beach with some trees. It was a quiet and uncrowded place where most people were bare. Going further he found many other very little beaches with the same features.

An August 2007 report says that Diakofti is a preferred beach for nudists in Patmos. But there are also several rocks and small beaches used by nudists along the coast between Petra and the small harbour of Diakofti. The problem is that these places are very close to a road, fortunately difficult to drive with cars.

2017 September (first half): I confirm that the pebble beach under the village Onar Patmos is 70% naturist. As well as beach corners in a southerly direction.


Kambos "far beaches"

These beaches stand on the north-east side of the island. Arrived to the village of Kambos follow the path to the isolated church on the top of the hill. This church is indicated on the island map as a point in the north-east. Cross over the chapel and, following the path, enter a wooden gate with a sign "keep closed" on it. This other path goes to three little sandy beaches not much crowded, and inhabited by wild ducks diving in the sea… One of these beaches has a natural sweet spring just on the back of the sea side.

At the time my correspondent went there (1990) there were no tavernas, so it is recommended to take something to eat or drink for the day. These are clothes-optional beaches and the atmosphere is really relaxed. In August (when he was there) there was a consistent Italian colony. There are few tree or rock shadows so the sun is really hot. As with other places in the Aegean Sea in the high summer, there is the Meltemi wind from north.

2017, September: No possibility of naturism. Kambos beach is now completely touristic with families, beach and water games.
But beyond Kambos, eastbound, there are other beaches with naturist opportunities.


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Immediately after Kambos, eastbound, at the end of the beach (of pebbles), westbound[!?], beyond some rocks and under the cliff, there is a small sheltered beach suitable for naturism (50%).

Liginou Livadi

See on Google Maps after Vagia, eastbound.

Two beaches located to the east and west of a small promontory. The beach to the west, to the right looking at the sea, presents a shelter under the cliff suitable for naturism (100%).

Panaghia Geranou

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At the extreme east of the island there is a beach under the Panaghia Geranou; 100% naturist, very beautiful, of sand and gravel, with a large tamarisk in the center, reachable by descending from the church parking lot path, taking the fork to the right. Few minutes. Even the grandiose but not secluded beach of small stones that can be reached by taking the left fork is suitable for naturism. Both beaches appeared deserted in early September 2017.


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My May 1999 correspondent reports a fine pebble beach on north coast. Beach empty in May but did not look suitable for nudity on the main part but there were 2 tiny coves over the rocks to the south where they found it possible.

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