The Captain receives only infrequent reports here. Although the information below may be a little old there is no reason to think it is not accurate.


Nanoy beach

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Nanoy (or Nanou) beach is shingle, with a taverna nearer one end (superb food) and sunbeds & umbrellas. The farthest end of the beach from where you get off the taxi boat from Symi harbour is nudist. Although the taxi boat isn't cheap; it's the nicest way of getting there. It can be walked, and my contributors met a couple who did it from Chorio in a couple of hours. Tip: the 5.30 boat back serves a glass of ouzo, which is a nice touch. The money for the sunbeds is collected at about midday and, although my contributors were quite happy to be nude all the time, they felt it was a courtesy to the local chap who collects to loosely drape a towel or sarong over themselves. You'll need waterproof shoes/flip-flops or sandals to enjoy getting into the water but once you're in it's superb. My contributors, who visited during July 2001, rated it 75%.

Reports from 2003 suggest discreet nudism possible but that this beach was mainly textile. It may be one of those places where the early arrivals set the tone.

I visited Nanou beach in September 2012. I went nude at the far end of the beach after the sunbeds ended and the opposite end to the landing for the water taxi. I was the only one until joined by another nudist. The next day I was the only one for the whole day and the third day joined by two others. Swam naked too. I was discreet and covered up when others wandered by - only twice - with children - but otherwise no problems. The beach is shingle and you may need something on your feet to get in/out of the water. The sea is clear with interesting fish. The taverna is very good, There are goats - so watch unattended bags. But they are cute. The water taxi left the main harbour in Yialos at 10, 11 am and 12 noon. Returning 3.30, 5 and 6 pm. The sun went behind the cliffs at the nudist end around 4.30 pm. The water taxi is fun and cost €12 for the return trip. So very nice.

2018 - June, Nanou beach - nudists at left of beach (facing out to sea). On the right textiles and no hassles. Fairly relaxed and tolerant.

2021 - Late September, Nanou beach - There was no naturists on the beach, :( There were quite a lot of pleasure and charter boats using the beach when I was there. However, the beach was lovely and it had a really nice taverna.


Nos beach

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Our correspondent didn't discover a specific beach around this headland, but rather an interesting and rocky scramble where quite a lot of people chose to be nude in and/or out of the water. He felt that some spots along here were too visible from the public footpath above that serves the headland and is one route to Emborio (Nimporios on local map), and should probably not be used nude in high season. The sun in the afternoon leaves early, and the snorkelling here was dull.

It seems that nudity here is tolerated by the locals who also visit the place.

You can climb the cliffs at the end of Nos Beach (Paradise Beach) and find some spots which cannot be seen unless from waterside. If you don't care about being visible, take the road which leads uphill to the left of Nos Beach (it's the road to Nimborios). After 5 min walk there are 2 nice steps leading down from the road to the water - the one farthest away leads down to a little sandy beach (you can see the steps in the picture).

September 2012 - the steps lead down to mainly a rocky coast occupied by textiles. Also the paces[?] are fairly visible from the road - so not recommended.


Aiyos Vasilios

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Two hour walk across island to side less frequented by boats, followed by steep climb down to wide beach, proved ideal for nude swimming and sunbathing, and only four others on beach that day. Mostly pebbles, a little sand, no shade. No taverna: take plenty of water. Enough room for different tastes, but you have to climb/walk back if you haven't organised a boat to come and fetch you or are not lucky to hitch on someone else's.

Late September 2021 - Vasilios beach is a real gem. If you have a scooter and park it at the start of the path down to the beach, it will take about an hour to walk, (depending how fit you are). If you are walking from Chorio, it will take 2 hours. Whilst there is no shade on the beach, there are some trees set back that you can sit under. I went to this beach on two occasions and went nude both times. The first day was Monday and nobody turned up, the second time was a Sunday and there were four other people also all nude. Whilst there are no facilities, it is a lovely quiet and relaxing place. As the previous correspondent mentioned, do remember the walk back up the hill, so do save some water for the walk! (Also the last section of the path is steep and rugged).


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Accessible by truck or boat. Habitation close to shore. No nudity, unless you count climbing over a headland and swimming/snorkelling nude until rejoining the boat.


Agios Giorgios

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Forget about walking there - take one of the many taxiboats from Symi harbour. No facilities, little shade, but sun leaves mid-afternoon because of the sheer cliffs surrounding the beach. Bring water and food!
3 visits there - one other couple there nude at the beach farthest away from where you get off the taxiboat.
One day a large family from one of the private boats in the bay chose to camp very nearby where we went nude. Nobody cared - guess the locals are used to nudity there.

Visit the place - it's a majestic setting with the cliff several hundred feet high at the back of the beach!

September 2012, I again was the only naturist on the beach (where is everyone?). I liked this beach as it is less shingley than Nanou and also has a wild feel about it. There is a small church and some trees but the few textiles sat under them - so take shade. There are no facilities so take water/drinks/food. If you are on your own, like me, the water taxi will not take you - there have to be at least two people going - so find a friend or wait until others buy tickets. The beach has quite a lot of depth so I was able to sunbathe naked pretty freely. However the bay does attract mooring boats - up to 6 when I was there - so I covered up to swim (again great water and fish). Another point was that there was only one water taxi going out at 10 am and returning at 3.40 pm. Fare €12 for the return trip. The sun went behind the cliffs around 3.30 pm. Oh - did I mention the goats? Definitely worth a visit.



Tolí Bay

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North-East coast. In bird's-eye view straight line West of Emborio. You can go there by scooter or by car. Keep right when going uphill a few km after leaving Horió. Road is in good condition - keep your eyes open for a footpath leading down to the left of the road. My contributors found it, because some other scooters were parked there, but it should not be difficult to find. Walk downhill - takes about half an hour - save the power for the trip back up.

My correspondents discovered 4 beaches there - one is very small and can be seen from the main road. Tolí Beach is separated into 2 beaches (empty white house in the middle). They went nude all day on one beach and some people (non-nude) on the other beach were apparently unconcerned. No facilities - bring water and food! There's a third beach between the small beach and the Tolí beach accessible by walking over the headland.

Late September 2021 - This beach is accessible by car or scooter as the majority of the track is now concreted. There is also now an excellent taverna at the main beach area. As previously noted there are 4 beaches. The first beach near the taverna was exclusively textiles, as you would expect. I walked up over the small rocky headland to the second beach, (that was easier than it initially looked) and sat and swam nude all day. Nobody else came to the beach. I enjoyed this beach so much I went there twice during my holiday.


Agios Marina and Agios Nikólaos

NO nudity at all here! Very organized beaches with tavernas, sunbeds and umbrellas (and bikinis all over). Avoid!

September 2012 - agreed - no nudity possible. Agios Marina is a man-made "beach". Nikolaos is sandy but packed with sunbeds and umbrellas. Neither are very large.

Late September 2021 - No different, no nudity

Town beach (Paradise)

Great snorkelling but no nudity. Small beach full of sun beds. Topless is permissible.
More reports needed …


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Late September 2021 - The beach in the photo is only accessible by boat or walking 6 Km from the road each way (you need a car or scooter to get to the start of the walk). I opted for the walk which was lovely. Generally the walk was well defined but don't expect to meet people, I met no-one. I stopped off at a beach 0.5km from Emilianos. The beach was OK, but it had some rubbish on it. The snorkelling and sun bathing was great all in the nude. Other than one boat that went by, nobody else was around, except the odd goat! On the way back I even did some sunbathing (nude), just off the path.



The word is you could find deserted spots on Nímos Island to the north of Yialos (Symi). You might give it a try - you rent the boat close to the Nireus Hotel (best restaurant in town) - just ask for the man who rents out boats (his camp is 10 m from the clocktower). Be aware that there can be a long list of people waiting for a boat, so go there at the beginning of the holiday and make a reservation in case you plan to discover on your own by boat. Price is 35 Euros plus fuel. Count on 42-44 Euros for one day. The Captain would welcome a report!

If you want to visit the beaches on the East coast take the taxi boat - it's a lot cheaper. You won't find any private spots on the East coast and you risk ruining the boat's bottom (and possibly yours too) - only rocky coastline all the way.

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