Ithaca is a small but hilly island nestling close to Kephalonia.


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An apparently well-tolerated bay with two beaches: a good paved road leads to the first directly from the island's capital Vathi (from waterfront follow sign for Archaeological museum near old-looking church with prominent belltower, turn first left and then follow signs). This has a pebble beach with a few boats drawn up on it, nothing special, nudity not the norm but apparently tolerated. A short climb over the headland path at the right (not mountaineering, but some climbing up and down rocks) leads to a very nice pebble crescent beach which was comfortable for naturism (3 or 4 people there typically, 50% naked) during the first two weeks of September 2003. Greek visitors as well as foreign, clothing-optional rather than 100% nude, very relaxed feeling to the place. No facilities on this second beach, possibly something on the first one but not in September.

Barefooters who visited in September 2007 found this beach "all rather sedate" and not right for nudism when they were there.
2019 - on two visits in mid September the second beach was mainly nudists. Twenty metres after clambering down from the short path, someone has written on a post 'Nudism'. We noticed any textiles did not go beyond the notice. Lovely beach for swimming and snorkelling.
We hired a motorboat in Vathy (no licence need for less powerful boats) and spent the day boating nude round the area, stopping in coves and bays. Best day of our holiday.


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A ten-minute drive from Vathi, most of it down a dirt road, but easily navigable in a small car. Barefooters had the beach to ourselves two mornings running. A beautiful spot, beach is mainly small pebbles (September 2007). On a quick visit on an early September afternoon (2009), all 8 occupants were textile - so get there early!

Afales Bay

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Barefoot reporters found this beach in the North of the island had only one other couple on it - also naked. (September 2007).


Other Barefoot reporters who visited Ithaca in 1998 say that when they hired a boat in Ikon [?Kioni] and headed out of the harbour - take a right (south) towards the island's capital, Vathi, they found around 6 beaches - some small, nothing more than 200 metres wide, where they were able to sunbathe and swim naked all day, even though this was in the absolute peak season - first two weeks of August. The swimming and snorkelling were fantastic and the sea conditions - apart from one late afternoon out of 13 days - really calm. The other amazing thing was that even though it was peak, for 80 % of the time they had the beaches to themselves - to the point that on the first couple of days, they did idly wonder if they were in some sort of restricted zone! Other people that turned up either only stayed for lunch or a swim, or if longer, quite often went naked as well.

Other nudism was very possible - very easy to find a remote beach in September, and this was by hire car. This however would need to be diplomatic and careful - this island is still very friendly and undeveloped for mass tourism, and nobody gains if the local residents are outraged. My reporters felt more comfortable at Sarakiniko where it was not necessary to keep an eye open for causing offence.

Earlier reporters tried the other direction, north from Kioni towards Frikes, and although there was absolutely no problem stripping off, they preferred the stretch between Kioni and Vathi since they didn't have to listen to the interminable noise from Italian jetskis all day. As with all boat hire (and there was no way that you could have reached any of the beaches on foot or by road) the drawback is that usually you have to return the boat to harbour by 6 pm, which means that if you're a real sun worshipper, you have to console yourself with being clothed for the last couple of hours on a beach closer to home! At Kioni, that's not such a big drawback, especially as you can go to the same beach within the Kioni harbour early in the morning, i.e. as the sun comes up, and sunbathe/swim nude - if there's anyone around at that time, they are either too unawake to notice, or don't care! The beaches we found had no facilities but occasional shade if you really wanted it.

A report from August 2005 found no possibility of nudism at Kioni or Marmaka.


07-08.2012: Lot of beaches just for us. Just great!!!


We went to Ithaka in late May/Early June 2013 but we found no opportunities for nudism in the beaches we could reach by hire car and we travelled the length of the island.

Summer 2017 (August)
We went to Ithaca with the family and unfortunately we didn't find any beach were nudism/naturism was accepted. On the other hand, if you hire a small boat you can sail around this little island and find one of those small coves where no-one but you will be there and enjoy skinny dipping.


A word of warning. Finding great beaches is important. But if you're hiring a boat, mind the wake of the ferries. It's amazing how quickly concerns about wearing clothes or not disappear when a previously calm sea has suddenly filled your boat with water and is dashing it against the shore. Some beaches disappear for a day or two in some sea conditions; a couple were stranded for two nights in August!

Listen to what the boat hirers say: "don't go past the lighthouse" MEANS JUST THAT.

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