Athens and surrounds

Believe it or not, the Captain hears that there are nude beaches within reasonably easy reach of Athens.

Starting from far West of Athens, and heading southeast (towards Sounion) and then North up the other side of the peninsula:


Porto Germeno

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This is an amazing pebbly secluded beach with crystal clear waters. The access is through a short trail but it is well worth it. Depending on whether you have a 4x4 on not, you can drive up to any point you see fit, then walk the rest of the way. Use the road that is next to the sea and before or after you pass by an abandonded car, follow the blue arrows to the beach. The descent is easy, so you will have no trouble getting there. Most visitors are young people, couples and free campers.

Porto Germeno 2nd beach
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Recent reports

Mid-June: The beach is becoming more and more popular with nudists. Visited on a weekend and found couples and a large group of young people. Most bathers were nude and some women topless. There were a few textiles there, but didn't mind at all and even sat in between. Will definitely visit again soon.


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This beach is to the West of Athens, toward Peloponnese. It's 50Km from centre of Athens. Going from the new road, take the exit "PANORAMA-KINETTA", turn right and go below the highway, towards the sea. Then again right and when you reach the sea turn left and park as far as possible. Get to the beach and walk to the East side of the beach, after some rocks. It's about 5-10 min walk from the hotel (500m). The beach has big rocks, so you will need something to lay on, it is not very comfortable. The waters are wonderful.
We visited the beach on a weekday in June 2020 and we could find a mixed crowd of textiles and nudists even closer to the main beach than the spot on the map.
May 2022: This is a well-known nudist beach, from the part after Hotel Sun. Visited many times and found a lot of nude people.


between Vouliagmeni and Varkisa

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One location is between Vouliagmeni and Varkisa, on the coast of the Saronic Gulf, about 25 km South of the centre of Athens. Vouliagmeni is a wealthy suburb of Athens, with a lot of private beaches and bars, and once you leave it following the coast road to Varkiza (also continuing further to Sounion Cape), it becomes completely deserted, not a single house. On this cape there are several rocky coves used for nude sunbathing and swimming. Swimming is good if you don't mind starting from the rocks (beware of your feet!).

My correspondent reports a few couples and more men in the nude (as is often the case).

This spot is easily reached from Athens, by taxi, bus or car.

By taxi - ask to go to the shore (aktí), 2km after the Vouliagmeni lake, at the "limanakia". Landmarks: a bus stop that says "B Limanaki" (vita limanaki) on both sides of the road. The "Canteen" (small refreshments-bar with tent) which existed for the past 20 years at Limanaki B has been demolished, as it was an illegal structure.

There is now a new "Express Bus" to Limanakia, the E22 bus, which is much more reliable than the old one. Departs at an established time-table, the bus-stop stands right in front of Ofthalmiatreion (Eye-Hospital), in Panepistimiou Str. And it goes really fast, depending on the traffic, of course, ending up in Saronida.

Other than in summer: take any bus to Glyfada and from the terminus take 115 (every hour) or 116 (every half hour). One can also get off at Vouliagmeni and walk along the road (there is a path between the road and the rocks).

There is plenty of space and many men and women swimming nude.

The various coves have different demographics. Immediately past the entrance to Vouliagmeni lake there is a tiny sand beach (textile). As one continues walking away from Vouliagmeni there is 1km of rocks (occasional nude use), then a fairly large rocky cove, then more rocks, then three coves in succession. These three little coves are those known as the "limanakia". The first of them has a Greek flag, a snack bar, and a pedal-boat rental business, and is all textile. The next two are 100% nude. These coves are all packed during the summer time especially during the weekends and in the afternoon till late evening. You can swim nude in most of the rocky bays between Varkiza until Cape Sounion.

The coast road here is very busy, and you aren't allowed to turn across traffic coming the other way to get into or out of the lay-bys. Therefore, when driving north (towards Vougliameni and Athens), you have to stop at the bar with the blue roof - the large Beta Limvaki lay-by (N 37 48' 05" E 23 47' 38") is only accessible when driving south, and you can't turn out of it and head north.


One contributor says he wouldn't recommend this spot. It's fairly simple to scramble down from the lay-by onto the limestone / marble rocks, and there are flattish areas suited to lying or sitting. Most of these areas are out of sight of the coast road, although the traffic is still clearly audible. But getting into the water isn't at all easy - I didn't try it, and didn't see anyone else trying either. (At Alpha Limanaki, it's straightforward, and a waterside taverna takes advantage, creating a popular spot with no naturists in sight.) There were quite a few naturists around near Beta Limanaki - perhaps a dozen scattered around in singles and couples. All of them were male.

Another report says that the coves at Vouliagmeni and Varkiza are taken over from extremely early hours by Greek fishermen, which doesn't seem consistent with the earlier reports I have received; what's more the Saronic gulf is badly polluted. You have been warned.

June: The most well-known nudist spot in Attica is B Limanakia. You park over the beach and walk down to the rocks. There you can find a spot on the rocks and lay your towel. The eastern part has more gay men and people use the eastern parking spot to get there. The water is great, but unfortunately you will find perverts who swim near you and stare persistently or even masturbate.

Althea - Hotel

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I visited this beach in September 2017 and it's very friendly for nudists. First time I went there were 3 couples, 3 men alone and a company of one man and 2 women. The second day I went there, the beach had about 6 to 7 gay men all looking at each other, not so cosy, but it depends on the day I think. The access is very easy. You have to leave your car on the opposite side of the road, on the road Kekropos, exactly behind the abandoned hotel where the road does an `S`. There is a subterranean pedestrian bridge, just behind the Post Office Box. Either you go left or right on the available paths, they lead to the beach.

2018: We went there in early July on Sunday. There were 2 nudists and a company of 3 women (one of them went topless) and a textile couple. While we were getting ready to get comfortable and dress off, 2 moms with their children came. In the next hours parents with kids and couples with dogs stormed the beach. I could notice some nudist couples that couldn't, of course, go textile free. But the region is not totally lost. With some easy trekking on the east side, you can reach 2-3 very beautiful creeks that are adequately covered and safer for nudism.

2020: After so many years using this beach for nudism, this September works on hotel buildings and space around restarted!
Next year I believe it will not be allowed for us to visit the beach, it is going to be used by hotel customers.

June 2022: Hotel works stopped. Beach is again available for nudism, as it was in the past.

June 2023: Me and my wife have been visiting the beach for almost 2 months now, Sundays exclusive, sadly the beach has become popular with textiles, nusdists are at 0%-5%. I don't know what is going on during week days.


Ag. Nikolaos

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About 4.5 km after Saronida before Anavyssos, going to the south, you will see a turn to Ag. Nikolaos. Follow this turn and after next 200m turn left (unpaved road). The road follows the shoreline about 200 m. The path to the beach is easy. The beach is visible. It's the left part of the beach you want. When we went there, we met another nudist couple and some single men. The truth is that some of them had "pleasure" watching women undressing and my wife stayed topless a few minutes, before strip off. The water was clean but the beach is stony and sea shoes are absolutely useful. Better than Legrena.

Nice pebble beach, about 40-50 m. length. Easy accessible by the footpath as described above. A weekday (late August 2017) there were about 5 single men, a women couple, a busty single topless woman, me and my wife. At the left part of the beach all bathers were single men, at the other side were all the others. You can walk naked all the beach length. Very safe beach, all women stayed with opened legs for the sun while were visible, as my wife did.

2017: On the beach are all Greek nudists. There are couples and men on their own. Many couples have sexual activity and are eager for erotic exchange. Next to us was a couple, the woman had her legs open and caressed her pussy.
2018: During July & August me and my wife visited 2-3 times per week. On weekdays there were no more than 10 persons, 3-4 single men, the rest couples. During weekends too many for the size of this beach.
2020: Visited the beach at the end of May and it was still 100% nudist with couples and singles.
July 2020: It seems that the place is getting popular among the naturist community therefore it gets very crowded during weekends. The beach is considerably small with rocky pebbly/shore. Mixed genders and ages with mainly couple around, there is a good atmosphere and friendly genuine naturists in there. They're are also scattered big rocks near the shore that make the place perfectly secluded and keep curious boats from approaching too close. I saw only 2 textile persons chilling at the far left side of the beach.
Early July 2023: Visited the beach early in the morning on a weekday. At first I was completely by myself but when I left there was a couple and a few single men, everyone nude. The only downside of this beach is that there are a few sea urchins in the water so be careful.


Legrena, Sounio

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Take the road from Athens to Sounion. Just past km 63 you will see a right turn with some sign labelled KAPE; follow the road for 0.5 km. The road ends at a bar with steps going down to a textile beach. At the far end of the beach (to the right as you face the sea) you will see a path leading over some rocks. On the other side of the rocks there is a small perfect pebbly beach. On a large rock someone has painted a big sign saying FKK and nude in Greek (Gymnos). There was one woman in a bathing suit being teased by her friends for clinging to her outmoded behaviour. Everyone else was nude. Some people slathered themselves with mud from the shore, kept it on for a while, and washed it off in the water. The water was clear, there were no urchins, the view wonderful. I suspect that it would be very crowded on a weekend.

2016: The beach is still 100% nudist. Very crowded on weekends. Come early on Sundays or risk not finding a spot.
A weekday there (late August 2017). Easily accessible beach via a path. Small beach, about 10-12m length, can be full with 10-15 bathers, rocky bottom, nothing special. Only 3 single men were there (is it a gay beach? I don't know).
May 2020: Visited as a couple on a Saturday. The beach has big pebbles and is quite small, but the access is very easy. It is nudist only and it was occupied mostly by couples and a few singles.
August 2020: We spent there one afternoon and one full weekday. The number of people was usually 10 - 20, mostly couples, all ages, more of the younger ones than on other Greek beaches. About 90% people naked, the rest were topless girls. Very nice pebble beach, clean sea, very nice for swimming. I have seen this beach as well on Saturday afternoon and it was really crowded (50 people?). In my opinion one of the nicest beaches we have seen on the mainland. On the weekend (if not coming early in the morning) leave your car at first free spot along the road from the main one - the parking space will be full. The bar above the textile beach is terribly overpriced.
A Saturday, early August 2021, there:
Pros, nice 100% nudist beach, where nobody stays dressed. About 5 naked couples, plus 10 lonely men and 2 lonely women were there. Wonderful scenery, no rubbish. Not very easy access, but 3 min. easy hiking for everyone, even if you are not fit (you must avoid sandals).
Cons, Parking your car is really very difficult problem, you must leave it at a distance. The beach is very small, so will be overcrowded at the visit of about 20 bathers.
June 2022: Great beach, still nudist. Most people know each other. The only problem is finding a spot to lay your towel on the beach.


2nd beach

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August 2020: There's a second naturist beach about 130 m NNW of the one above. It's much smaller, as well it's a pebble beach. You would get there by just going down from the parking lot. On Saturday afternoon it was really packed with about 15 people - men were all naked, but women with two naked exceptions were just topless. There's also one small cove for about 8 people to the northwest of this beach, but you need to wade there. Overall the beach above is much better.

I believe this post is also about this beach (moved from the one above):
September 2017: Two small beaches very nice. In the first beach there are about 10 people all naked. In the second there are two couples and they have sex activities but no problem.


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New nudist Beach reported May 2017: Located 400 metres north of Kakia Thalassa Beach, Keratea.
100 metres long beach, mostly sandy on the southern part.


The Captain has now received confirmatory reports about a nude beach at Vravrona, said to be better than Vouliagmeni. Apparently it's 30km from Athens near Porto Rafti and you can easily go there by bus from Pedio to Areos. When the bus arrives there is a 1km walk. This beach is located just after some houses called "Oikismos Polytechneiou".

Arriving by car, drive through the Vravrona settlement, past the rocky stretch to where the last big houses end, and there is a small peninsula on your left hand (with a fire brigade watching hut on top, that you may spot). There is an old bus stop at the left side of the road, behind which there is plenty of room to park your car. Park close to the main road, don't try to get further by car, you can get easily stuck on the unpaved roads. From there, you need to walk through the bushes to arrive at the nudist area. There are actually two locations:
one for mixed sexes (coordinates 37.920717, 24.030702)
and one for men only (coordinates 37.9220408, 24.0316584).
The first one is quite well maintained, with patches of pavement, while the gay spot is rocks only. Both spots are completely non-textile.

2017: This is a very old nudist beach in Athens. The only negative about that rocky beach is that old users are kinda aggressive against newcomers. Especially shy ones. The place can host 20+ people, but you can usually find a spot.There is a small beach below the parking lot. There are very few people during the day and they are almost [all] naked. In June, we were usually alone in the mornings. After midday, there are other couples and men on their own. Only one day was a man around us, exhibiting his huge penis in front of my wife.

August 2020: I visited this beach with my wife on a Sunday afternoon. There was about 15 naturists, mainly couples from ~ 35 to 70, with majority being around 50. They obviously knew each other, it is a kind of community. On one side they were even cooking some dish and they had some canvases bound atop to provide some shade. They were fine with us joining them and later even started chatting with us. They have been taking care of this place for about 30 years and they have quite strong opinion on gays and textiles - thus you will not find any of these on this spot. No beach, there are just stairs to the sea … and then you can swim. The sea and rocks on shore are nice. Good spot to stop by if you are around, but overall Legrena is much better.


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Reports reach the Captain of this very nice beach near Rafina. At the right hand end of the beach there are stairs and a path which gets you to a more isolated rocky part and if you go further you reach a beautiful bay where you can practise naturism. My contributor gave it 80% instead of 100% for 2 reasons: during "rush hours" you may find textiles (couples mostly) and because on the top of the cliff there are houses so you cannot rate the beach as "isolated". But it is beautiful and very near Athens.


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A long sandy beach which ends on the northeast in a rock face. Easy to find by following signs for olympic rowing centre (off Marathonas Ave). Once there keep left so sea is on your R. After about 1km you can drive into the pine forest on firm dirt tracks and find a private spot - there are isolated small groups of naturists here and there. Further on (back along the tarred beach road) you reach the northern end of the beach (passing a left turn for Dicastica). The flat bathing areas on the rocks are mostly naturist; people on the sand are textile. The sea is very shallow unless you go further along the rocks. Should you choose an adventurous trek up an obvious path heading over the hill you will find an extensive, quiet rocky beach with lots of privacy.

Now (2014) Schinias forest is well known and naturist groups don't exist any more. If still there's a nudist man or woman, that means 1% nudity. The atmosphere is always textile. So avoid and go to Ramnous, about 25 min. trip. In September, when schools open, will be OK for a sunbathe without swimsuit and nude swimming.

Schinias should be added to the beaches we lost (September 2015). Although schools were opened, so no kids there, we were naked on a dressed beach. After our arrival, my wife understood that she was the only topless woman at the beach. After that she dared to be completely nude. I followed her and nobody disturbed us. A single man also was naked. Nice beach, not a nudist beach any more.

Schinias Autumn 2019: Since last year Schinias has changed quite a bit. All the tavernas at the forest end of the beach have been removed and a clamp-down on car access has meant casual visitors have left, especially weekdays and out of season. For the past two Saturdays my wife and I have been nude and not had an issue. Many other bathers especially in the middle forest were also nude. A few single men chatting and also some couples. The beach was far cleaner than in the past and the sea was wonderful.

Schinias Autumn 2023 Naturism continues on the weekends and week during the off peak season. My wife and I were one of many couples on the beach last Sunday. The shallow clear water makes for perfect late season swimming. Schinias is a long beach. This small map might help to locate the best spot for naturism. The red path leads though the forest.


Dicastica (Dikastika)

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Easy to find. Take the left turn just before the end of the Schinias Road. Over the hill and take the first turning R (very sharp and downhill). About half km down here you can park and walk around R near sea level, or drive up, round further and make your descent from the road.

Isolated pockets of naturists along the rocks. You need decent shoes to clamber to the best spots.

There are 2-3 km of wonderful rocks and very clean water. You can dive into the water from heights from 50cm to 12m! The water is very deep, don't worry.



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Not exactly in down-town but it's close enough to reach it for a one-day excursion. You can only go there by car but, preferably, you should have someone local to assist you or you may be lost in a maze of dirt roads.

Ramnounta lies on a wild coast east of Marathonas and isn't easy to find. Here are directions from Grammatiko to Agia Marina church where you can park.

The following are improved directions submitted by a Barefooter who visited in July 2007. Take Marathonas Ave from Athens and turn R into Marathonas on a one-way system. Follow signs for National Rd. After a few turns you will see a sign for Grammatiko, take this. Follow winding Rd for 5km, take R to 'SPORTS VILLAGE'. Pass SPORTS VILLAGE after 3km and take left when road forks. 1km later the road becomes dirt but 4 wheel drive not essential. Keep right at fork and after steep narrow descent park at small church. Follow coast along fence for 10 mins to naturist areas. As a consequence of this isolated drive the beaches are very quiet and peaceful. Worth the trip.

I'm leaving the older directions in because of the rather startling description of part of the drive. Take the road to Schinias, a large sandy beach. You will see a sign to Agia Marina's FB, a ferry port. You might also see a sign to the archeological site of Ramnous, the Temple of Nemesis. On the road from Schinias to Agia Marina you will see a left turn to Grammatiko. Take it. Before you reach Grammatiko you will see a a very sharp right turn, close to 145 degrees. The road is marked to Limnionas. Coming from Grammatiko you can see the sign. Coming from Aiyas Marinas you can't see it, but it is the only turn on the road. There was also a crude hand-painted cardboard sign to Ramnous leaning up against the signpost for the official sign. After a mile the road becomes a dirt road, with rocks, ruts, holes, and the occasionally dizzying fenceless shoulderless drop-off to an abyss below. Continue for 4.2 miles and don't lose hope. You will pass a left turn to Limnionas (in Greek only); keep going straight.. You will see the archaeological site in the distance, and then, at the bottom of a cove, a white building and parked cars. Soon thereafter the road becomes crudely paved, and then it becomes dirt again, the scariest road my reporter has ever driven, huge holes in the road and opportunity to plunge into the sea on the left. It is very steep. The white building and the parking lot are at the bottom of the road.


Park and walk for about ten minutes along the coast with the sea on your left. You will pass two small textile beaches, and then clamber over the rocks to the first of three nude coves. Take your choice. All are beautiful, the sea crystal clear and easy to walk into (watch out for black sea urchins which are not too numerous but still a risk). The beaches are pebble beaches, not real sand. At the rear of the beach there is a fence separating it from the archaeological site. Opening the fence would eliminate a very exciting drive! The coves were pretty nearly 100% nude.

The place is an ancient site and, whereas the beach is free, there is heavy fencing to protect the archaeological site and the excavation in progress. There are five beaches after the rocks. Keep going till you find the best one. This is your nude beach. You may find occasional textiles but no problem. Suggest you explore the entire span of individual small beaches so you can make your choice. My correspondent rated this 90%.
Ramnounta last beach 2020
Ramnounta1.jpg Ramnounta3.jpg

Recent reports

We visit this beach every year and it is still a hidden naturist paradise, frequented mostly by couples. It is pebbly and requires some climbing to get to the eastern part which is more beautiful. But it is worth the effort.

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