Halkidiki is a territory in northern Greece near Thessaloniki. It ends in three narrow pieces of land, like the prongs of a rather wide fork.

In recent years many Bulgarian, Romanian and Serbian tourists come by car and they reach even the most remote beaches where flight tourists do not go. This makes it difficult for nudists to find any place at all in high season.

Nea Moudania

Here's the Google Maps view

Agios Mamas is an excellent sandy beach with a nude bathing area +/- 3 km.

How to get there: Direction Sythonia / Nea Moudania: From highway at Nea Moudania turn left direct Sythonia (Nikiti/Polygros). After about 3 km turn at first sign into village. Go through the village 1.2 km towards the beach (paralia). Before arriving at the beach turn on the asphalt road to the right, direction army camp (1.5 km). In front of the army camp (camp KEDA) turn again on a road/track (Odos Makedonias) towards the beach (1.5 km).

Going on the track to the beach you will see there is enough space (very flat) and only a few cars.

If travelling from the Kassandra peninsula, cross the canal at Potidea, then leave the highway and make your way to the harbour at eastern end of the canal. From here, a track heads north just behind the beach (not too rough). Travel 2 to 3 km along this track to the concrete watch tower. Beyond this point the sweeping sandy beach is virtually deserted even on a busy weekend. Park somewhere adjacent to track and walk the 50 or so metres to the beach. Absolutely no facilities at all so take an umbrella and lots of water.

A report from August 2006 confirms this information and describes the beach as "amazing". Really big and spacious, excellent sands and water quality, not visible from access road, easy to find a peaceful spot where you are practically alone. In August a Barefoot reporter did not spot any other nudists there apart from himself. Still it was no problem though, the beach is so big that no-one minds, there is plenty of space for everyone; the closest textiles were more than 200m away.

According to a recent report, there has been set a new beach bar and lots of umbrellas for textiles near the Potidea bridge. You will have to drive or walk more to the North in order to avoid the crowd during July and August.

Barefooters who visited in September 2007 found this to be by far the best beach on/near that Peninsula. The beach stretches for several kilometres, heading east away from Nea Potidea, with the western part textile (mainly Greek families). Beyond the two beach bars near the watch tower, there was just a scattering of people - a few couples and single men, mainly nude. Lovely sandy/fine shingle (including into the water) and nice nude walks along the shoreline possible. The track which runs behind the beach is perfectly OK for a small car, and there are several access lanes down from the main road. They used the one marked "to the Wet Wet beach Bar" (which is next to the watch tower).


03.09.2016: Visited today 100 mtrs from watch tower only 2 couples at 10.30; by 12.00 we were the only naturists surrounded by textile families but no-one said anything and we all sunbathed and swam in harmony. Great beach.

20.07.2017: Visited today. After reaching the watch tower we had to drive back looking for an empty spot. There was only one more beach bar (named Mama B*tch) apart from the one near watch tower and 100 metres after that a quiet empty beach. We were there at 11 but after 1pm textiles started surrounding us. So try and go before afternoon.


12.06.2022 Visited today. Came in from nearer the town to the watch tower and followed the asphalt road round to the left alongside the beach. Went past what is labelled as Mojito on Google maps and turned on 3rd right track (Opposite Ammos House Seaview on GM) weather not great today so beach virtually deserted apart from a family some 100 yards away. Beach thin at this point with a little seaweed from storms. Water was shallow for a reasonable distance walking out.

14.06.2022 Quick update, went again today but in the more conventional spot to the right of the watch tower and about 100 yards past what I presume was a beach bar with sun beds etc. Initially had a spot all to ourselves with a solitary lady and a couple turning up later on, well spread out and all naturists. Beach quite good here and sea was nice and clear.

First peninsula – Kassandra

In general Kassandra is not a good place for nudism. Too many guests come by car from Eastern Europe and Thessaloniki and reach every hidden beach in high season.

Afitos (Afytos)

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Afitos is a smallish, pleasant resort on the eastern side of the Kassandra peninsula. It has two main beaches, both textile, but at the top end of the northernmost (left hand) beach there is a small naturist / mixed area beyond the rocks. Walk past all the sunbeds, etc. to where the beach narrows right down, either scramble over the rocks, or paddle round to the small sandy cove beyond. Alternatively a short concrete path leads up to an abandoned building and another short path leads down to the beach from there.

If you get there early enough, you can have the choice of a couple of secluded areas between large rocks. There is excellent, easy access to the sea, and although there are sea urchins on a rocky outcrop, there is no need to go anywhere near them. The beach is backed by cliffs, and so tends to lose the sun by about 5.00pm. Though there are no facilities it is only a few hundred metres to the taverna and bar on the main beach. Unfortunately this means that you may be subjected to some noise and the occasional sightseer, though Captain Barefoot's reporters found neither to be too much of a nuisance. In late June and early July 2001, the balance was 50/50 or better in favour of naturism, even at the weekend. Some days they had the place to themselves.

The village of Afitos sits on the cliff top overlooking the beaches. During July and August there is a free hourly bus service between the resort and the beaches. At other times it's a 15 minute walk. Maybe not the best beach in Greece, but very convenient if you find yourself in the delightful village of Afitos.

One Barefooter, reporting from July 2007, says there are fairly small sandy spots between the rocks. The directions are correct, and if you do not like to climb over those rocks, it is easy to wade through the water.

Update May 2016 - I scrambled over the rocks a little beyond the crumbling wall and snorkelled naked for a while. Nobody bothered me and i saw a good variety of small fish among the rocks.

There is one larger sandy area, but it is frequented by boats, and no-one went naked. My reporter stayed in one of the smaller spots. There is also a staircase and elevator going up the cliff, which ends in a private development, which my reporter used to leave the beach.

Sani Beach

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Near Sani village there is an excellent sandy beach with dunes and forest with a nude bathing area +/- 3 km.
How to get there: Direction “Sani Beach Resort”. Next to Sani Beach Hotel go from the beach bar of the hotel on the beach to the earth or go from the parking of the Sani Marina part walking on the small track to the north between a Laguna and the forest to the beach. Other reporters weren't too impressed with this beach. There is a large development of textile beach clubs at the south end. There were a small number of naturists hidden amongst the dunes beyond the umbrellas but it was necessary to put a costume on to bathe. The water did not look too inviting because of black seaweed and hidden rocks.


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Siviri Halkidiki is a resort after Kalithea. At Kalithea turn right (as you are coming from Thessalonika, there is a sign for Kassandria, Siviri, Fourka) at the traffic lights (6km). Enter the village from the main road and go all straight ahead till you see the sea. This is the centre of Siviri, you must turn left as the street goes and then the road will be side by side with the beach. Drive until the end of the road (it's a dead-end). Park and then walk south (on your left as you see the sea). There you will find several secluded sandy beaches with rocks also, very beautiful. When the village is full of tourists you may need to get past the first 2 secluded beaches in order to be naked. There are 5 beaches that you can easily go.

The only disadvantage is that you may see black seaweed.

Reports say that only a few people use the beach, so it seems like a nice place for relaxation and nude sunbathing and swimming.
Barefooters who visited in September 2007 were unable to confirm the above reports. In fact they found that as the beach goes south from this small resort, it narrows to virtually nothing. They could see no separate beaches going south and no naturists - just a few textile sunbathers and swimmers.

Posidi (or Poseidi)

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Easy to find on the map, Cape Posidi offers a great beach for nudism. Coming from Thessaloniki/Moudania turn right at Kallithea T-junction. Drive about 20km. Take the road on your right on the first junction after Fourka crossroad, and then again right. The road leads by the sea and if you continue you end up first in a military-owned camping area (part of a military training facility - the Captain previously understood it to be owned by a university) and then to an EOT camping. About 100m before the military camping take the non-asphalt road on your left that leads towards the sand. Leave your car there (unless you have a good 4x4) and walk west about 200m on the HOT sand (so wear shoes). Don’t use the beach on your left. It's usually a family beach. The beach will pay you back the effort. There's sea at the 75% of your horizon and a nice lighthouse far behind you. Stay from 60 to 300m from the tip of the cape. Too near is rather dangerous to swim due to currents, and too far you'll get mixed up with dressed students and families off the nearby camping sites. Take umbrella, water and snacks, but the University canteen is not too far.

Prefer to go whole June, first half of July and/or after 15th of August. At this part of this very long beach the nudists are usually 70%.

The contributor’s report gives a 70% rating. Other reports give it a 90%.

A report from 2006 said nudists were very rare in August, about 25%. Depending on the weather there were very large (and dangerous) waves and strong currents.

One report from July 2007 described this as "a very nice beach". However another reporter who was there in the third week of July did not feel very comfortable when he stripped - definitely best to go outside the peak season. It was also windy and the waves made it hard to swim.

Reports reach the Captain of a beach near Loutra. Drive past Loutra (from Nea Skioni) for just 200 m. After a pavilion on the right, you'll go down a dirt track on your right side. After a few metres the road diverts [I think he means divides]. The closest (pebble) beach is down on the right, but there are also good possibilities if you go the longer distance to the left. Further reports would be most welcome.
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To reach this beach take the road that forks left just before leaving Pefkohori village. The road becomes unmetalled and travels between some villas. After passing the villas you come to a crossroads - take the left turn to the beach. This beach is about 300 m long, at the south end it is sandy and very pretty with a picturesque inlet. A Barefoot reporter found naturists half way along the beach on the shingle part. The pebbles are small and not uncomfortable. If you are lying down near the water's edge or in the sea you cannot be seen from the dirt road. It's hard to know what this beach will be like in high season but in October 2002 it was very nice.

Paliouri / Kanistro

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Near Paliouri, Paliouri beach has a small sandy beach for ~1-2 km with pine trees.

When driving down on the main road from Afitos/Kalithea right before you reach the town of Paliouri, there is a sign for the road to 'Kaviotpo' [= Kanistro]. It is a regular asphalted road, with a supermarket on one corner and a gas station (Kaoil Petrol) on the other. Take that road for about 2km, and you will see another road to the left going down to the beach. When you get to the beach, the left side beyond the holiday homes is used by naturists. It is a pebble beach, and getting in and out of the water is not that easy. Beware of sea urchins as well.

The above directions seem to be for what is called Kanistro beach on Google Maps, rather than "Paliouri beach" as labelled a couple of miles further north, which is much closer to the main road. Would someone like to dispel this confusion?

Second peninsula – Sithonia

Once a paradise for nudism, places became overcrowded due to many guests coming by car from Eastern Europe that reach every hidden beach in high season.



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This beach is located south of Fava beach. It has a few campers and it usually accessed through Fava, by going over the hill. It is mostly nudist with few textile visitors from Fava.

2021: Visited the beach in July and found few people, mostly nude.
May 2022: Very few people, all nude.



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A little piece of heaven, this beach is an official nudist one, according to my correspondent. Quiet and crystal waters, white smooth rocks and small pieces of sand. Very crowded in July and August. You will find it 5-7 kms north of Sarti village, where you can stay. Unfortunately there's no sign to this beach and you'll have to ask the local people to locate this small bay but when you get there you will love it. It can't be seen from the main road, you'll get there by walking about 50 metres.


Unfortunately in August 2006 this beach was 100% textile. It was impossible to find any space, apart from rocky outcrops to sunbathe nude for maybe 10 minutes before loads of textiles would walk around "taking a peek". Amazing beach but shame it's 100% over to textiles now, since it used to be the 'traditional' nudist beach in Chalkidiki. In June 2007, the rule seems to be "arrive first and set the standard". Be careful while approaching the beach since reports talk about litter and dirt thrown on the path.

2010 - according to www.greeka.com: "Kavourotrypes beach was a nudist beach initially, though now no nudity is allowed at this beach", so we have probably lost it. But here's a nice cove, less than a kilometre away, on which a report would be most welcome…

2015: Overcrowded beach with no nudists but still a very beautiful bay.

2021: The main beaches are crowded with tourists, so there is no possibility of nudism here. However, there are smaller beaches in the area with nudists, even in high season. For example Between Aquamarina and Orange Beach and Southeast of Paradise Beach.

Platanitsi North

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This is located 2 km before Sarti. You can reach it either through the Platanitsi camping (enter and turn left to the far edge of the camping) or through the forest from Kavourotrypes. It is a semi-free camping site with many nudists and scores 95% as a beach. It is signed but not as an official nude beach.
According to my correspondent the eastern part of the 2nd foot of Halkidiki is generally suitable for "open minded" people.

A report from August 2006 confirms this information. The beach was about 35% nude, but fully mixed, no-one minds, excellent atmosphere. It offers great nude walking opportunities across the rocks reaching Kavourotrypes, though as you get closer to there you need to wear a bathing suit in August as it is inundated with not-very-friendly textiles. Barefoot reporters rate the beach 90%.

A report from June 2007 says the south beach was definitely textile, but the really stunning northern beach was a good clothing-optional beach.

Alternative description: About 80 minutes walk on foot from Sarti to north is Platanitsi beach and campsite. At the camp reception turn left, straight across small "river" and you can walk nude 2 km and you will come to nudist camp with beautiful beach. There were about 20 persons on the first June week. From this beach starts an excellent seaside with rocks (500 - 700 m long/). After this area, where you can walk also nude, you will come to "orange beach". It is 50% - 70% nude with beach bar on the hill, several secluded places for 4 - 10 persons and 1 large beach which is textile. There are mainly Greeks, Slovak, Czech and German people with friendly atmosphere.

2021: Visited these beaches quite a few times and found many campers here. We accessed it both through Platanitsi camping and Kavourotrypes. There is a big beach which can vary as to the number of nudists and to the south there are smaller beaches that are 100% nude.

2022: There is lots of naturist campers in camping area with tents and caravan.

Platanitsi1.jpg Platanitsi2.jpg

Portakali Beach

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2022: Amazing beach, but main beach is occupied by textiles. There is still nudist place with 3 signboard just right side of beach on the rock. Take right and follow small path near sea, 10-20 meters later there are lots of spots for nude sunbathing.


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Near the village of Sarti, an excellent sandy beach with rocks at the end. There is a nude bathing area +/- 1 km.
How to get there: Take the main road to Sarti. After village the road turns and goes up to the mountains and the next village. Before going up (hotel Villa Phillis at left ) drive to (km 81) the apartment building (apartments Apxonthaphi).
At the right hand side of the road there are some houses and there are cottages on the left. Turn left on the small track towards the beach and the small bungalows. There is a large parking area and you will arrive at the beach: big and very nice sandy beach but in the season not many people turn to the right; that is where my correspondent presumably recommends us to go.

Another report says that the south part of the main beach at Sarti is also appropriate for nude swimming and sunbathing. It is not crowded and the sea is wonderful.

How to get there: When you will walk through rocks - about 15-20 minutes you will go to next 2 beaches. The last one is visited mainly by naturists and you can walk there nude all the days. There are no facilities but nice sea, beach and only a few persons. The contributor gives a rating of 70%.

On the north part of Sarti village you can walk about 15 minutes to next 3 beaches. On the third is a small camp and port but the second beach with nice sand and rocks on both ends is very nice and mostly nudist. Rating: 80 %. See it here


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Kriaritsi is to the south of Sarti and you literally have to drive through a maze to get there. The best way to reach it is following the proper arrows on the road (careful with the GPS). There are 3 beaches here with nice gold sand, 2 campsites with beach bar, with very few people in June. The scenery is exquisite.

2015: Kriaritsi is no longer a 100% nudist beach as there is a camping ground and a restaurant. It's very crowded in high season with tourists from easten Europe. Only the far left part of the main beach (as you reach the beach by road) is left to naturists and especially the two very small beaches to the right (after you climb over some rocks).

2021: The second beach is 100% nude and it is usually full of free campers. The 3rd beach now has a beach bar, but no one bothers you. You can access this beach from the main one, by climbing on the rocks, or from the Hawaii beach bar.

May 2022: Still an amazing nudist beach. This year someone is building a kiosk on the rocks between the first and second beach. This has made access to the nudist beach easier for now, but I hope that the kiosk doesn't mean that the nudist beach will be ruined with another beach bar. Another report from Marijuan in August says "There are 2 campsites: Paradissos and Christina. On the right facing the sea, after climbing some easy rocks it used to be a wild naturist camping with nude people.
"These are NOT anymore as Theea Beachbar has risen on the cliffs and took both of the gulfs. There are sunbeds and so on there. The Kriaritsi Nude Beach is dead."



See it on Google Maps

When you reach the village Kalamitsi you see the main beach which is for textiles and the main road beside the beach. Follow the main road having the sea on your right. You will see rooms for rent, a supermarket, restaurants and a camping. The road after a while becomes a blind road. Park the car and walk a few metres until you see a path which leads you over a small hill with bushes. After 5 minutes walking you will see the beach.
It is sandy with many tents and clear water. There are no facilities. Usually there are 15-30 people most of them Greek and some foreigners in high season, but on weekends more Greeks arrive from Thessaloniki. This beach is 100% nudist.
Both Kalamitsi and Platanitsi (below) are a bit spoiled by the presence of rather slummy tents, caravans and camper-vans placed directly on the sand, just a few metres from the shore. They apparently belong to weekenders from Thessaloniki who leave them abandoned the rest of the time.

A report from June 2007 described Kalamitsi as "just wonderful and naturist".
Nonetheless, recent reports (July 2007) say this is still a nice beach, even with the tents and sunshades at the back. If you do not like a beach which is a bit more lively, then you should look for another one. Fairly quiet on weekdays, much more lively on the weekends (and probably August). 85% + nude.
A report from September 2007 agreed that this was a lovely sheltered sandy cove with only a few (all nude) people on it, but several permanent-looking tents, etc. rather spoiled the look of the beach.
2015: still a few nudists there and still these ugly tents.
2021: This remains the most well-known nudist beach in Halkidiki. The tents still remain and it is almost as if a new village has been established with both Greeks and foreigners. People of all ages, singles, couples and families visit this beach and it there is a very nice vibe to it.


Paradise Beach

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This is a protected and clean, clothing-optional beach where naturists and textiles share friendly. The ratio of naturists varies depending on the day and time, between 30% and 70% (in the summer of 2014).
There is no sign that denotes the name of the beach and no facilities. There are some tents that belong to naturists who stay on the beach for a long time, i.e. a week or so.

How to get there: Following the main road that passes by Kalamitsi, Porto Koufo, Toroni and Neos Marmaras (from south to north), 17.5 kilometres after Kalamitsi, 7.5 kilometres after Porto Koufo and a few kilometres after Toroni, you will see the sign "Tristinika" and "Aretes Beach" to the left. Turn left and follow the narrow road. You should drive 2.6 km to Paradise Beach from that point. Keep to the right when the road diverges. The last 200 metres is a dirt road. You will see the parked cars on the both sides of the road, and the beach on the left. Leave your car and walk down 50 metres. You are in Paradise!

2021: This a nudist campsite with many people, mostly greek. The beach is amazing and definitely worth a visit.

Porto Karras

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Porto Karras Beach has a large number of small rocky beaches with sand - nude bathing for +/- 5km.

How to get there: Take the main road to Porto Karras. After the hotel and beach resort Porto Karras follow the main road and turn first road left after +/- 1 km (kilometre 61) sign Europcamp - Camping Stavros. This small paved road goes down to the sea (5.4 km) through a pine forest, and close to the sea one can park the car and walk/climb down to several small beaches. At one point the road meet the end of the domain of Porto Karras and there is a small car parking area (blue sign Litikis village). You can stop there and walk to the right into the domain.

This is a protected nature reserve with beautiful creeks and beaches for +/- 5 km to the hotel/marina. The area belongs to the hotel but there is no problem to walk on that road (closed for all traffic) and to go down to the beaches. The other possibility is going further by car on this main road and turn left going down toward a camping site. From there to the camping site there are some creeks and small beaches where you will be alone (some boats). It seems to be difficult to get from the road to the beach but at some places it is very easy; you just have to try.

2022 Update: Porto Karras still available for naturism. There are several middle and small beaches mostly use by nudist. Beaches can be access via trekking road, kayaking from sea.

Third peninsula – Athos

Note: The third peninsula of Halkidiki is a special case. Ouranoupolis is the last town you can visit freely. Further inside the peninsula, women are prohibited, and men need special approval which is supplied several weeks before the visit, since this place is meant to be “sacred”. On this rocky area, one of the most beautiful places in the world, lie dozens of monasteries and hermitages, some of which have stood there for more than 6 centuries. Our advice is to be discreet if you go nude near these places.


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Athos is not a good place for nudism at all being a holy place for greek orthodoxy. Don't expect any tolerance by the locals or the many pilgrims.
This beach is on the third (Mount Athos) prong of Halkidiki and is an extension of the main town beach. From the harbour, walk along the long sandy beach (which is used by Greek holidaymakers and locals) up to the point where several rocks and a small jetty form a barrier. Walk around the rocks to find a small sandy cove with easy access into a very clear sea. My contributor and his wife spent a fortnight here in July [year?] and we had no problem going nude for all that time - there was one other nude German couple there also and several naturist individuals dropped in from time to time. There were quite a lot of ants but even these were "friendly" and did not seem to bite.

Also, opposite Ouranoupolis, there is an island called Donkey Island (part of the Drenia islands - see here) brings you to a fairly large shingle cove where there is no problem going nude. Take plastic shoes for going in the water though. Barefoot reporters only visited this beach once as the first beach on the mainland was more than adequate.
2017: The small island between Ouranoupoly and Donkey island (Pena Island) has also a very nice small beach facing south-west. This beach is accessible only from the sea.


See the whole island on Google Maps

This near-by island offers also several lonely beaches with great opportunities to be naked. Off-season you can enjoy nudist life on the beaches Karagatsi, Agios Georgios and Faka. Tourkolimano is a small lonely place just accessible from the sea in the very south of the main island.
June 2017: Faka and the other nearby beaches are great locations to enjoy the evening sun. Karagatsi can still be enjoyed naked on the south-east end of the beach. The rest turned textile since the beach bar has opened. Small beaches for nudists can be found on the left or the right side of Galopigado beach as well. We had great 2 weeks on Ammouliani being naked every day. We noticed that the beaches are more clean than in earlier years. It seems that visitors are starting to take more care about the plastic littering.

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