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Nei Pori beach

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Nudism occurs near Nei Pori Beach, on the east coast of the mainland, which is about 20-30 minutes drive south of Katerini on the coastal highway. Walk 500m south along the beach until you get past the restaurants and buildings etc and keep going around the bend. On a Sunday in July 2005, there were small numbers of older couples and single males.

Note that on weekends during August I doubt that there would be any nudism there - too many textiles.

Nei Pori is one of a vast stretch of resort beaches along the coast from Katerini southwards. It seems to cater for package tourists and groups from FYROM (aka Skopje) and Romania, in addition to many Greeks and some Germans etc. It is extremely busy in August.

Update September 2016: On the weekend in early September we observed some gay couples, few single males and just two couples. We had some difficulties to find the beach so we think that the following coordinates will be helpful: 39°58'25.5"N 22°39'48.9"E

Highway between Thessaloniki and Athens near to Ekaterini (north):
Unlikely as it may sound, the Captain is told there are some small rocky beaches suitable for naturism near Gritsa village. Nude bathing area of some 300m in some small coves (See if you can find them on Google Maps).
How to get there: Turn from the Highway in the opposite direction from the village. Between the sea and the railway there is a large new road. Between the road and the sea there are some small coves with beaches and rocks; some nude bathing there.

Olympic beach & Korinos

A report reaches the Captain about 2 beaches that can be found just off the city of Katerini, in northern Greece (75km from Salonika).

Directions for Olympic beach: See on Google Maps
1. From Katerini (or the highway) we follow the road to Paralia. Just after the railway the road splits and we take the right direction which leads to Olympic beach after 7km (left direction leads to Paralia). When we reach the beach we drive left to the end of the buildings and park. We walk for about 5-10min. and the beach gets totally empty.
2. If we choose left direction, when we reach Paralia we drive to left [I think he means right surely!] and we reach Olympic beach after 5km. Between Paralia and Olympic Beach there is a beautiful long sandy beach, but don't get nude there, because it may look empty (especially on weekdays mornings) but that doesn't hold for long.
3. When we reach to Olympic Beach, drive to the right. There, to the southeast part, you will find a large parking that usually has buses. From there drive to the south, through a sandy road. The road is OK, but you have to be cautious of sand, car may stick in some places. You can pretty much park you car anywhere till the river and enjoy your stay. There may be few nudists before the river, but I suggest going further. You don't have great privacy, as far as there is no physical obstacle between the rest of the beach and nudist side. You will find mostly textile-free people, but as far as it is very accessible from the village, people may walk or swim next to you. It is a very long beach with lots of space for everyone, but still some textile people prefer to come to that side of the beach.

Update September 2016: We used this beach for a 5 days in September. Few males were here and only two topless ladies. GPS coordinates of the "parking area" ;) 40°13'51.2"N 22°35'10.2"E

August 2017: The nudist part of the Olympic beach is as described above and it was quite long. Even nudists could be far from each other. On the day of my visit there were several males and 2-3 naked couples.

Directions for Korinos: See on Google Maps
1. On the highway from Salonika to Athens, just before Katerini there is exit for Korinos. Then follow the signs to the beach (8km). The tarmac ends just before the beach but the road along the beach is perfectly OK even for normal (not 4x4) cars.
2. From Katerini we take the road to Paralia and when we reach Paralia we drive all to the left along the beach. 1km later the tarmac stops for 500m and continues again. Korinos is about 6km from that point. Along the way there is a clear view of the beach connecting Paralia and Korinos, which offers opportunities for nudism, too.

About the beaches: Nice sandy beaches, great views of Olympus, but the water is not always clear, depending on the wind. Avoid Korinos on weekends, because some people will show up, but the beach has places to hide. Another report describes Korinos as a large and quiet beach. Olympic Beach (Paralia Katerini) has been a nudist beach since one of my correspondents came to live in the area 14 years ago.


Nea Iraklia

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This beach is a little further from Thessaloniki, about 35 km towards Halkidiki. At Agios Pavlos turn right, drive into this small village and then follow the road towards Nea Iraklia. Before arriving in Nea Iraklia (you will see the village on a hill in front of you), turn left at a vineyard…drive straight through towards the sea, once there turn right and drive till you see a white pavilion in the middle of nowhere…make a left and enjoy your stay at this very nice and quite sandy beach. The part from the pavilion and for about 300 m to the left is frequented by nudists, and to the end also by some gays (locals and from Thessaloniki ). Apparently there is a good view of Olympus.

The Captain is told that nude people have been seen there during the whole summer period, at least over the last three years. Water, depending on wind directions, can be from clear to almost acceptable, usually though it is fair enough. There are absolutely no facilities of any kind (toilets, showers, shops, etc), so bring with you whatever you think you may need. My contributor says he surely hopes that next season he will find a space for his towel at this really wonderful beach.

Epanomi (Potamos)

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The village of Epanomi has two excellent sandy beaches with dunes, one to the Southwest (Paralia Epanomis facing West) and the other, a little further away to the South (facing South) called Potamos. The latter has a nude bathing area +/- 3 km which is the subject of these directions. Between the two is a long, sandy cape with a lighthouse and a shipwreck close East of it.

How to get there: Epanomi is quite a substantial place, some 4 kilometres inland; upon arrival look for signs towards “paralia Potamos” (beach - approx 7km). Nude bathing stops at the end of beach near to the camping (Akti Retzika). Leaving the busy beach-bars to your left and walking towards the Fanaria/Nauagio (you could also go by car, but a 4x4 is needed, the dirt road has quite a few sand pits on the way) you encounter more and more nudists. About 400m from the end of the beach bars there is a little fisherman's hut inland on the right with a couple of boats on the sand in front of it, after the boats there are always some nudists (about 85%) mostly locals and Greek couples, very friendly atmosphere. You do get the odd textile having a peek though, as it is easy walking distance from the textile part of the beach.

Further on (about 1km from the beach bars) and closer to the actual "nauagio" (sunken ship) you encounter large groups of mostly male/gay nudists. That area is also more quiet, though the sea is not that great there, some rocks and black sea-weed, possibly urchins too. The first place (just after the boats) has great sparkling green waters and sand throughout. Just ignore any on-lookers, that's what my contributor and 4 other couples did. This report dates from the busiest time of the year: 15 August 2006, and it was still 85% nude there.

New Report April 2021: Found the beach through photos in Google Maps (i.e. photo 1, photo 2 and photo 3).
You can find it by following the signs to Potamos beach and then after you reach the sea, you go past the crowded beach bars to the right. The nudist part is around the middle between the beach bars and the shipwreck.
We visited on an April Sunday with great weather and found there another 2 couples and a single woman. The beach is amazing, especially the part near and after the shipwreck. At the nudist part you will notice that someone has created (almost) private spots with sand (see the photos below to understand what I mean):

Epanomi_Navagio_1.jpg Epanomi_Navagio_2.jpg

Loutra Elefteron

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The nudist beach near Kavala, said by my source to be a legal beach, is found near the main road from Kavala to Thessaloniki, 46 kilometres from Kavala at Loutra Elefteron. This beach is one of the best nudist beaches in Northern Greece!! At the same time it is quite large. Following the national road from Kavala to Thessaloniki, in the 44th kilometre you will see signs (in English and Greek) for Thermal Springs baths. We go straight on and do not turn. After two to two and a half kilometres we turn left into the earth-road next to the sign we see in the second photo. The beach has fine sand but the sea is with pebbles. That makes it a bit slippery to enter the water. Bathing shoes make it easier to enter. As it's a remote beach there is no service for trash removal. So please take everything back you bring to the beach to keep it clean!!! For those who like wild camping or come with a recreational vehicle there is no good space at the nudist beach. But coming from Thessaloniki there is a nice bay just before reaching the nudist beach with plenty of space and good for nudism too.

You see this sign about 3km before turning left (coming from Kavala ) Turn left (coming from Kavala) when you see this sign
Presumably this is the eastern beach

You can also follow these instructions [] by Google Maps.

90% of those at the beach are nudists, mainly Greek men and women because the beach is not well known to tourists. When you go there you will love it. Even non-nudists join after a while. You will face no problem from anyone. But to find the beach you have to be careful to turn left (again driving FROM Kavala) to the sign you see in the second photo. Turn and drive a bit towards the sea. Sitting anywhere in the beach seems fine although the right part is usually mainly gay couples. Textiles usually sit in the mid-section.

2016: many nude couples, 90% textile free. Visited on a weekday, late in the afternoon, amidst of July. On the far right side (large rocks) there were few men, in the middle there were 6-7 camps and on the far left a couple and 1-2 men.

Aug 2020: Nudist area in the middle of the beach, where mainly couples stay, marked with large letters. 100% nudists.

July2022: Right side is mainly use by nudist gays middle section is using by couples. There is no any facilities. Sea shoes must worn because of sea urchins. During our visit more than 20 couple and 30 gay using this beach. %100 nudist


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The nudist beach is in the very east of the long beach of Keramoti. It's a wonderful sandy beach with shallow water. No shade available, so take your parasol with you. Every now and then, clothed beach hikers or joggers come by, but this is not a problem as the beach is very wide.

The approach via the dirt road is a bit difficult as the path is very sandy. Immediately before the military area, turn into the small forest path and follow the course. After the small wood, turn right towards the beach. The path is narrow and in some places sandy. Not suitable for rental cars. When driving through the small forest, branches scratch the car. The path is therefore not suitable for new cars. If the way to this great beach was easy, it would no longer be a nudist beach! Alternatively, you can park your car next to the military area and walk along the beach to the nudist area (800m).

There are no trash cans on the beach or in the parking lot. So take trash bags with you and don't leave the trash lying around. In Keramoti there are garbage containers where you can dispose of the garbage bags. You can also find out about the beach in the Facebook group ( if you're a member.


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