Fourni is described in Frewin Poffley's guide as one of the last few remaining unspoilt islands in Greece.

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A correspondent who visited this island in May 1998 says there is a beach to the north of the village which is reached by walking round the shore. Nudity is possible at either end depending on who gets there first. [This would be Psili Ammos, which has a taverna.] There are other beaches but you have to walk. My contributor did not need to in May but there will always be an element of uncertainty. Very quiet, friendly, backward in the best sense, Fourni grows on you - especially when the wind blows and the boat does not come for several days.


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A Barefoot reporter visited this fine pebble / coarse sand mixture beach in June 2005 and found it lovely and clean with crystal clear water. He was alone there with his wife for entire afternoons. Since it's a long way south of Fourni harbour, it's a good idea to rent a motorbike there and take the (asphalted) road in the direction of Vlyhada at the south end of the island with nice views of the surrounding islands. Vitsilia beach is at the end (1.5 km) of an unpaved road starting on the left of the main road after Petrokopio. My reporter rated it 80%.

Checked one month ago on 15 June 2021, due to the very good road leading to it, it's become a little bit too popular. Although we have find some people more naked than dressed around their caravans but still far from categorize it as a nudist beach. However, you can still find a place for a swim.



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Amazing beach, after Kambi and next to Petrokopio, the path at the end of the road is not too complicated and very short. Very beautiful beach, almost 100% nudist in 2015.

2018 July: This is a great beach, and was nearly always 100% nudist in the week I was here - there was the odd family who turned up and left pretty quickly, or left shortly after people stripped off, but no issue raised. To confirm, it is the sandy beach to the north of Petrokopio (not the two stony (marble) beaches that together make up Petrokopio).
You can also walk over the promontory on the northern side of Elidaki to two other mostly deserted beaches.

2022 June - Almost the whole way to the beach is a tarmac road. Only the final 20m is on a path, which is not too steep. Some shade provide by some small trees. Very quiet in June, but recognised as naturist. A lovely little bay.

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