This tiny island, just off the coast of the Peloponnese, gets a 5 out of 10 rating for nudism in Frewin Poffley's guide.

Visited August 2016. The larger beach at Simos was totally textile without any chance of stripping off. So we toured the Island on the new road going all around it and didn't see a single beach or cove where nudism would be possible. The sea's beautiful, of course, but from a naturism point of view the island has now become impossible. And Pounda beach on the mainland near the ferry stop is wild but equally textile-friendly.


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A correspondent reports that Simos is a masterpiece, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Actually Simos consists of two beaches which are formed by a strip of yellow-ochre sand entering the sea. The smaller beach is preferred by families and a lot of people but the other one (the longer) is much less crowded and preferred by nudists. Camping is common on these two beaches.

Another contributor describes this as the most beautiful beach in Greece but suggests a visit before 15 July or after 15 August, the peak holiday periods. Free camping and nudism are to be found especially in the bigger of the two beaches.

A regular correspondent loved this island. Beautiful sandy beaches and landscape - 1 bay, the "Simos beach", and the main one (Megali paralia), shallow crystal water, shade under the trees for free-camping, not overcrowded. Another contributor (2001) spoke of wonderful clear waters, uncrowded, and join with the sea turtles. Sounds wonderful!

Nude people are found on the main beach, especially the Southern part of it, and it's about 60% nude. It is also the place where most of the people camp. The place is reached by a 5 km dusty track from the village, or by boat also from the port. The cantina between the 2 beaches has very good music (at least to my contributor's own personal tastes) and friendly people. The Simos taverna, behind the dune, is quite expensive for what it is, but offers fresh fish, and avoids having to go back to the village which is 5 km from there.


The village has very good fish tavernas, and it's a good place to go out in the evening, provided you have your own car, or bike. Recommended places: the 2 last tavernas on the port facing the church: "Paris", and "Oi Menthi" , and also the nice ouzeria in the narrow street leading to the supermarket.

Only bad points that my contributor could see: lots of dogs on the beach, and from time to time 4WD cars on the beach (which get stuck in the sand); it can be windy too.

One of my many Greek contributors visited during August 2007: he loved the beach but did not find it suitable for nudism. There were one or two nude people, all men, but my reporter felt it would be uncomfortable to go naked because of the number of children and families. The beach bar was no longer there. The road from the village had recently been tarmacked, so access to the beach is now very easy - a mixed blessing, of course.

On the west side of the beach there is a new camping site, and another camping on the east side of the small beach seemed to be under construction …. so my reporter thinks it is all over for this little beautiful piece of Greece. These reports were from the peak season, when many otherwise suitable beaches throughout Greece tend to lose their naturist character, but what a shame if this disappointing report is true.

2014 Update: We visited Simos at the end of June. We were there midweek and stayed at the campsite. The North end of the larger beach is nudist, just turn right at the point where the path from the campsite joins the beach and walk about 200 metres. There were five or six nudist couples on the beach for most of the day, together with a few textile/mixed couples. Very relaxed and no problems at all. The beach itself is, as others have said, absolutely idyllic.

There is a second area if you turn left on to the beach. There are two clusters of umbrellas and sun loungers, separated by about 500 metres. Between the two is a nudist area. We didn't go on the smaller beach, as this was much more taken up by umbrellas and didn't look so promising.

The campsite apparently gets very busy with Greek families at weekends, so I'm not sure if the same is true then.

Aug 2022: Nudism was not possible end of August. However, the touristic season of the island ends early and after mid of September the beach gets empty from people. I would give more chances for nudism at that time, since the beach is very big and isolation is easy.


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Contrary to previous reports, this beach is mainly a textile beach used by families and children. It's a very big beach and there may be a possibility of going nude in the southern part of the beach, but it is not far from the umbrellas and families.

Aug 2022: Nudism was not possible end of August. However, the touristic season ends in the island early and after mid of September the beach gets empty from people and parasols. I would give much more chances for nudism at that time, especially at the northern or southern part of the beach.


To Sum Up:

Nudism in the island is now impossible, at least in August. Despite there were several couples naked (or probably for this reason), local people or Greek tourists called the police. Those people were not staying in the most reclusive part of the beach (where we were) but just passing by. An agent came, took our names and threatened to arrest us. He stated that naturism is forbidden in all the island.
Times are hard now for freer people, we're getting backwards as we were in the 50s.

I can confirm that now Elafonisos is no more suitable. Saying the truth this island is transformed to a huge tourist trap! So naturism went out of this project (June 2017). Are we backwards to '50? Certainly not! Avoid Elafonisos and go to Kythera. The best beaches of this island still naked and nobody disturbed us.

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