A very popular island with the package tour trade. Peaceful it is not. It can get very crowded.

Order of description: starting with the Banana Beaches northwards up the West coast; then return and go eastwards along the South


Banana beach

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Banana beach is one of the most famous naturist beaches in Greece. It is a beautiful, sandy beach; however it is very busy. It is frequented by both nudists and textiles co-existing peacefully. Be aware, though, that the number of naturists varies and may reduce in peak season or even outside the peak (if you are unlucky, as various disappointed contributors have indicated, you may find few, if any naturists on Banana).

Swimming here is superb. Water sports including parascending are on offer (and yes, we have seen a nude parascender). Food and drink are available. There is shade at the back of the sand.

BB recent reports 

Banana beach is now off limits to skins. Nudists have been relegated to Little Banana only. Most users have moved to another beach which has made that beach a bit crowded. They are definitely cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Little Banana

/Banana 2/Spartacus

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Some contributors prefer the beach which is just around the headland called Banana 2 or locally Spartacus. It has a taverna, a fine sandy beach, and good swimming. It is a super beach, regularly scoring 90 or even 100% in the many reports the Captain receives. It is more difficult to get to than Banana because of the climb over the rocks, but a terrific beach. And in high season it may be the most reliable beach on the island for naturism.


More often than not this beach is pretty nearly 100% nudist. Lots of Barefoot contributors describe it as ideal for first-timers. And a 2007 report, that the beach is friendly, tranquil, relaxed and at least 90% nudist, is typical. Recent reports have also commented favourably on the cold beer and sandwiches available there.

In 2006 everything was alive and well on LB. The taverna had undergone a facelift this year, and is a lot cleaner. It is now built around a caravan chassis. The sunbeds are now in rows 4 deep. A little too close at times, says a regular Barefoot reporter, especially when due to high tides the size of the beach is reduced. It's a good job we are all a friendly and uninhibited group of people, he says.

There is also now an allocated area of the beach for those not wanting to hire a bed. (Perhaps somebody has been reading this page!)

The gates leading down to the beach have now been removed, the road has been widened and access by vehicles is now possible right down to the beaches, although 4-wheel-drive vehicles are safer to negotiate the ruts.

The boat taxi to and from Skiathos town, and beaches between, was operating again in 2006.


It must be said that Little Banana is quite the most crowded Greek island nudist beach the Captain has visited or heard of. When the Captain visited there was hardly a scrap of clothing in sight anywhere, but the beach was very busy with not much room between the sunbeds and umbrellas if you prefer to sit on a towel or a beach mat. The Captain can fully understand why some think this beach amounts pretty much to perfection, but that assumes you don't mind being cheek by - er - cheek with fellow visitors. There was more space on Big Banana, although that was busy too. Space constraints may differ depending on the state of the tide. Others have reported that they find the lack of space and the number of sunbeds off-putting. In fact, the Captain's Mate has made clear she has no particular desire to return for this reason.

Various Barefooters have reported that every afternoon a tour boat loaded with tourist cameras would come close to the shore at Banana and Banana 2 to let them see the naturists. We were hoping the boat would sink.

My 1998 correspondent describes Small Banana as perfect in that it is specifically a nudist beach with very little obviously textile presence. Some people were complaining that access to the beach was quite difficult requiring either a sure-footed climb around the rocks from the main Banana Beach or a very steep ascent and then descent over the headland. I suspect that some of the more elderly would have found it quite difficult. My contributor recommends on at least one day staying after everyone else has long since departed for their evening cocktails, to see the sun going down on what will be an almost deserted beach, but still hot enough to be naked until the last rays of the sun have disappeared.

I'm delighted to receive a report from a couple trying naturism for the first time - on Little Banana they described four days of total pleasure - a relaxed atmosphere but crowded in the afternoon. Totally un-intimidating for first timers like them. Wonderful marine life (fish and the odd octopus).

The beach was very clean and well maintained. The small taverna was still operating but limited in selection. Good mixture of nationalities, couples, families and gays all enjoying the sun together, which is just how it should be.


A report from August 2007 says there was plenty of room and sunbeds, a great little taverna, clean beach, sand and feed the fish with your leftover bread! Amazing, says my Barefoot reporter. Why look for other beaches, which are always hit and miss, when it is all on Little Banana?

Here's another report from August 2007 which seems to capture the flavour of the place.

It's 8.30 am on August 29th and we are standing on the rocks looking out across the beach. It's completely empty. The sea is like a mill pond, and all you can hear is the gentle lapping of the waves and the ebb and flow of the sea as it makes a gentle sound through the sand and shingle. You remind yourself this is why it's our 11th consecutive yearly visit.
The first day is always busy, bobbing up and down greeting old friends, some of whom you can't even speak their language, but there is always a big wave, an even bigger smile, and a shaking of hands and kisses on the cheeks (of the face).
The beds are now 8 euro. The taxi boat seems to have stopped.
The bed lady Yanoola, has been replaced by her son, George. It has been known for him to distribute free wine and cake!
Stellios (from the taverna) is now fully recovered from his triple by-pass and still serving great food reasonably priced at 5 euro for a large Greek salad of cheese/tuna. 2 euro for a coffee or can of cold drink.
The footpath over the headland, for those not wanting to cross the rocks, now has more defined steps to assist in the ascent and descent, I was told.
The road down to Big Banana is still open (no gates) and the track is wide, but lots of cars lose traction ascending if they have to stop halfway. A 4WD is best suited.
The beach was 100% naturist for the two wonderful weeks we were there.

You can get to Little Banana via Banana Beach itself. Take the bus to the last stop (number 26) follow the signs to Banana Beach, it's a 10-15 min. walk on a dusty track over a hill and could be tough if it's hot. You will first arrive at Banana beach, if you follow this beach to the left (south), you will find a few nudists. But it's better to go to the right (north) and walk over the cliffs (not too difficult) then you are at Little Banana.

Some Barefooters say that the best route to Little Banana is via the road to Elia beach. Get off the bus at stop 24 then go up the hill towards Elia beach (Golden Beach Hotel is on the corner). Turn left after the 6 or 7 electricity poles, continue up the track and keep going up to the crown of the hill. Follow the track through the gorse and turn down toward the beach as it widens out.

A boat leaves the beach each day at about 5 pm and stops at most of the beaches en route to Skiathos Town. Some people find this makes a very pleasant end to the day and avoids another scramble over the rocks!

LB recent reports 

**June: ** Chose to visit LB as our last beach before taking the plane home on the next day. From the №26 bus stop walk past the vast parking space & take the road that goes steeply up. Continue on the left past the carpole. When you reach a fork continue towards the right hand side (Blackbird's Cafe sign), the down. Beach is 90% naturist (even on the sunbeds!) with a few textiles, with an obviously male/gay cruisy area towards the left side of the beach when facing the sea with men roaming towards the peak that is close to Megali Banana which can be seen on the other side. A masseur was working on the beach on his massage table. When he was done he undressed and performed Qigong in front of the sea. In the evening a couple of swans came to the bar where they were fed and then acted like true movie stars for the many people wanted to take gorgeous pictures of them with the sea in the background. Very very nice beach and hope it stays this way for many years to come!


Hidden Beach/Krifi Ammos

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Hidden Beach is a small cove with a taverna at high season. On two of the days my reporters went they were the only people. All naturist on their visits but quite a steep climb down and therefore back up again.

From Koukounaris follow the road from the side of Golden Beach Hotel. Just before the crest of the hill on the left is a very steep route to Little Banana, at the crest is a concrete road (right), ignore this as twenty yards further on is a sand road cut out from the side of the hill. Follow this for about 1K and you will find the beach. Continue to Mandraki / Elias which is still mostly nude.

A report from late September 2003 said this beach had about 6 people on it, all textiles.
Visited 2015 mid July and both times all textile. Not even topless.


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Mixed views about this beach, with the situation evidently changing all the time. It is in a large sandy bay, between two rocky headlands, it is totally wild, it has safe swimming, a lovely beach. It now has two beach bars, one by the beach entrance. A report received in July 2000 suggests that the beach is 70/30 nude, with nude sectors at both ends.

Island links

For more information about Skiathos try:
Skiathos tourist guide - This site has a list of beaches filterable by naturism
Skiathos Information Services

To get to the beach you need to get off the bus from Skiathos one stop after the Palace Hotel (just ask the conductor for Mandraki!). Follow the track between the villas and follow the signs to 'Mandraki Beach'. It will take about 20 minutes on a clearly defined path through the most magnificent pine forest. The walking is flat and well worth the effort.

A report from July 2000 describes Mandraki as absolutely superb! Mainly textile but a small gathering of nudes to the left. No problems encountered. However another report, also from July 2000, reports not one nude person. The situation is evidently variable. You will be glad to hear there is now a taverna sited on the beach entrance. Total peace and tranquillity. Superb swimming and sunbathing.

In August 2000 there was no naturism on main part but it was accepted at the far right side well away from sunloungers. A very hard walk to get to Mandraki. A perfect beach for anyone who wants to get away from the crowds. At the start of September 2000 nudists were in a small minority. The arrival of pleasure cruisers during the afternoon increased the proportion of textiles. Later in September Mandraki had maybe 10 nude couples at the northern end every day, although not more than about 60 people on the beach at any one time. Good mix of textile and nude people. Very comfortable beach where non-nudists didn't feel 'forced to strip' as we felt at Banana. Nice walk through the forest to get there which seemed to discourage most of the 'sunbed' crowd. Umbrella rental at 500 drx per day is the bargain of the holiday.

Barefooters who visited in September 2004 and 2005 say that in 2004 the main nudist part of the beach was on the northern end with most nudists parking their motor scooters and cars on the high bluff and scrambling down the path. In 2005, the nudist area was much more spread out, and most nudists parked in the sand pine forest parking area and walked down the deteriorating wooden gangway. Lots of room, no hassles, friendly. Couples, singles, and gays. A much favoured beach on Skiathos, although quite windy in the afternoon, and bees were aggressive in 2005.

Back to Skiathos, after many years. away - July 24-31.
Went to Mandraki among others - on the right hand side of the beach (facing the sea) you can strip and swim in the nude. One more couple there and some topless ladies. No-one minded…


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Elias is said to be the only other beach that is still seriously naturist. It is reached either by a long but pleasant walk through the pine forests leading North from the shops behind Koukounaries beach or by a dirt road that leads off from an electricity sub-station about a km before Koukounaries (coming from Skiathos town). There is considerable confusion over names. Mandraki beach lies to the West of the Gournes headland. There is now a track to it and a taverna and, although once naturist, is now all textile - at least in August. On the North coast are two beaches separated by a headland. They appear to be called Elias and Paradise. Both are less sheltered and more pebbly than Mandraki. On the western of these is a rather ramshackle taverna. The eastern end of this beach is generally nudist, even in high season. The smaller beach, east of the headland, is easily reached by a path down from the headland above where one branch of the road ends in a car park. This was uncrowded and entirely nudist. Both beaches are windy and beach users construct shelters for themselves out of the abundant driftwood lying on the beach. The main drawback is that the beaches are dirty.


A report from late summer 1999 describes 30 nude people on Elias beach. Another from July 2000 reported none, unfortunately. In early October 2003 there were about 20 nudists at the eastern end. Very relaxed and comfortable.

A report from early September 2003 says the Eastern end of the main beach (i.e. to the west of the headland) was more lovely than ever. My contributors went there two days and had calm weather, almost everyone at this end of beach was nude: idyllic. The beach was clothed at taverna end where there are sunbeds. The taverna is basic but very pleasant now, hot food is available with quite acceptable carafes of wine for 4 euros. My contributors came to the taverna on a windy and wet day, it was quite spectacular. The beach to the east of the headland now has steps down to it and unfortunately looks 100% textile.

Elias beach can be excellent if you like a quieter environment - at the eastern end of the beach away from the taverna. Mostly naturists, very relaxed. Sometimes a lot of seaweed, range of 'happy houses' driftwood-constructed structures available for shade, watch out for the goat which will eat anything.

Recent reports

We visited in early June and spent a great week there. To the right of the taverna when facing the sea was 100% nude and very friendly, and would recommend it for first timers.

(Megas) Asselinos

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Sept 2013: The old taverna, seemingly derelict for the last 4 yrs has re-opened (very tasty food!!) and boats carrying textiles visit daily, but they mainly stick to the numerous sunbeds and umbrellas right outside the tavernas.
We walked 300 yards to the right and found ourselves amongst nudes every day during our 2 week stay but it is still littered with driftwood, dried seaweed and loads of plastic bottles and rubbish and looks quite dirty.
2 hotspots with driftwood constructions to allow for a bit of extra privacy.
Once we got our bearings we discovered a sandy road and drove our jeep to within 150 yards of the far end and saw the same friendly faces every day.
If the wind is from the south the sea is like a millpond. On a couple of days when there was a strong northerly, the sea was whipped up with huge rollers and a massive current making it dangerous to bathe in but lots of fun if you are fit and able.

Recent reports

**June: ** Quite a few naturists, more than in previous years. Plenty of room for all. All that is expected is that you move away from the non-naturist area as it is a family beach especially at weekends when it is popular with locals.
No beds on the naturists area, but you can take them from the main beach. All you are asked is to return them.
The taverna is up and running serving good food. Toilets available.
From July there is a bus service advertised to the beach.

It is being suggested that the Mayor designates Kriffi Amos beach as a dedicated naturist area.
So please respect your textile neighbours otherwise the only losers will be us naturists.

I have suggested that signs showing somebody is entering a naturists area are clearly displayed to ease the tension

Small hidden beach

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One of the hidden beaches is positioned on the north of the island, between Ligaries and Kastro beaches. This beach is only 5-10 metres wide and approachable by a little boat, or by foot, but recommended only if you are a hiker and an adventurist. To get there, first try to come near the Kechria beach (next to Ligaries beach), which is approachable by car, but do not go totally down the road to the beach if your car is not 4wd. There is a wider parking place 200m before the beach. When you have reached Kechria, just follow the path turning right and up. Follow the more used road instead of the foot paths by the sides. When you approach the concrete section of the road, at the end of it there is a gate with a "private" sign. There, just turn right and down, on the foot path. Walk down for about 100m and then, in case you don’t notice a path on the left side, then take the creek bed path which goes over the broken fence. Follow the creek bed path if it is possible, or walk parallel to it on the foot path on the right side of the creek. Note that this creek is dry during the summer. After about 500 metres you will end on a small cove with just 10m wide pebble beach. The place is quiet and there is no shadow at noon, but at about 2PM you can find shadow beside the rocks. This place is so secluded and relatively hard to reach that the likelihood of having it all for yourself all day is high. Even boats passing by won’t be normally stopping.
Here are some photos taken in June 2018: Geo. coordinates: 39°11'33.9"N 23°26'37.0"E

Saint Panteleimonas

About one kilometre east of Kastro fortress (old town), there is a long but thin half-rocky, half-pebble beach divided into 3-4 sections by bigger rocks. It can be easily approached by sea, or you can find a footpath to the small church of Saint Panteleimonas (Άγιος Παντελεήμονας). Just below this church through the olive garden, you will find a narrow path with makeshift handrails and stairs.

When you reach the bottom of the path, the beach spreads on your left hand side. There is a pretty high possibility that you will be alone on this beach, whichever section you decide use. Some sections are a bit rocky and naturally fenced on the back by cliff walls from which natural spring water is dripping, but you can also find smooth pebble parts and enjoy there.
Also, during our way to this beach we were totally alone, so we were able to enjoy a naked walk through the woods.

Megas Gialos beach

See Megas Gialos beach on Google Maps

Megas Gialos beach "Μέγας Γιαλός παραλία" in our opinion is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The approach to it is however bit hard and hidden. After arriving at the parking place: 39°11'21.3"N 23°29'40.6"E (after Saint Spiridon church), you have to turn right (down), pass a few houses and follow the road which leads you down.
Follow the road only on foot. At the end you will meet a beautiful long and wide beach with small and medium size pebbles. The water is deep after a few steps but also very clean, crystal clear and light blue. None up to ten visitors during early June 2018.

Reverting back to the South Coast

Abelakia beach

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For those who find the walk to Banana a bit too difficult, if you follow the hard surface road left, rather than going straight on towards Banana, and follow the sign to Abelakia Beach you will be very welcome. The Captain hears reports that this beach is good for naturists. There is also a nice little taverna there.

My contributors found Abelakia to be a wonderful beach and chanced upon it by accident because Banana beach had no sunbeds left.


It's situated between Koukounaries and Banana beach. To find it take the direction for Banana but just a short way up the track you will see a sign for 'Abelakia beach and snack bar' pointing to the left. Take the track up a short way and at the top you will come to a disused hotel named Xenia [now Elivi], from that point, on the left take the steps down to the beach.

At one end of the beach is a snack bar/taverna with WC and has shaded cover. We found this to be just right for lunch and drinks. This end of the beach is 100% clothed. At the far end (approximately 300 metres) you can go nude. When we visited the beach in mid June 2003 the far end was 50% nude and it felt comfortable to be there. Sunbeds and shades can be hired for 8 Euros and the jolly Greek lady who collected the money did not bat an eyelid as she went about her business. The beach is gently sloping fine sand down to the sea, has a pine-tree back-drop and has rocky outcrops at each end which are ideal for snorkelling. As extra entertainment there is a herd of 6 or 7 goats that visit from time to time and parade along the beach providing amusement to everyone.

Having tried Banana on another occasion my contributors preferred Abelakia as it was more peaceful and is easier to access. On Banana they felt too close to the beach bars that were playing drum and bass music for much of the day.

As from 2011, Abelakia no longer has any area where naturism can be practised. The beach now has a new trendy taverna and sunbeds everywhere. It has become the place for "The Beautiful People" (posers to the rest of us) and, if your face doesn't fit, they will tell you that the sunbeds are reserved. Don't waste your time visiting the place.


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Sept 2013: The southernmost tip of the island, this beautiful quiet beach is often visited by nudes. A new road/track has been built to get you halfway down the once treacherous steep track down to this beach but only for 4-wheel-drives/off-road motorcycles. There is still a steep rocky path down to the beach from where you park and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is not fit.

We only went the once this year but there were two other nude couples there already with a few textiles/topless. Only thing is, boats often moor up to admire the view/take shelter and they jeered at the sight of my bum but the novelty soon wore off for them.

Google maps does not yet show the new road but on the pic you can see it snaking down the hillside with the beach centre of the pic.



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Sept 2013: Not the beach right at the northern tip of the runway also called Xanemos which is all textile. There are 3 beaches en route to that beach where nudes visited whilst we were there.

Mostly greek nudes plus some textiles but plenty of coves to get hidden. Coarse sand/shingly beach and some interesting rock formations make this worth a visit. To get there, follow the road alongside the eastern side of the runway and follow that northwards from the harbour until you reach a cluster of around 6 telegraph poles on your right with high voltage electricity cables everywhere. Park there and the path down to the main beach is 30 yards to the left as you look at the sea. Very scruffy and dirty at the top of the cliffs but don't be deterred, the beach is spotless.
Quite rocky in the sea but our swim shoes take care of that, in fact I don't know how we'd have survived without them!!

Wild Xanemos - on the eastern coast of the island, just below the cliff where the airport runway ends, you can easily find a long wild beach in "Xanemos" area. The beach is south of the main but smaller (organized) Xanemos beach (geographic coordinates 39°10'54.1"N 23°30'38.1"E), and is divided in two sections by a big rock sticking out of the water. The section that is further south is more solitary, if you don't count the seagulls. This beach is frequented by both naturists and textile swimmers, but it is wide enough to easily find a quiet spot for yourself, given that the beach is never too crowded.
The water is not much deep on this beach so you might encounter some sharp stones or sea ​​urchins and reefs. So even though the beach can be nice for resting and sunbathing, at the same time it can be a bit challenging for swimming. The beach faces the east, so the sun is going behind the cliff in the early evening.
None up to fifteen people in early June 2018.


There are also some deserted beaches to be found on Tsougria Island, just to the north of where the boats arrive. My correspondents took a day trip to the island, and had a magnificent beach to themselves all day. A report from June 2002 says that my contributors often had the beach to themselves. It is a popular calling point for yachts and other small craft. Get there early and set the agenda!

One contributor reports that he enjoys walking without any clothes on, and although the island of Skiathos is not very large, it has an impressive network of unsurfaced roads and donkey tracks across the island. Many superb walks are described in the 'Blue' guide book by Harkort, which follow the various tracks across the island, producing many opportunities for nude walks.

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